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Bus rentals for student and university groups

Are you a college or university group looking for a charter bus rental? can help.

Student groups are so valuable, especially because of the role that they play in their larger communities. However, when arranging transportation for a group of college of university students, there’s inherent risk in asking everyone to drive themselves to and from your events. Arranging university buses or chartered buses is the safest way to organize transportation for your student group. is the best provider of bus rentals for student groups because our 24/7 support team is always on hand to help you overcome any logistical challenges. Our bus rental options are affordable, reliable, and will help you save time when planning your event.

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With, booking a bus online is just as easy as booking a hotel room or a flight — a rarity in the industry.
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With our Book Now, Pay Later guarantee, you don't have to pay for your trip until 21 days before your date of departure.
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Improve the safety of your student group's trip with a private charter bus rental. Plus, we have your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Which bus type is right for my group?

At, we offer a variety of bus types designed to meet different needs. Depending on the size of your group, the distance you’re expecting to travel, and various other factors, here are a few private chartered buses for you to choose from.
Coach bus
Our coach buses are best suited for large groups up to 55 passengers. This bus type offers a wider variety of optional amenities, including air conditioning, an onboard restroom, audio and visual equipment for educational or entertainment purposes, and ample cargo space underneath the bus.
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Mini coach
Designed to provide all of the amenities offered in a standard coach bus rental, a mini coach bus is simply a little bit smaller. Capable of transporting up to 31 passengers at a time, mini coach buses also come with a significant amount of underneath cargo space. This makes them a great bus rental option for longer trips or competitive events that require lots of gear and luggage.
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School bus
Still a great option for larger student and university groups, our school bus rentals have a maximum capacity of 47 passengers. If your group is traveling with any large luggage items, you might want to consider reserving a few seats towards the front of the bus for luggage storage only.
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Minibus rentals are great for smaller university groups of 21 people or fewer. If you need room for luggage, you’ll also have to account for one or two seats to be used exclusively for luggage storage. Although a standard minibus rental comes with minimal amenities, buses can be outfit with air conditioning and audio visual equipment.
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Sprinter van
Sprinter vans are an effective way to move groups of up to 15 passengers around. Small and sleek, these unique vehicles are ideal for navigating narrow city streets and are great on gas, too.
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Shuttle services for student groups

Transportation can often become the biggest headache when organizing a field trip or college visit for students. That’s why, in addition to regular charter bus rentals, also offers hassle-free shuttle services in almost every major city in the U.S. and Canada. We’ll work with you to design a custom itinerary for your students and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of bus types and sizes so that your group is comfortable and safe throughout your trip.

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Types of student groups

University life provides students with opportunities to join any number of student groups, each with their own unique missions and objectives. Here’s how the chartered buses from can help your student group with its transportation needs.

Greeklife (sorority and fraternity)

At many universities, GreekLife accounts for the largest collective student group on campus. Although students are separated into varying sorority houses for women and fraternity houses for men, GreekLife is undoubtedly one of the most popular student groups throughout the country. Members come to refer to one another as “brothers” or “sisters” because of the level of camaraderie and friendship facilitated through the participation in GreekLife.

While each campus typically boasts a central GreekLife office, sororities and fraternities themselves have national charters with individual chapters at each college campus. This means that travel between campuses for regional sorority and/or fraternity events is common in the GreekLife community.

These types of events are prime examples of opportunities for GreekLife to utilize a bus rental company like More locally, fraternities and sororities regularly organize volunteer efforts and social events that require safe, reliable transportation for their members. In the university setting, safe student transportation is one of the most important considerations for those participating in GreekLife.

Many GreekLife alumni will tell you that they made connections during their time at university that will last throughout their lives and professional careers. Putting students together on an organized charter bus only provides additional opportunities to network, build camaraderie, and create lifelong personal and professional connections.

Case competitions

Usually organized by specific schools within the context of a larger university system, case competitions provide students with exceptional opportunities to interface with students from other universities. In many cases, these competitions bring students together from all over the world to compete in settings designed to foster analytical abilities, critical thinking skills, presentation and persuasion techniques, and leadership skills.

Most common to students in various fields of study related to business, case competitions provide simulations of what students will experience in the real-world of business once they graduate. The challenge of working on a deadline to deliver clear solutions to complex problems is a great way for students to grow skills that will make them the next generation of innovators.

While many case competitions are global, there are also a number of local and regional events that take place throughout the school year. Depending on where events are held for a given year, students from other universities may have to travel multiple hours across state lines to reach the event venue. For these types of local and regional events, bus rentals are the best way to guarantee safe transportation for these student groups.

The stakes can be very high in these competitions, with some even offering sizable cash prizes to the winning team. Traveling to a case competition in a private charter bus will give competing students additional time to study and strategize before they’re asked to perform on the highest level. Once your team is victorious, you’ll be able to revel in your victory together for the entire bus ride home.

Model UN

Model UN training is designed for students that are studying politics, foreign affairs, international relations, and other majors related to diplomacy. In these settings, students have opportunities to role play as delegates participating on various simulated United Nations committees.

Model United Nations events are intended to give students opportunities to practice their public speaking and debate skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and writing skills. Many scenarios require students to consider solutions to problems that involve a large number of shareholders, which prepares them for future roles shaping international policy and relations.

Participating in Model UN gatherings also allows students to build global networks. The friendships and partnerships forged through Model UN participation often go on to play a major role at the levels of regional, national, and global politics. Many of today’s leaders in the fields of government, law, business, and the arts participated in Model UN simulations during their time at university.

Every year, thousands of students take place in Model UN training at various campuses around the world. While some events might require air travel, other local or regional events can be accessed with the aid of a private charter bus rental. As a student group, a bus rental is the safest and most efficient way to transport all Model UN students to and from these events.


In recent years, hackathons have become more and more popular across university and college campuses, and it’s easy to see why. A hackathon is a great way to budding developers to hone in on their skills and make friendships at the same time.

Renting a bus is an effective way to organize all of your hackathon participants in the same place. As many hackthons are located out-of-state and even out-of-country, it can be disorienting to expect students to find transportation on their own behalf.

Debate club

In our world today, we can see many examples of how becoming entrenched in our beliefs blinds us to other viewpoints and perspectives. Debate clubs at universities throughout the world are designed to open students’ eyes to other viewpoints and provide healthy platforms for students to share ideas and debate solutions to some of our world’s most complex issues.

Debate clubs challenge students to back their ideas and claims with evidence and fact. This helps students move towards more productive solutions and encourages critical thinking. Many of these clubs are among the oldest student groups on their respective campuses, with many having roots that date back to the mid-1800s in the United States.

These student groups facilitate analytical and communication skills through a variety of settings, including independent research, individual coaching, small group discussions, and intercollegiate competitions that give students from very different regions chances to explain their viewpoints while exploring the viewpoints of their peers.

These intercollegiate competitions are often held locally and regionally. In many cases, the host venue will rotate from year-to-year, which requires debate clubs from the non-host campuses to travel in order to attend. At, our mini coach buses and minibuses are great options for safe, reliable transportation for your university’s debate club.


Many students that are interested in the performing arts start by joining a theater group or drama club, as they’re known on certain campuses. These groups provide students with opportunities to work on specific productions, as well as build their skills and confidence through acting exercises and classwork targeted to theatrical performance.

Some theater student organizations produce multiple shows and performances every year, which means that a lot of time and energy is poured into production. On many campuses, students can choose from a variety of theater groups. At Dartmouth, for example, there are more than 20 unique student theater organizations dedicated to contemporary dance, improv comedy, Shakespeare productions, and more.

In addition to producing shows and performances throughout the school year, some theater groups attend competitions with groups from other universities. These competitions include a cappella performances, dance competitions, and comedy events. Whatever the theme for the specific event, these student groups require a reliable and economical transportation solution to get to and from the venue.

At, our variety of bus rental options are perfect for students in theater organizations. You won’t have to stretch the group’s budget to secure transportation and you’ll be able to keep everyone together to enjoy the trip to and from your next competition or performance.

Ready to get started? is here to help you and your group along every step of the way.