5 San Francisco Craft Breweries Worth the Day Trip

Planning a bar-hop for your buddy’s last day as a bachelor, or a corporate craft brewery tour? These San Francisco Peninsula joints are only a quick bus ride away from the city.

If California is the holy land of specialty brews, San Francisco is without a doubt the mecca. No longer considered a popular and common place drink, beer has gained a following of passionate connoisseurs and collectors. There are over 100 craft breweries and brewpubs in the Bay Area boasting productions of everything from traditional beers inspired by hundred-year-old recipes, to irreverently new and experimental flavours.

To get you started on your beer-fuelled pilgrimage across the Peninsula, we’ve compiled a list of 10 breweries within reach of San Francisco.

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Freewheel Brewery – Redwood City

40 minutes Bus Ride from San Francisco

Freewheel Brewing Co. in Palo Alto, California. 40min bus ride from San Francisco
Courtesy of Freewheel Brewing Co.

This laidback (dog-friendly!) space serves up a smooth and flavourful Cask Ale. Traditionalists will appreciate the naturally carbonated beverage, as the Free Wheel team uses traditional British brewing to concoct their beers. Their pub-grub with a Californian twist includes many vegetarian options, and they have great live shows every weekend.

The Free Wheel Brewery is great for hosting a low-key event or grabbing lunch with some friends.

Blue Oak Brewing – San Carlos

30 minutes Bus Ride from San Francisco

Rent a bus to visit Blue Oak Brewing Company in San Carlos, California.
Courtesy of Blue Oak Brewing Co.

A friendly hangout off the beaten path, Blue Oak is basically a beer counter in a warehouse space. This gem of a craft brewery specializes in Belgian Ales and experimental flavors with intriguing names like “Hannibal Nectar”, “Inky and the Grain”, and “Razmanian Devil”.

Within the next couple of months, they plan to expand into their unit next door adding up to 800 square feet of tasting room and adding 2 more bathrooms to their current indoor plumbing.

With little seating and only a snack bar to hold you over, Blue Oak makes a great pit-stop on a bar-hopping itinerary, or on your way to an event.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. – El Granada

30 minutes Bus Ride from San Francisco

Courtesy of Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Could there be anything better than savouring a frosty beer and staring out at the ocean while waiting for your waiter to bring over a deliciously creamy clam chowder? Situated near Maverick’s Beach and Rancho Corral de Tierra, a beer and gourmet seafood extravaganza at this beach-side brewery can be perfectly paired with a surfing or hiking adventure.

This awesome venue is a 30 minutes drive from San Francisco, and can host anything from a beer-making team-building activity, to rehearsal dinners and receptions for up to 250 people.

Loma Brewing Company – Los Gatos

30 minutes Bus Ride from San Francisco

Courtesy of Loma Brewing Co.

With its mouth-watering menu made from locally sourced ingredients, and refreshing beer selection, Loma guarantees a pleasant beer-sampling experience.

About an hour drive from San Francisco, Loma’s high-ceilinged warehouse vibe is perfect for hosting private events for up to 50 people. They have been known to host eclectic activities like terrarium building and beer-yoga.

Armstrong Brewing Co – South San Francisco

20 minutes Bus Ride from San Francisco

Courtesy of  Amstrong Brewing Co.

This underground spot caters to adventurous palates with cheeky concoctions like the Strawberry Milkshake IPA, Coffee Stouts beer-floats topped with vanilla ice-cream, and fun snacks like sourdough pizzas. A 20 minute drive from downtown San Francisco brings you to this party-ready brewery where they host Trivia Night on Wednesday and Game Night on Thursdays.

Armstrong Brewing Co. can seat up to 70 people, and can be outfitted with projectors for a low-key private events.

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