The Ultimate Guide to Bus Rentals

Getting Started

Most people don’t rent a charter bus every day. We understand that it’s a big decision. But, we are confident that a charter bus rental is the safest and most cost-effective way to transport large groups of people. To best identify the bus type for you, all you’ll need to know is your group size, distance to be traveled, and preferred amenities. Nail that down, and we’ll help you select the charter bus to match your trip.

Whenever you’re ready, give our booking tool a try and receive pricing options in under two minutes.

A Charter Bus Rental for Every Trip

Bus Rentals for Field Trips

Transporting students is stressful for anyone, even the most travel-savvy educators. Let take some of that pressure off your shoulders. We can provide a school bus rental for short day trips or a coach for longer journeys like college tours or week-long class trips. We’ll guide you from charter bus selection to boarding that bus.

Rent a charter bus for your student trip.

Bus Rentals for Tour Groups

The beauty of a charter bus rental is the control it offers. Take charge of your own itinerary when planning a group tour. See the sights you want to see and do it on your own time with a tour bus rental. Whether you’re planning a tour of a specific city, a trip for seniors, or an adventure for a youth group, we can help you select the charter bus to accommodate your needs.

Rent a charter bus for your group tour.

Bus Rentals for Weddings

Shuttle your guests from ceremony to reception. Drop them off at the hotel. Treat them like the type of VIPs you’d invite to your special day. Make wedding transportation easy with a private bus rental. Our Book Now Pay Later option is great for the organized bride who’s booking a wedding shuttle service months in advance.

Rent a charter bus for your dream wedding's group transportation.

Bus Rentals for Corporate Events

Plan off-site meetings, retreats, or conference transportation with the help of Use our easy online booking tool to generate a quote for your next corporate bus rental. Keep everyone together with a charter bus rental. Some buses even offer Wifi so you can stay connected to headquarters while you’re on the road.

Rent a charter bus for your corporate event.

Find a Charter Bus Operator in Your Area

Our network of bus partners is spread across North America. We’ll connect you to the closest partner to fulfill your needs and reduce “dead head” costs. Browse charter bus companies by city to find a charter bus partner in your area and try our easy online booking tool to look up charter bus prices.

Rent a charter bus from your location.

Bus Rentals vs. Other Forms of Transportation

Bus rentals vs. car rentals

When it comes to group travel, charter bus rentals are the undisputed champions. It would take way too many vehicles and way too much gas to transport the amount of people by car that you can transport with a private bus rental. Keep your group together throughout the entire trip by chartering a bus.

Bus rentals vs. rideshares

When you travel with rideshares, you’re always at the whim of other people’s schedules. Plan your own arrival and departure times, and take your itinerary into your own hands with a charter bus. We work with reliable, vetted drivers and experienced bus companies to make your itinerary possible. And if you would like to organize a bus rideshare for a big event, we can do that too!

How do I choose between a school bus, a coach bus, and other bus types?

Step 1: Decide how long you will be on the road.

Go online. Punch in your pick-up and drop-off points. Get an estimate of how long the trip will take. Knowing the amount of time that you will be on the bus will help you decide which comforts and amenities (like on-board restrooms) you will need. We recommend a school bus for short trips and a coach bus for anything longer than 3 hours.

Step 2: Decide which comforts you need on your bus.

A/C, wifi, extra luggage space, and audio-visual equipment are available on many buses. The driver’s time is the biggest part of a bus rental quote, so amenities like these aren’t going to change your quote in a big way. Consider making your trip more comfortable, and rent a coach bus.

Step 3: Get an accurate headcount of your group.

The number of passengers a bus can hold varies from bus to bus. A general rule of thumb: if your group is more than 20 people, select a school bus or coach bus. If you are fewer than 20 people, select the minibus or mini coach bus. It is important that you know the exact number of people in your group as it is illegal to transport more than the bus’s capacity.

How do I rent a bus?

Renting a charter bus is easy! First step: request a charter bus price. Our booking tool provides an estimated price in less than two minutes. You’re under no obligation to rent once you have a quote, so feel free to think it over. Every quote is good for 3 days. Once you’re ready to move forward, book your bus! A trip manager will contact you to iron out the details. Your trip manager will help you communicate with the partner, find the best charter bus company in your area, and guide you through the logistics of chartering a bus.

How to rent a charter bus with

Ready to Charter a Bus?

Use our simple online booking tool to generate your charter bus quote in under two minutes. Once you have your quote, book your departure date and preferred bus. Select our Pay Later option, and hold off on payment until 21 days before your departure date. Our Book Now Pay Later policy allows you to calculate your group travel budget early in the event planning process. By booking early you can avoid the dwindling availability and price surging that occurs closer to departure.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is included in my charter bus rental?

Amenities vary by bus, but they all come with an experienced and vetted driver. School buses don’t come with many add-ons, but they’re great for short trips. If you require more comfort, the coach bus is the way to go. All coaches come with an on-board restroom and lots of luggage space. Wifi, audio-visual equipment, and power outlets can be added for small fees.

How do I pay for my bus rental?

Once your charter bus price is generated, you have until the quote expires (3 days from its calculation) to pay for your bus rental. You can pay with a credit card, check, or through PayPal. If your quote expires before you have a chance to make your purchase, don’t worry. Simply request a new quote or contact us through our online chat.

Can my driver drive us around once we’ve arrived at our location?

Charter bus prices are largely based on the driver’s hours, so waiting time and multiple stops affect the final cost. If you would like your driver to wait for you while you’re enjoying an event, let your booking specialist know so that they can factor this service into your quote.

Planning a group tour? Rent a tour bus and create your own itinerary.

Now that I’ve chartered a bus, how do I make sure my bus rental is ready?

Check and double check your itinerary, making sure that everyone has seen and acknowledged the departure and arrival times. Verify your pick-up and drop-off points with your driver and the city’s parking rules. Get everyone on the same page, then triple check! Our drivers and bus company partners are rigorously vetted, and we encourage you to communicate with them and us about any concerns you may have. We’re a transportation team!

How do I prepare my group for departure?

Our number one tip when it comes to event planning for groups is to put all related documents into a shared folder. Give everyone access so that they can see the itinerary as it is updated and confirmed. Tip number two: reduce your stress level by telling your group members to arrive 30 minutes before departure. Finally, tip number three: make sure you have all the legal documentation (permission slips) necessary for group travel. This is especially important if you are traveling with minors!