Toronto construction bus rentals makes it easy for Toronto construction workers to get from point A to B

Construction is big business in Toronto, Ontario, and there’s not much separating the successful companies with those lagging behind. Every decision you make will impact your outfit’s future, and you’d be wise to prioritize your employees on the ground with your next one. Renting a charter bus to transport your workforce may not seem like a no-brainer, but allow us to convince you otherwise.

Why Choose for Your Business?
Safety measures for all trips
Scale your transport
With a fleet of over 40,000 vehicles at your disposal, be assured of cost-efficiency and flexibility.
Making a change? No problem
Add tracking, route-planning, and payment features to your bus rentals.
Here for you 24/7
24/7 Reliable
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Whether it's the weekend or late nights, our team is always there to support your business and customers.


Whatever you’re willing to spend, you’ll find something on that fits your needs.

Vehicle options

Options, options, options — with’s four distinct bus types to choose from (more on that later) it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fully-vetted service

24/7 customer support

Even the best project managers need support to do their best work; someone to answer their questions, execute adjustments, and solve problems when they inevitably arise.

Bus types

Our charter buses come in a few different sizes and offer a range of amenities. Whatever your Toronto construction trip has in store, we have something to match.

Coach bus

Looking for the simplest way to book a Toronto coach bus rental? You’re in the right place. This smooth ride comes with add-ons: Wifi, air conditioning, bathrooms, and comfy seats. And it’s practical too: The coach has convenient undercarriage storage so you can bring some equipment along on the job.

School bus

Certain buses work better for certain trip types. For example, if you’re travelling a short distance and don’t need storage or any of the frills found on board the coach bus, a school bus will likely work best for you. Bonus: It’s sure to bring back fond childhood memories!

Mini bus

Simply put, the minibus is like a school bus but for a smaller group. If convenience and functionality are music to your ears, but your group consists of 21 passengers or less, you can save some money by opting for the lite version.

Construction bus rentals

Why opt for a bus rental for your Toronto construction job? A charter bus is the safest way to move your employees from one job site to the next. And if we’re talking about a company holiday party where drinking and late nights are involved, then it’s definitely the prudent move to get those cars off the road and offer transportation to your entire workforce and their spouses or families. Planning an offsite retreat or getaway for your team? One more reason to rent a bus! Avoid having each person navigate unfamiliar, winding country roads in their own car, and start the fun early with a bus ride to your destination.

Charter buses are also the most reliable form of transportation, whether we’re talking about a team building exercise or a day on the job site. When you hire a bus, you’re privy to a professional driver who’ll show up on time for pick ups and drop offs, will follow the itinerary to a T, and knows the roads even when you don’t.

As a construction manager or business owner, you always have one eye on the budget sheet. Booking with one of the charter bus companies in Toronto through is friendly to your financials. When you break down your per employee costs, renting a bus is the most affordable option for transporting your employees on short or long trips.

Types of construction sites in Toronto


Commercial projects can be game changers for your business — they’re big and well-paying, but they’re also complicated from an operations perspective. It’s imperative that your work is done efficiently and on time and that you prove to be a trustworthy partner for your client. The project might include a new store, restaurant, or mall, and you’re going to want to knock it out of the park. Without your team on the ground, you don’t stand a chance, so prioritize your employees and hook them up with a charter bus rental to get them to the job site every day. Your staff will appreciate the convenience and will show up on time and ready to do their best work.


Even small scale or private projects require reliable, motivated employees in order to do great work. Make it easy on employees to get to work every day with a charter bus. Not only will they appreciate the extra time they have to sleep, read, or talk instead of sitting at the wheel in traffic, but they’ll be motivated to work for you. Perks like this are what set construction companies apart in the eyes of workers, so setting up a charter bus transportation program for employees can help to retain your staff and attract new skilled workers to your team.



Industrial projects in Toronto often take place outside the city or in remote locations, making transportation a hurdle for employees to overcome. Consider that some employees may not drive, relying on public transit to get to work. Others may live far from the site, meaning hours of wasted time in traffic. Whatever the reason, arranging for a charter bus to pick them up makes for a great start to the workday for construction employees. Happy employees are productive employees, so your investment in bus rentals is sure to come back around and impact your business’ productivity in a major way.