5 Outdoor Adventures 3 Hours or Less from Toronto

Escape the city for a day, or even just a few hours! These outdoor adventures near Toronto are only a quick drive away.

Who said that by moving to the city you’d be missing out on nature? If you’re a city-slicker who wants to take some time to get back to nature this summer without committing to a full-blown camping trip, these 5 activities near Toronto are for you.

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Tubing in Elora Gorge

1 hour 24 min. bus ride from Toronto

Rent a Toronto charter bus to go tubing in Elora Gorge.

Get ready for a refreshing adventure at Elora Gorge.[/caption]

Less than 2 hours away from Toronto, Elora Gorge is like the fanciest of hotel’s water-works pool… only way better. While not exactly relaxing, Elora Gorge Tubing Adventures is an exhilarating way to experience this breathtakingly gorgeous natural area. Since tubing activities might close according to water-level and other weather conditions, we suggest planning for a back-up activity such as hiking, just in case!

Treetop Walk & Ziplining near Collingwood

1 hour 59 min. bus ride from Toronto

Rent a charter bus to ziplining and treetop trekking near Toronto.
Credit: Horseshoe Resort

Imagine yourself gliding through a lush canopy of boreal vegetation, with fresh air filling your lungs. Now, how’s that for stress-management? This adrenaline-spiking adventure can be an awesome way for you and your colleagues to bond away from your computer screens, or to organize a wholesome (and healthy!) alternative for a bachelorette party. For more information about a tree-top Guided Eco Tour, visit the Scenic Caves website.

Kayaking in Woodbine Beach

18 min. bus ride from Toronto

Rent a Toronto charter bus for your Woodpine Beach kayak adventure.
Credit: Trip Advisor

The largest of all the beaches in Toronto, Woodbine offers a variety of fun aquatic activities like Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. Peacefully gliding on calm waters is probably the best way to celebrate sunny weather after having endured a harsh Canadian winter, but we won’t blame you if all you feel like doing is lounging on the beach’s sunny shores.

Hiking in Rattlesnake Point

51 min. bus ride from Toronto

Rent a Toronto charter bus to Rattlesnake Point for hiking.
Credit: Conservation Halton

From manageable 2km boardwalks to 19km trails, Rattlesnake point offers a variety of beautiful trails through lush vegetation. You’ll be able to choose family-friendly trails where you’ll spot beautifully carved sculptures and Canadian wildlife, or challenge yourself with more advanced itineraries culminating in awe-striking views.

Biking in Algonquin Park

2 hours 58 min. bus ride from Toronto

Rent a Toronto charter bus to get to Algonquin Park.
Credit: Explorer’s Edge

A day-trip to Algonquin Park from Toronto is totally possible, as long as you’re willing to leave early enough. From scenic trails that follow the historic path of the long decommissioned Parry Sound Railway, to adrenaline-spiking mountain bike trails filled with challenging rocks, roots, and obstacles, Algonquin park has something for every level of cyclist.

There is no doubt that Ontario offers a wealth of options for the city-dweller yearning to spend a few hours away from the bustling streets of Toronto. If you hear the calling of the wild but don’t want to wander out there on your own, we suggest renting a bus and bringing all of your nature-loving friends along for the ride.

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