How to Decorate Your Wedding Bus Rental

Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life – and let’s be honest, the one that you want to run as perfectly as possible. After all, you only get married once! (Fingers crossed). By now, you’ve likely planned the aesthetics of your wedding ceremony and reception to a T, but there’s one area that might’ve slipped your mind in terms of decor: your wedding bus rental.

Decorating your wedding bus rental is all part of the wedding planning fun! And contrary to what many people think, buses are much more than just a means of transportation. In terms of your big day, the second your guests step aboard your bus, their experience related to your wedding begins. Why not make the most of that opportunity and deck out your bus to match your event aesthetic, getting everyone in the mood? This creates a seamless experience from ceremony to venue to all the time in between spent driving from point A to B!

If you haven’t booked your wedding bus rental yet, we suggest looking into it – the prime time to reserve your desired bus is six months before your wedding. Organizing a wedding bus rental ensures that you’ll keep your entire wedding party together and running on-schedule – and also provides a chance for you to customize your commuting experience from ceremony to photoshoot location to reception, and beyond.

Once you and your family and friends board the bus, that’s where the party really begins!

Make your big day extra special by decorating your wedding bus rental.

Match your bus to your wedding theme

Alright, when you think ‘bus rental decorations’, ‘party bus’ may come to mind. Fair enough. However, there are so many classier ways to decorate your bus than by simply hanging a disco ball from the ceiling, stringing up some old Christmas lights, and making sure you’ve got booze onboard. Whether your wedding aesthetic is more traditional, or you opted for a funkier wedding theme, there is always a way to embellish your bus to match your wedding’s personality – in as tasteful a manner as you wish.

After all, the party starts on the bus! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Balloons & Banners

Simple, yet effective. Adding balloons that are on-theme with your wedding’s colour palette can add a nice splash of colour to introduce guests to your wedding theme the second they step onboard. There are also plenty of ways to incorporate banners into your wedding decor, if that’s more your thing.

Whether you rent a minibus, mini coach, or a coach, customized banners can make your bus all that much more personal. No matter if you’re a fan of “Just Married”, or are looking for something more personalized (wedding hashtag, perhaps?), a banner is a simple way to up your bus’ style without much added effort. Just make sure that your font and colors are inline with your venue’s aesthetic.


Don’t underestimate the power of lighting! Installing fairy lights is an easy way to light up a space and create a warm ambiance. If you’ve decided to rent a school bus for your wedding, this is a particularly good idea since school buses typically don’t have the best interior lighting setups.


Is there anything more wedding decor-appropriate than flowers? Consider ordering a few extra bouquets to decorate the aisle of your wedding bus to really spruce up your ride. If you’re planning a summer wedding (or live in a climate that is blessed with nice weather all year-round), commission your florist to create a customized floral wreath arrangement to hang on the hood of your wedding bus rental. Understated, yet classy.

Decorate your wedding bus rental with flower arrangements that match your wedding theme.

Wrap Your Bus

Banners and fairy lights are all dandy, but if you’re of the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, consider getting your bus wrapped for your wedding. You can customize a design to have printed onto your bus for your big day, which can be particularly fitting if you have a wedding with a specific theme. There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to bus wrap designs, so this is your opportunity to really showcase your personality (and romantic side) through your decor. Have fun with it!

When can you decorate your bus?

You’re able to decorate your bus as soon as your rental time begins. Most happy couples choose to rent their bus for the morning of their wedding, meaning they’ll have full access to their bus in the early AM. However, if you’re planning on doing extensive decorating, consider renting your bus for the day before your special day so that you won’t be pressed for time.

It’s important to keep in mind that the time you spend decorating your bus is included in your bus rental price. We highly recommend finalizing your decorations in advance, so that you’re ready to go from the minute you have access to your bus. However you choose to decorate, just make sure that you don’t obstruct your driver’s view!

Keep the Weather in Mind

If you’re getting married in sunny LA, then sky’s the limit when it comes to exterior and interior decorating. However, if you’re planning a wedding in New York City or elsewhere in the Northern hemisphere, consider focusing on interior wedding design for your bus – you never know when a temperamental storm could hit, particularly in the winter!

Keep the weather in mind when you decide how to decorate your charter wedding bus rental!

Get organized ahead of time

You wouldn’t leave your reception hall decorating until the last minute, and you shouldn’t with your wedding bus rental, either. Make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want your wedding shuttle bus to look like, and work from there. Be sure to have all of your decorations assembled (flower arrangements, for example) ahead of time, so that you and your bridal party aren’t scrambling around on your wedding morning!

Get someone to handle the wedding shuttle bus decorating the morning of. You’ll definitely be busy getting yourself ready for the big day, so it’s best to leave wedding bus decor responsibilities to the Maid of Honour or someone else in the bridal party. Just be sure to leave detailed instructions!

Pro Tip: Put together a Pinterest board of wedding bus rental decoration ideas that you love. Browsing Pinterest is a great way to spark inspiration and to collect your visual thoughts!