NYC Guide to Wedding Bus Rentals

Planning to tie the knot in the Big Apple? New York City is one of the most exciting metropolitan cities to visit, let alone get married in. From booking your wedding venue to deciding who’s making the final cut on the guest list, there’s a lot to get organized before your big day arrives.

However, it’s common that one detail or another gets forgotten in the turbulence of wedding planning. Take group transportation: have you given any thought to how your crew will get themselves around on your wedding day? This handy guide to NYC wedding charter bus rentals will equip you with all the info you need to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Perks to Renting a Wedding Bus in NYC

Keep Everyone Together

Rent a bus and keep your crew together and on-track. NYC is infamously known for its hectic city streets, and visitors can easily get lost – sometimes hopelessly so. They don’t call it the concrete jungle for nothing! This makes keeping your wedding group together an absolute priority. Imagine your Maid of Honour getting stuck in traffic on her way to your ceremony? Let’s not go there! There’s enough stress on your plate without worrying whether everyone will get from ceremony to venue on time. Renting a charter bus eliminates the possibility of guests getting stuck in traffic, getting lost, and wasting time looking for scarce parking spots.

Provide a Ride for Visitors Flying in

Renting a bus for your wedding day is very helpful for guests flying in from abroad. After all, they won’t have their own cars with them, and renting a personal car for a weekend can be very expensive. Out-of-towners will forever be grateful to have a ride organized directly from JFK to your venue, saving them the dread of hailing a yellow NYC taxicab or paying a few hundred dollars for a car rental.

Rent a shuttle bus to transport your group on your wedding day.

Keep the Party going on the Road

Let’s face it: commuting isn’t the best, especially if you get stuck in New York City traffic. However, being on the road with your family and friends while heading to your wedding ceremony and venue? Now, that’s a different story. Travelling with the people you love most on your wedding day keeps the positive energy alive and well during inevitable moments spent in transit!

When should you Book your Wedding Bus?

Book your bus as soon as you have your wedding venue dates confirmed. Don’t take any chances by waiting until the last minute! Depending on the time of year you get married, there may also be unique events that affect your booking process. For example, chartering your bus to run down Broadway in the middle of June’s peak tourist season? We don’t advise it.

Generally, we recommend booking your bus at least six months before the day of your event. This reserves your choice of bus and gives you the satisfaction of crossing something off your to-do list early on.’s booking tool simplifies the booking process for you, and offers the best-priced bus quotes for your route in under a couple minutes.

How much will a NYC Wedding Bus cost?

The price of your wedding bus depends on the number of guests you plan to have onboard, as well as the amount of time you’ll need a bus to be at your disposal. All buses have a maximum passenger capacity, and most charge by the hour. To give you a certain idea, prices range from $81/hour for a school bus (47 passengers) to $115 for a coach bus (55 passengers).

Charter shuttle bus rentals for your NYC wedding.

Which Bus is Best for your NYC Wedding?

If you’re planning a smaller wedding, a mini coach bus might do the trick. This is a comfortable option that accommodates up to 21 guests, starting at $98/hour. Plus, it’ll look super cute if you decorate it! Adding your special touch will personalize your shuttle and extend your wedding theme onto the road.

Planning a big wedding? A coach bus can accommodate up to 55 guests, and goes for $115/hour. Coach buses are definitely the most luxurious option, with plenty of add-ons you can request to make your wedding bus everything you ever dreamed it’d be. Amenities include A/C, AUX input, wifi, additional storage space, and more.

Compared to the price of a limo (which is much more expensive, and fits far less people!), the decision to rent a bus for your wedding is truly a piece of cake!

Hit all your Wedding Locations, including Photoshoot Spots

One of the best parts about renting a bus for your wedding is having the option to pack up and unload at multiple locations, hassle-free. Obviously, ceremony and reception venues are top priority – but what about photoshoot locations?

Taking wedding photos is one of the most anticipated parts of your wedding day. These photos will become cherished mementos for you and your kids to look back on in ten or twenty years’ time, so it’s vital to get the shots you want – no matter where in the city you have to travel to to get them. Whether you envision a photoshoot in front of the Met, or are quite literally in an Empire state of mind, add your photoshoot spots to your itinerary ahead of time so that your wedding day shots meet your dream expectations.

Wedding bus rentals for your New York City wedding day.

Transport your crew to Remote Wedding Destinations

If the thought of getting married in the city is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Plenty of couples choose to get married outside of the city that never sleeps. Whether you envision a more relaxed wedding by the beach, or in a dreamy cottage not far from the city, here are our suggestions for wedding venues situated just a short bus ride away from NYC.

The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre

If you and your beau are big movie buffs and love all things antique, Loew’s is the perfect wedding venue for you. Imagine holding your reception in a gorgeous vintage theatre, with gilded gold ceilings and ornate architectural details plucked from your most romantic Baroque dreams. Talk about picturesque!

Cedar Lakes Estate

Dreaming of a rustic wedding getaway? Cedar Lakes is the ultimate setting to hold your ceremony and reception, particularly if you crave the intimacy that Port Jervis cottage country provides. Say “I do” right by the lake, and elegantly dance under the stars at your reception.

Rent a bus for your wedding outside of New York City.

Peconic Bay Yacht Club

If you’re leaning towards a wedding with an oceanic view, consider Peconic Bay Yacht Club. This spacious venue is what East Coast beach dreams are made of, with everything you need to bring your seaside wedding to life!

Bedell Cellars

What could be better than tying the knot on a romantic vineyard? Bedell Cellars is a gorgeous, sprawling location that can accommodate even the biggest wedding party. Not only is the building a beautiful place to hold your reception, but the wedding photos you’ll take in the lush vineyards will be worthy of a fairytale.

Oh, and you’ll have your pick of the local wines crafted on-site. There is absolutely nothing better than that!

Pro Tips:

Inform Guests about your Wedding Bus Rental

Announce your group transportation bus on your wedding website, or mention it as a footnote in your wedding invitations. It’s good to keep everyone in the loop, and many guests will appreciate the effort. Spread the word!

Hand off your Itinerary

You’ve got enough on your plate. Let someone else handle your wedding route itinerary the day of your wedding. Your Maid of Honour will likely be more than happy to handle this responsibility. Whoever you end up delegating this task to, just make sure that you have absolute faith in them!

On your special day, you want to have every detail sorted out right down to the vehicle type. is proud to offer a wide scope of vehicles, from coach buses that can transport your entire guest list to passenger vans that are the perfect size for your wedding party. If you are looking for a cozy yet comfortable vehicle, consider renting a sprinter van, which can fit up to 15 people.

Charter bus rentals for your NYC wedding.

Decorate your Wedding Bus

Did we mention that you can deck out your bus in the decorations of your choice? If you have a themed wedding, bring that theme onboard and transform the look of your ride to match your wedding aesthetic! Anything from banners, to photos, to balloons can make a world of difference. If you really want to go all out, ask your specialist about bus wrapping options.

No matter where you choose to get married in or around New York City, is here to help you keep your group together so that everyone has an unforgettable time. Together, we’ll make your New York City wedding everything you’ve ever dreamed of!