Guide to Parking Your Bus Rental in San Francisco

One of the great advantages of bus rentals is that you don’t have to worry about parking a whole slew of cars. But, one of the most often forgotten aspects of bus rentals is how and where to park. Thankfully, we’ve done the research and can offer you this guide to parking large vehicles like school buses or coach buses in San Francisco. Depending on your reason for chartering a bus—field trip, tour, corporate retreat, wedding, or sports event—you may want to organize a pick-up and drop-off point, or have your bus park close to your location if parking is available.

Arrival: Pick up at the San Francisco Airport (SFO)

You’re in luck! The San Francisco International Airport prioritizes shared transport, making it easier for you to find your bus rental and get into the city as quickly as possible. California traffic is notoriously tough, so planning ahead and organizing group transportation is a great way to curb those difficulties. There are four pick-up and drop-off locations at SFO, each corresponding to a terminal. For domestic travel, use either terminal 2 and bus courtyard 3, or terminal 3 and bus courtyard 4. For international travel, use bus courtyard G or A.

Where to park charter bus rentals at San Francisco International Airport.

Bus Rental Parking at Golden Gate Park


Want to check off a whole bunch of boxes on your SF sightseeing list? Visit Golden Gate Park where you’ll find the Conservatory of Flowers, the de Young Museum, and the Japanese Tea Garden. Drop-off points are on the north side of John F. Kennedy west of the Conservatory, or on the south side of John F. Kennedy at the corner of Middle Drive. Note that the drop-off areas are not available on Sundays.


Long term parking for the park is available behind the Bandshell of the Music Concourse on Concourse Drive. If you’re looking to get your bus rental closer to the Golden Gate Bridge, you can park in spots south of Vista Point. But beware, these spots are limited and fill up quickly.

Where to park a charter bus rental at the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at Muir Woods


The redwoods at Muir Woods National Park are a Bay Area gem. And the folks managing it have done a great job of organizing vehicle congestion, keeping the natural grounds pristine. Have your charter bus driver drop you off near the visitor center at the designated drop-off point.


Muir Woods’ drop-off is conveniently placed within the parking lot designated for buses. In order to park here, you’ll have to reserve your spot in advance. The driver will not be able to park without it. To obtain a reservation, call 1-800-410-2419.

Where to park your charter bus rental at Muir Woods, San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at Pier 39


What’s better than dining under the watchful eye of a hundred sea lions? Pier 39 is lively and crowded with tourists (and sea lions). If you would like to get right up to the entrance, Pier 39 has a drop-off zone of its own. It is often crowded, though, so have your driver drop you off at any of the loading zones along the piers. They’re all pretty close to each other and clearly marked.


The Pier is a massively popular tourist destination, so the neighborhood has put in the effort to make it parkable. Park a charter bus rental at any of the many metered parking spots by Fisherman’s Wharf. There are spots at Jones and North Point, North Point and Columbus, and Grant and North Point.

Where to park your charter bus rental at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at Alcatraz


Alcatraz is an island so obviously there’s no bus parking on site. But, they do have a pretty good system for getting visitors from the mainland to the island—boats! To get there, you’ll have to catch the Alcatraz Cruise from Pier 33. There are no drop-off points right at the pier but if you go north of Pier 35, you’ll find plenty of places to disembark.


To park your bus rental while you visit the notorious prison, you can use the same metered bus parking spaces as you would if you were going to Pier 39. Why not make a day of it and visit both?

Where to park your San Francisco charter bus rental near Alcatraz.

Bus Rental Parking at Alamo Square


One of the most iconic neighborhoods in San Francisco—the site for the final shot in Full House’s opening sequence—Alamo Square is a popular destination with many parking restrictions. Your tour bus rental will not be allowed within a two block radius of the park, but there is a designated drop-off spot on Fell Street east of Pierce.


The drop-off spot has a time limit of 5 minutes, so plan a long term parking spot for your tour bus rental. The closest lot is in Golden Gate Park’s bus parking lot off of Concourse Drive.

Where to park your bus near Alamo Square, San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA)


SF’s MOMA is a leader in the art world, inspiring and encouraging creativity in visitors and artists alike. It can, however, be difficult to park at if you have rented a charter bus. Your best bet is to find the drop-off points called “white zones.” They can be found at Third Street and Mission.


SF MOMA does not offer parking for tour bus rentals, so drivers will have to park off-site. After dropping you off at the museum, the bus could park on Terry A. Francois Boulevard near AT&T Park or at any of the metered spots around Fisherman’s Wharf.

Where to park your charter bus rental at the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco.

Parking a Charter Bus Rental at a Sports Facility

How? When? Where? How much?

Transportation is a huge part of organizing sports teams and fans, but whether you’re tailgating or heading to an away game, chartering a bus rental through is a great way to fulfill your transportation needs. But, where does one park such a large vehicle in a city as cramped as San Francisco. Most sports facilities understand the need for bus rental parking and have integrated that need into their lots. Below are some guidelines for parking at SF’s most-visited stadiums.

If all of this bus parking sounds daunting, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are smaller alternatives that may work for you, depending on your group size. offers sprinter vans for rent in San Francisco that can fit up to 15 passengers, depending on the model. These are compact in size and much easier to park!

Bus Rental Parking at AT&T Park


Home of the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park is a baseball fan’s dream. And its parking facilities are pretty convenient given its proximity to the downtown core. Bus parking is available on the east side of Lot A for $70 cash. Arrive 1-2 hours early to beat the rush and enjoy the history, glory, and fun that is the Park during MLB season.


Lot A is also the lot with a designated tailgating area, very convenient for the organized fans who thought to charter the bus. This lot can be accessed from Terry A. Francois Boulevard.

Where to park your charter bus rental at AT&T Park San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at Levi’s Stadium


The first thing you have to do to organize bus rental parking at Levi’s Stadium is purchase a parking pass. This can and should be done in advance by calling 408-579-4449. Your bus driver can drop you off, pick you up, and park all in the same area: the west side of Green Lot 1. To enter the lot, head north on the Great American Parkway past the entrance of Green Lot 1. Buses should access the lot through the entrance north of Old Glory Lane. There will be signs and staff to direct you.


It is especially important to purchase your parking pass in advance if you are tailgating. Parts of the Green Lot are designated for tailgating. They are marked with a T.

Where to park your charter bus rental around Levi's Stadium, San Francisco.

Bus Rental Parking at Oakland-Alameda Coliseum


The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum may not be in SF proper, but it’s got enough of a draw—the Raiders and the A’s—to attract sports fans from all over the Bay Area. Bus parking is in B Lot just west of the South Mall. Note that parking costs differ depending on what you are going to see. A’s games will run you $50, Raiders $75, and concerts $85. If you would like your bus driver to drop you off, enter from 66th Avenue and follow the directions from staff. You could also be dropped off at the Coliseum BART station and cross the pedestrian bridge.


The tailgating area is located in the same lot at the Bus parking – very convenient. It is small so reserve ahead. Be warned, there is no electricity available for tailgating.
Where to park your charter bus rental at Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, San Francisco.