Stay safe, warm, and merry this holiday season

‘Tis the season to wrap up Q4, write reports, develop strategies for the next quarter, and… throw a big holiday party for your employees, of course. From big blow-out to in-office potluck, there are many different types of parties that you could hold for your employees. And each party type has a bus type to match. While more luxury is available in a coach bus, the school bus rental is often the better choice for these kinds of events. They’ve got a certain nostalgic quality that gets partiers in the festive mood. Here are our tips for organizing the perfect transportation for your office holiday party.

Big off-site blow-out

Rent that grand hall for a five-course meal, hire a live band and dance all night, ask everyone to arrive in cocktail attire or, better yet, black tie! If you’re planning this kind of glamorous affair, it can be easy to forget about the transportation. But, it’s especially important to have a good shuttle bus strategy when you’re holding a big event. Avoid employees driving their own cars by having everyone meet at the office. Rent a school bus to shuttle your guests to the main event. After the event, make sure you get everyone home safely. Your booking specialist can help you organize the most efficient drop-off route.

Suggested bus rental: School bus

Rent a charter bus for your office offsite event.

In-Office Potluck

If you’re a startup organizing your very first party, try a budget-friendly option. Have everyone bring a dish (organize who brings what in advance so you don’t get fifteen bowls of guacamole), and make a competition out of it. Have everyone vote on the best dish. If you’re going with this option, you’ll need to make it special so it doesn’t feel like their weekly lunch-and-learn. Have everyone wear ugly holiday-themed sweaters, organize a Secret Santa exchange, rent a good ol’ karaoke machine, and charter a school bus to make the commute home a little more fun – and safe.

Suggested bus rental: School bus or minibus

Treat your staff with a potluck dinner and bus rental commute back home.

Office Field Trip

When organizing an office party, you always run the risk of it being too Christmas-cookie-cutter. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone has the same traditions. Do something out of the ordinary and take everyone on a field trip. We recommend an escape room, axe throwing, or a brewery tour. If you’re a team of less than 20, consider a minibus or mini coach bus. There isn’t a big difference in price between the two, so if you’re travelling a few hours out of town, choose the mini coach for extra comfort.

Suggested bus rental: Minibus or mini coach bus

Transport your staff to a corporate field trip with charter bus rentals.

Private Restaurant Rental

Does your small team deserve a big reward? Many restaurants have private rooms that can accommodate groups of 10 to 40 people. When you rent a room for groups of this size, the chef will often have a conversation with you about your group’s likes, dislikes, allergies, and dietary restrictions in order to tailor a menu to your tastes. Rent a bus and driver to get everyone home safe after dinner, especially if you’re splurging on wine pairings. If you can splurge on pairings, the bus rental cost is nothing.

Suggested bus rental: Minibus

Transport your staff to a private restaurant office party with charter bus rentals.

Weekend Ski Trip

Use the holiday season as an opportunity to do some serious team building while treating your employees to a weekend away. A company ski trip is the perfect way to please both the outdoor enthusiasts and those that prefer the cozy indoor chalet lifestyle. Just make sure you’re sensitive to everyone’s family plans and holiday responsibilities when you schedule the event. Look to book time for early December or late January. For this type of festivity, you’ll need to rent a coach bus. They have more luggage space and extra amenities that make longer trips more comfortable.

Suggested bus rental: Coach bus

Transport staff to a company ski weekend with charter bus rentals.

Give Back as a Group

As an alternative to the expected holiday party, take your team on a volunteer excursion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your staff’s enthusiasm to help out in their community. If you have a lot of employees who aren’t available in the evenings—due to family obligations or work schedules—this is a great way of organizing daytime festivities. Rent a school bus to transport your team from the office to the volunteer site and back again. Don’t know where to begin your search for opportunities? Try the GiveGab app. It lets you search volunteer opportunities and connect with non-profits or charities in your area. Then let take care of your group’s transportation on the way there and back.

Suggested bus rental: School bus or minibus
Rent charter buses to volunteer as a company offsite event.

Holiday Party Safety Tips

Make sure the whole staff has a transport plan

The best way to get everyone home is to use a charter bus rental to organize a shuttle service. Be sure that everyone has been informed of the bus service with a company-wide email. Include this information on all holiday party communications.

Get your employees all the way home

If you drop people off at the office after the party, they still have to get all the way home. Our booking specialists can help you organize drop-off at multiple homes. You could also drop people off at subway stations if you’re city-bound.

Serve lots of food

The best way to curb excessive egg nog consumption and the resulting tummy aches is to serve lots of food. Cater a meal, but also provide snacks throughout the entire event.

Tips for Making your Holiday Party Special

Theme your Secret Santa

When people are left to shop for coworkers, they always end up grabbing something at some box store that’s outdated and weirdly scented. If you theme the gift giving, the shopping experience becomes so much more fun. Some great themes: recipe kits, dollar store extravaganza, board games.

Make your own photo booth

While photo booths are available to rent, you can make your own by picking up a few feather boas, silly hats, and fake moustaches. Provide selfie sticks and a colourful backdrop, then let the fun begin!

Rent a bus and put safety first for your company party

Holiday parties are a great opportunity for your team to bond and celebrate their achievements. It’s also an opportunity to over-indulge. As an employer, and as a friend, it is your duty to help your staff get home safe. Get your employees home for the holidays with a charter bus rental. Happy party planning!