The Power of Team Building at

At, we believe that building a solid team dynamic results in a happier, more productive work atmosphere for all employees. After all, we spend the majority of our weekdays with our coworkers – we definitely want our time together to be enjoyable and fulfilling!

We’re big fans of taking group bus rentals to offsite events, so that we can all bond as a team and get to know one another on a more personal level. Companies who are in that weird stage of growth recognize the need for team building and group experiences – but likely don’t have the budget for big impressive parties yet, and are becoming too big for employee-led activities. Bus rentals enable us, and other companies like, to create and offer unique yet affordable experiences.

Team building activities at

Many startups like ours go through growing pains where their culture evolves from being very employee-driven to needing a more formalized approach. Our team has more than doubled in the past year, and as each department within the company increases, it becomes harder and harder for employees to get to know each other interdepartmentally in an organic way. A solution to this? Team building activities! Just because your company isn’t big enough to entertain lavish internal events like the ones hosted by tech giants, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat your team within your budget.

Whether you take a bus to an offsite for a corporate conference, or opt for a more laid-back activity (like going to a cabane à sucre like we did!), rest assured that it’ll be a day full of awesome memories and nourished bonds. Need some ideas for your company offsite event? If you have a smaller team, Escape Rooms are always a fantastic idea, allowing each team member to showcase their individual strengths while working together as a team to beat the game.

Team building offsite activities to do with your company.

For larger groups, have you considered camping? Renting a bus to transport your team to a campsite for a couple of nights is an ideal way to bond with a big group. Just make sure to rent a coach bus – you’ll need the extra storage space to house all those tents and camping gear!

According to one report, it was noted that companies that encouraged high levels of employee engagement were 10 times more likely to experience a spike in profit and sales. Your team will not only appreciate having a day to get to know one another better, but will result in a stronger team dynamic and more powerful results when it comes down to doing serious work in the office!

Furthermore, we’re convinced that bus rentals enable people to create unique group experiences they might not be logistically (or financially) able to support. Buses are a cost-friendly transportation solution for your corporate offsite, and they also offer something that many other types of transportation don’t: the ability to transport everyone on one vehicle. This means you’ll keep the group together during the journey there, allowing for a positive, social experience for every colleague onboard. The journey to your offsite effectively becomes an extension of your event, with your team making memories and forming connections even while on the road.

Rent a bus to get your group to the best team building offsite activities.

Transporting your team to an offsite also allows team members to get to know one another in an out-of-office context. For new employees who may feel intimidated speaking to supervisors or new coworkers in-office, an informal setting can provide comfortable opportunities to approach colleagues and ease the stress of settling into a new position. Additionally, planning offsite events allow colleagues to interact with people in other departments, creating a fully-rounded team bond.

If you’ve got a lengthy bus ride planned, be prepared with snacks and onboard activities to keep your team engaged and in good spirits. It’s always a good idea to have something to munch on, like granola bars or croissants for early morning drives, and water bottles ready to quench your travellers’ thirst. In terms of entertainment, opt for a coach bus with an A/V setup, so you and your team can watch any movie from the comfort of your reclining chairs.

We are strong believers in creating fun and enjoyable experiences together as a group, which in turn inspires a positive work atmosphere and productive team dynamic! And, we also believe that the best way to get your team anywhere is, of course, by bus.