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Shuttle services are the most convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective transport option for businesses and private groups travelling in Boston. Book your shuttle service in Boston with our handy online booking tool, or contact us if you need help making a reservation.

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Boston Shuttle Bus Rental FAQs

At we hope we can present you with all the information you need to plan and book your shuttle service in Boston. If you have questions about shuttle bus rental prices, amenities, and how to book a shuttle bus rental, check out our frequently asked questions section.

Why rent a shuttle service in Boston?

A shuttle service is a great way to transport groups of all sizes around Boston, with different bus models and configurations catering to every group’s requirements. An airport shuttle service provides convenient transportation from the airport, while other shuttle bus rentals can employees, conference attendees, or commuters of public transit to their destination.   

What are the benefits of renting a shuttle service in Boston?

Shuttle services are not only a cost-effective and reliable way to get around Boston, but also the most flexible option to transport multiple groups of people using customizable shuttle bus rentals. With our extensive operator network, and managed service, helps you plan and launch any kind of shuttle bus service without the hassles of contacting and coordinating with operators. also allows you to plan a customized itinerary for your shuttle bus rental, as well as providing experienced drivers who know their way around the city. Passengers also benefit from the option to choose from a wide range of shuttle bus rental models with different amenities.

What amenities are available on a shuttle service in Boston?

The optional amenities available on shuttle services in Boston depend on the type and model of shuttle bus rental you choose. More luxurious options such as the coach bus and mini-coach bus are outfitted with onboard restrooms and comfortable leather seats, while school bus or minibus rentals are designed to be more streamlined and affordable. WiFi and power outlets are available on some shuttle bus rental models, while many models also come with air conditioning. The best way to get your desired amenities is to contact our award-winning specialists to inquire about shuttle services. 

How much does a shuttle service in Boston cost?

Shuttle bus rental prices in Boston depend on a range of factors, the most important being the model of bus. You can check all the available shuttle bus rentals for the size of your group and choose the one that best fits the requirements of your journey. The time, length, and date of your trip are also very important, since longer journeys have to include additional fuel and labor charges into your shuttle bus rental prices.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest shuttle bus rental price in Boston?

If you’re looking for the lowest shuttle bus rental price in Boston, you can choose a bus type with fewer amenities, such as the school bus or minibus. Journeys in the quieter months of December through March are generally cheaper. If you need to travel during a busier time of year, make sure you make your booking as soon as possible to lock in the lowest shuttle bus rental price. Shuttle bus rental prices are also impacted by local availability.

How do I book a shuttle service in Boston?

It’s easy to book a shuttle service in Boston with’s online booking tool. Simply enter all the information related to your trip, and we’ll generate a quote for you with the best available shuttle bus rental price. Alternatively you can simply get in touch with our booking specialists to help you plan your shuttle service in Boston. 

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Boston Shuttle Service Rental Use Cases

Shuttle services are extremely convenient, transporting guests to where they need to be and back again. From airport shuttle services to corporate shuttle services, we have you covered.

Airport Shuttle Services

Airport shuttle services allow groups of passengers to get from the airport directly to their hotel, workplace, or a central drop-off point in Boston safely and conveniently. Booking a shuttle service is a cost-effective way for groups of travelers arriving in the city, and it takes away the hassle of using public transportation or airport taxis.

Conference Shuttle Services

Events organizers regularly use shuttle bus rentals  as cost-effective and reliable transport for staff and attendees of conferences all over Boston. Shuttle services can carry passengers from hotels or pickup points directly to the conference center, minimizing nearby traffic congestion and ensuring they reach the event on time

Corporate Shuttle Services

Corporations regularly deploy shuttle services as the most convenient way to get their staff around Boston. Options such as the coach bus rental operate as offices on wheels with WiFi and power outlets, allowing corporate groups to keep working as they travel, and your team doesn’t need to waste a minute queuing for transport as a shuttle bus rental picks them up directly from the airport.

Employee Shuttle Services

Employee shuttle services are an essential part of daily life in Boston, making the trip to work reliable and simple for thousands of workers around the city. A shuttle bus rental can make multiple stops to pick up employees along the route to the workplace, ensuring that the whole team arrives on time and ready to go.

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More Shuttle Bus Rental Use Cases

Shuttle bus rentals are extremely versatile, accommodating trip types and groups of all sizes, including festival shuttle services, sports teams shuttle services, and more.

Festival Shuttle Services

Shuttle bus rentals are a lifesaver for organizers of music and cultural festivals in Boston. They can carry staff or festival-goers quickly and reliably from a pickup point right to the festival venue, with different bus models and configurations available to suit every kind of passenger group, including VIPs. A shuttle bus rental also helps decongest the festival venue, and improve the experience for all attendees.

Sports Team Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are ideal for sports teams in Boston who regularly travel to training sessions or away games, or for teams visiting the city. A shuttle bus rental can take teams of all sizes from the most convenient pick-up point directly to their destination and back quickly and in comfort. Buscom can help you find the right shuttle bus rental with enough seats to accommodate players, support staff, coaches, and storage capacity to store sporting equipment.

Construction Shuttle Services

Shuttle bus rentals are vital for construction companies who need to transport workers and engineers to building sites in Boston quickly and efficiently. A shuttle service provides cost-effective and reliable transportation to contractors while also reducing traffic congestion around construction sites. They can also be used to transport workers between multiple construction sites or from city centers to remote locations. Extra space in the shuttle bus rental can be used to store equipment

Private Shuttle Services

Whether your group is visiting Boston for business or pleasure, a private shuttle service is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around. An airport shuttle service makes your arrival a breeze, and we can arrange a shuttle bus rental to exactly match your transport needs within the city. 

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Other Boston bus types available for rent


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

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