Efficient Boston Corporate Shuttle Services

Boston employees spend an average of 134 hours annually navigating through traffic and congestion – the second most across the United States. Time spent stuck in gridlock greatly hinders productivity and quality of life, creating the need for flexible and reliable corporate shuttle services in Boston.

Powered by demand-responsive technology, our Boston corporate shuttle service streamline employee mobility, transporting businesses of all sizes. These corporate shuttle services ultimately foster a more productive and sustainable work environment, helping Boston commuters win back invaluable time and money. Learn how Bus.com’s versatile fleet of corporate shuttles are solving mobility management challenges.

Boston Corporate Shuttle Service Use Cases

Boston has established itself as a hub for innovation and academic excellence, attracting entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. And when these businesses require flexible group commuting solutions, they turn to Bus.com. From daily commuter shuttles to last-mile connectivity solutions, there are a number of ways our Boston corporate shuttle services can be used. Learn more about how our technology-powered fleet of corporate shuttles are simplifying employee mobility in Boston.


Daily Commute

Boston’s traffic and congestion is pushing businesses to consider alternative group commuting solutions, including flexible and reliable daily commuter shuttle services. Our Boston corporate shuttle services eliminate the stress of navigating through the city’s infamous congestion, as well as finding parking. 

Featuring demand-responsive technology, these corporate shuttle services not only deliver a seamless commute experience, but also enhance productivity and morale, making them a win-win for employers and employees alike. Get in touch with our group transportation experts and learn how a daily commuter shuttle service in Boston can optimize the commute experience for your staff. 


Last-Mile Connectivity

Boston corporate shuttle services are essential for improving last-mile connectivity, particularly in areas where public transit options are limited. Last-mile connectivity mobility solutions ultimately ensure a seamless final leg of your employee’s journey to work, offering strategic drop-off locations close to the workplace. 

Our last-mile connectivity corporate shuttle services encourage employees to turn to public transportation options, reducing car-dependency and congestion. These Boston corporate shuttle services can be tailored according to your business’s unique transportation needs, connecting your office to a nearby transit hub.


Remote or Off-Site Work Locations

With remote or hybrid work and off-site work locations growing in popularity, flexible group commuting solutions are in high demand in Boston. Our Boston corporate shuttle services can be used to connect residential areas and transit hubs with off-site work locations, particularly where public transit options may be sparse.  

Our Boston corporate shuttle services are equally suited for businesses with satellite offices, transporting employees between convenient transit hubs and hard-to-reach worksites. These technology-enhanced corporate shuttle services ultimately expand your business’s reach, granting employees greater flexibility in choosing their work environment.

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Which vehicle is right for my group?

When you plan a corporate trip, your bus needs will vary, depending on several factors. The first thing to consider, is how large is your group? If your group is small, then a minibus or a shuttle bus might be the exact thing you need! They hold roughly 20 people, and are perfect for moving between close locations. A larger group might want to consider a coach bus — our most luxurious — or a school bus. Both seat between 45 and 55 participants on average. 


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

Why Boston?

As an educational hub, Boston boasts many brilliant minds among its residents. This intellectual rigor, combined with the city’s historicity draws the best and brightest talent. Boston offers everything a business could want: strong industry, plenty of great restaurants for networking, and a smooth transportation system.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boston Corporate Shuttle Services

Launching a Boston corporate shuttle service is just a few steps away with Bus.com by your side. Simply get in touch with your unique transportation needs and our team of mobility experts will tailor a group commuting solution that is equally cost-effective as it is flexible. From corporate shuttle service uses to benefits, discover how Bus.com is transforming employee mobility with our reliable corporate shuttle services.

What is a Boston corporate shuttle service?

A Boston corporate shuttle service is a great way for businesses to offer a stress-free commune experience to work, battling the city’s infamous traffic and congestion. Corporate shuttle services typically operate on fixed routes and can be customized according to your staff’s unique schedule. 

Our Boston corporate shuttle services can accommodate up to 55 employees at a time with our fully-sized coach bus shuttles, transporting businesses both big and small. For smaller to medium-sized businesses, our minibus and mini coach bus corporate shuttles have you covered. 

What are corporate shuttle services used for in Boston?

Boston corporate shuttle services are predominantly used to streamline daily commute for employees, connecting residential, suburban neighborhoods with convenient office locations and major transit hubs. These corporate shuttle services are equally used for first- and last-mile connectivity, bridging the gap between public transit options and remote worksites, particularly in sprawling business districts. 

With Bus.com’s flexible on-demand transportation model, businesses gain immediate access to right-sized corporate shuttle services, increasing accessibility and productivity, all-while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Get in touch with your unique transportation requirements and our team can help plan and deploy a group mobility solution that works for your business’s bottom line.

What are the benefits of corporate shuttle services in Boston?

Corporate shuttle services in Boston offer a wealth of benefits for employees and employers alike. For one, these corporate shuttle services help employees escape the frustration of traffic delays and unreliable public transportation options for a stress-free commute. Secondly, corporate shuttle services help employees arrive at work focused and ready to tackle the day, increasing productivity and satisfaction. 

Additionally, corporate shuttle services offer significant cost-savings to Boston commuters, particularly on gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance fees. Finally, our Boston corporate shuttle services result in fewer cars on the road, contributing to a greener, more sustainable city.

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The biggest industries in Boston

Boston is home to numerous industries. Education might be one of the most associated industries with the city along the Charles River, however there are other industries that call this area home. Whether it’s their world-renowned medical facilities or their cutting-edge technology companies, Boston is a thriving metropolis with all of the urban sprawl that comes with it. Alongside that sprawl comes industries that meet the needs of the people and the city.


Boston, with its historical importance, has long been home to many sectors of the financial industry. Today, major banks such as Fleet Bank and insurance companies such as John Hancock Financial Services call Boston home.


The technology industry is more active in the greater Boston area — especially high technology. The city is home to numerous companies such as 3d printing companies, POS companies, and cloud services. Many of the industry leaders are in the data business, in some form or another. 


Both Tufts and Harvard University’s medical schools reside in Boston, and Massachusetts General Hospital is the teaching hospital associated with both universities. The excellence that’s associated with both of these schools, and the other medical schools in the area also fosters collaboration between medicine and technology.


Boston is also home to numerous universities and colleges, along with an abundance of corporate trainers and learning and development specialists. Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the oldest university in the country and sits just a few miles west of the city. U Mass Amherst, founded in 1863, is the largest, with nearly 30,000 full time undergraduate students. 


With more than 60 historical sites, Boston constantly draws in tourists to visit both historical locations and numerous sites of suspected paranormal activity. Boston’s thriving food scene and fresh seafood also draws in crowds of visitors. 

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