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Corporate trips take a variety of forms. Is your organization in town for some team building? Maybe you’re here for professional development at a conference. Boston has numerous convention centers, and sometimes industries hold off-site events. Perhaps you need to move between locations. Corporate trips take many formats, and we’re here to help with all of them at 

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Which vehicle is right for my group?

When you plan a corporate trip, your bus needs will vary, depending on several factors. The first thing to consider, is how large is your group? If your group is small, then a minibus or a shuttle bus might be the exact thing you need! They hold roughly 20 people, and are perfect for moving between close locations. A larger group might want to consider a coach bus — our most luxurious — or a school bus. Both seat between 45 and 55 participants on average. 

Why Boston?

As an educational hub, Boston boasts many brilliant minds among its residents. This intellectual rigor, combined with the city’s historicity draws the best and brightest talent. Boston offers everything a business could want: strong industry, plenty of great restaurants for networking, and a smooth transportation system.

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Team building events in Boston

Whether you have come to Boston for a convention or are local to the city and looking for something to strengthen your team’s collaborative skills, there are a plethora of options to consider for team building activities. Not only will your team build community and collaboration, they’ll also have fun doing it!

Gingerbread Wars

One of the best things about Gingerbread Wars, is that it forces your teams to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. Just kidding. The best thing about Gingerbread Wars is the deliciously decorated end result, and being able to eat it. Companies like Amazon, HelloFresh, and YouTube have all had team-building events using these kits. 

The Brattle

If you’re looking for  somewhere to host your outdoor team building activities, The Brattle is the place to go. Nestled in Harvard Square, this iconic cinema house has multiple rooms available for your team. Do you have an activity that requires a large screen? The Brattle has comfortable chairs and multiple theaters that you can rent out.

Alice's Table

If your team is bored with the usual icebreaker team building events or over the trust walks and ropes courses, Alice’s Table might be just the solution. Alice’s Table brings together teams and uses flower arranging workshops to do so. Their goal is to help folks learn new skills, and “live a social and creative lifestyle.”

Brooklyn Boulders

What better way to build collaborative and communication skills than to try to rock climb together? Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville, located in the greater Boston area. Your team can get their hands dirty on some chalk, and strengthen not just their biceps and triceps, but also their ability to communicate.  

Archery Games Boston

Archery Games Boston is perfect for corporate events: where else can you shoot things at people you work with and call it team building? In Combat Archery, your employees can play a game that combines dodgeball and archery. Afterwards, enjoy food in your own private room. 

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The biggest industries in Boston

Boston is home to numerous industries. Education might be one of the most associated industries with the city along the Charles River, however there are other industries that call this area home. Whether it’s their world-renowned medical facilities or their cutting-edge technology companies, Boston is a thriving metropolis with all of the urban sprawl that comes with it. Alongside that sprawl comes industries that meet the needs of the people and the city.


Boston, with its historical importance, has long been home to many sectors of the financial industry. Today, major banks such as Fleet Bank and insurance companies such as John Hancock Financial Services call Boston home.


The technology industry is more active in the greater Boston area — especially high technology. The city is home to numerous companies such as 3d printing companies, POS companies, and cloud services. Many of the industry leaders are in the data business, in some form or another. 


Both Tufts and Harvard University’s medical schools reside in Boston, and Massachusetts General Hospital is the teaching hospital associated with both universities. The excellence that’s associated with both of these schools, and the other medical schools in the area also fosters collaboration between medicine and technology.


Boston is also home to numerous universities and colleges, along with an abundance of corporate trainers and learning and development specialists. Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the oldest university in the country and sits just a few miles west of the city. U Mass Amherst, founded in 1863, is the largest, with nearly 30,000 full time undergraduate students. 


With more than 60 historical sites, Boston constantly draws in tourists to visit both historical locations and numerous sites of suspected paranormal activity. Boston’s thriving food scene and fresh seafood also draws in crowds of visitors. 

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