10 Quintessential New England Wedding Venues Near Boston

Waterfront views, lush gardens, grand estates, classic architecture—wedding venues in New England are rich with photogenic features. With all the charming New England towns and harbours close by, the brides of Boston have a wealth of locations to choose from.

Consider chartering a bus in Boston to transport guests to the venue and safely back to the city. That way, you can focus on what really matters: making memories with the people you love.

Here are our favourite New England destinations for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

1. Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

Distance: 30min Bus Ride from Boston

Conduct your special event at Pierce Farm by renting a charter bus.
Travel back in time and celebrate in the 19th century! Photo courtesy to Pierce Farm and Witch Hill.

This historic estate is a gorgeous 19th century home surrounded by tall trees. Furnished with mahogany antiques, the house is a Victorian time capsule that will transport your guests to an era of romance and elegance. Host up to 150 people in the bright and airy barn or under a canopy surrounded by lush foliage. Quiet and private, Peirce Farm is an affordable option for your New England wedding and only a 30-minute bus ride away.

2. Danversport Waterfront Yacht Club

Distance: 30min Bus Ride from Boston

Visit the amazing venue of Danversport by renting a charter bus.
Enjoy the spectacular beauty of New England while celebrating your special day. Photo Courtesy of Danversport.

Danversport Waterfront Yacht Club is an ideal venue for large weddings of up to 650 guests. Dance the night away in either (or both) of their two ballrooms lit by sparkling chandeliers, or sit down for a serene dinner at the Light House Point. The Club is located on the Port River and features a marina view of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s tastefully nautical, without it being too much of a theme. The Club is a relatively affordable venue given its size and grandeur. Easily transport all your guests by charter bus in only 30 minutes.

3. Tower Hill Botanic Gardens

Distance: 1 hour Bus Ride from Boston

Surround yourself in this luscious Botanical Garden for a day with mountain views and great architecture. Photo courtesy to Tower Hill.

This award-winning wedding venue is home to a vast array of nature’s finest flora, including wild flowers, fruit trees, and manicured lawns. The brilliant colours of Tower Hill Botanic Gardens are an ideal backdrop for ceremonies, and the 18th century style greenhouse with cathedral glass ceilings can host a dazzling reception under the stars. Tower Hill can accommodate up to 150 guests and is approximately one hour from Boston. This venue is on the expensive side, but the view of the gardens in full bloom is worth a little extra.

4. The Carriage House at Lynch Park

Distance: 40 min Bus Ride from Boston

Visit the historic Carriage House by renting a charter bus.
Walk the grounds of the Carriage House and experience this historic landmark for your special event. Photo courtesy to The Carriage House at Lynch Park.

Once a favourite vacation get-away for President William Howard Taft, the Carriage House at Lynch Park is nothing if not a quintessential New England venue. It was built by Robert and Maria Antoinette Evans, a prominent family with connections to some of the biggest names of their time. The house’s interior is beautifully decorated, but it’s the rose garden that’s truly special. Now 95 years old, the garden is modelled after a colourful Italianate garden and displays a wide variety of blooms. For all its amenities—two beaches, tea house, ice cream stand—the Carriage House is surprisingly affordable. It is approximately 40 minutes from Boston and can accommodate up to 125 guests.

 5. Hammond Castle Museum

Distance: 1h Bus Ride from Boston

Interested in booking this venue? Visit Hammond by renting a charter bus.
On the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, this medieval treasure is built with collections from ancient Rome and the Renaissance. Photo courtesy to Hammond Castle Museum.

What makes a bride feel more like a queen than a castle? Located on the rocky coast of Gloucester and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Hammond Castle is a stunning example of medieval style architecture. Built in the 1920s by inventor and art connoisseur John Hays Hammond Jr., this venue features ornate stone archways, stately columns, and a breathtaking hall that can host a banquet fit for royalty. Hammond Castle is surprisingly affordable given its grandeur. It can accommodate up to 120 guests and is just over an hour from Boston.

6. The House of Seven Gables

Distance: 1h Bus Ride from Boston

Visit the House of Seven Gables by renting a charter bus.
The Gables is surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking waterfront views. They not only host intimate gatherings but they also cater to tented affairs. Photo courtesy to the House of Seven Gables.

Straight out of a novel (Literally! Nathanial Hawthorne used the house as inspiration and title for his 1851 novel), the House of Seven Gables is a veritable playground of New England wealth, history, and sophistication. In 1668, it was built by Captain John Turner and is now a National Historic Landmark preserved in pristine condition. Overlooking the Salem Harbour, the house offers a lively marina view. The house can accommodate either small intimate gatherings of 30 guests or grand affairs of 200. Its cost is mid to high, and it is a 50-minute bus ride from Boston.

7.Worcester Art Museum

Distance: 1 hour Bus Ride from Boston

The Worcester Art Museum offers three show-stopping venues: The Chapter House of Benedictine Priory, built in the 12th century and transported from France in 1927; the Stoddard Garden Courtyard, with its colourful outdoor mosaic; and the Renaissance Court and Balcony, a 100-year-old hall with massive skylights. Up to 120 guests can enjoy dinner, fine art, and dancing in this unique venue for a mid to high price, and it is approximately an hour bus ride from Boston.

8. Plimoth Plantation

Distance: 1h Bus Ride from Boston

You can’t change history, but it can change you! Experience a personal encounter on your special day. Photo courtesy of Plimoth Plantation.

For the history-loving bride, Plimoth Plantation offers a location steeped in the culture of the 17th century Wampanoag and Colonial English communities. Host a quiet intimate ceremony in the Hornblower Garden or a grand celebration in the Peabody Pavilion, Gainsborough Hall, or Accomack Room. Plimoth Plantation accommodates up to 250 guests, its cost is mid range, and it is about one hour outside of Boston.

9. Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park

Distance: 1h15min Bus Ride from Boston

Named for the home of Aeolus, the Greek God of the winds, Eolia Mansion has 230 waterfront acres of manicured lawns, shade trees, and Wisteria vines. The main structure is a 42 room 1906 Italianate mansion decorated with class and sophistication. A pergola and amphitheatre adorn the grounds, allowing for outdoor ceremonies, receptions, and cocktails. Eolia Mansion can host 150 guests and is a little pricey, but the house’s prestige and award-winning landscaping justify the extra cost. From Boston, it’s a two-hour-and-fifteen-minute bus ride through the scenic New England countryside.

10. The Starting Gate at Greathorse Golf Club

Distance: 2h Bus Ride from Boston

Visit the Starting Gate by renting a charter bus.
The Starting Gate is the perfect starting point for a lovely wedding. It offers a divine expansive deck and a picturesque garden. Photo courtesy of Starting Gate. 

The grand ballroom of the Starting Gate at Greathorse Golf Club provides a lovely vantage point to view the famous sunsets of New England. With its cedar beams, twinkling chandeliers, and large stone fireplace, the ballroom captures the August feeling of getting married at a country club. There are several patios and gazebos where guests can mingle for cocktails or catch a breath of cool evening air. With a maximum capacity of 300, the Starting Gate accommodates larger weddings, and is relatively affordable for its size. It is just under two hours from Boston’s city centre.

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