Guide to Boston Wedding Bus Rentals

There’s nothing quite like a Boston wedding. Boston is remarkable not only in its architecture, but also in its warm and friendly atmosphere. There’s a reason that people travel from all over to hold their wedding ceremonies in this popular New England city! If you’re planning on saying your vows in or around Boston, get ready for an event that will be talked about for years to come.

But with every great event comes great planning. While you likely have a million things on your to-do list, we’re here to help you tackle one of the biggest (and often, left until the last minute) tasks: organizing group transportation for your wedding. Renting a charter bus for your Boston wedding will handle how guests are shuttled around on your wedding day and ultimately make your life so much easier.

Do you need a bus for your Boston wedding?

Absolutely! There are tons of perks to renting a bus for your wedding day. For one, this keeps the group together on one vehicle. You wouldn’t believe the horror stories we’ve heard about guests getting lost on their way to wedding ceremonies. Keep everyone together, and keep everyone happy. Plus this way, the party never stops – even while you’re on the road!

Additionally, if you have guests flying in from out of town, renting a bus to pick them up from Logan International Airport is a perfect way to roll out a warm welcome. You’ll be saving them the hassle of either renting their own personal cars for the weekend or tracking down an expensive cab or Uber. They’ve already dished out enough for their flights, so a bus ride to and from your wedding locations would be beyond appreciated!

Boston wedding shuttle bus rentals are the perfect way to transport guests on your big day.

Then there’s the question of where you’re going to hold your actual ceremony. Be it in downtown Boston or outside the city limits, simplify your guests’ (and your!) experience by facilitating their wedding day commute ahead of time. Besides, we all have that one aunt who’ll get into the champagne before the drive to reception! Simultaneously take care of everyone’s transportation and safety by renting a bus.

How far in advance should you book Boston wedding transportation?

To put it bluntly, as far in advance as possible. The sooner you have your wedding venues (ceremony, reception, hotels, etc.) planned out, the sooner you can map out your wedding day route itinerary and book your bus. The longer you wait to book your bus, the bigger your chances are that bus availability has dwindled. You only want the best for your wedding day, and planning as far ahead as possible is the most surefire way of securing your first choice of wedding bus rental.

When is the best time of year to get married in Boston?

Getting married in Boston has different advantages depending on the time of year you hold your ceremony. For example, there is nothing more picturesque than saying “I do” at the Nahant Country Club Estate in front of all your family and friends on a breezy summer day. Boston weather conditions are agreeable throughout most of the year, so the only thing you’d really want to take into consideration is avoiding the busy tourist season.

Like most big cities, Boston is flooded with tourists from May to October, and especially so during the summertime. Roads become more hectic, restaurants are packed, and it generally becomes more difficult to get around town without running into some kind of traffic. Stay away from peak tourist season, and you’re in the clear.

Rent a shuttle bus for your Boston wedding guests.

Something else to keep in mind is that New England winters are beyond chilly, to say the least. If you’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding, sporting a (faux) fur coat over your wedding attire, then great! Otherwise, we recommend sticking to a summer, spring, or fall setting to hold your nuptials.

How much should a Boston charter bus cost?

Bus prices range depending on the model and the amount of people onboard. A school bus is always a safe bet, able to accommodate up to 47 passengers at an affordable rate of $81/hr. School buses also make for a fun backdrop in wedding photos. If you’re opting for a smaller wedding, a minibus holds up to 21 passengers and goes for $98/hr. For larger weddings, coach buses seat up to 55 passengers and costs $115/hr.

Take a bus to your photoshoot locations.

There’s no denying that your wedding day will likely be a little hectic. Part of that frenzy can be accredited to driving to all of your desired photoshoot locations to capture your first moments as newlyweds. Chances are, you probably want to take pictures at more than just your ceremony or reception venues. Whether you take photos in front of the Boston Opera House, or Fenway Park if you’re a RedSox fan, renting a charter bus is your best option for zooming around town before getting back to the party.

The best way to transport your Boston wedding guests is by renting a shuttle bus.

Plan wedding shuttles to get to remote venues.

We’re all pretty familiar with the appeal of Central Boston, but the small towns surrounding it are equally as charming as the metropolis is vibrant. A city wedding is a popular idea, but getting married in one of the small towns surrounding Boston is arguably a more romantic prospect. Keep in mind that these locations are a ways away from the city, so renting a bus is the easiest way to get everyone to your wedding safely, comfortably, and on-time.

Nahant Country Club Estate

If you’re dreaming of a white picket fence wedding, look no further than Nahant Country Club Estate. This estate was built in the 1800s and is just a short 30 minute drive from Boston, in Nahant, MA. It’s the ultimate setting for a quaint, yet glamorous, backyard mansion ceremony.

Rent a wedding shuttle bus to get guests to remote Boston wedding venues.
Credit: Nahant Country Club Estate

The Barker Tavern

50 minutes from Boston, The Barker Tavern wedding venue is a crossover of rustic charm and modern elegance. Situated halfway between Boston and Cape Cod, it’s the perfect setting for a coastal wedding. Decorate the space with billowing white drapes and watch them sprawl from the high ceilings and exposed wooden beams that criss-cross overhead the hall.

Remote Boston wedding destinations to get to by shuttle bus rental.
Credit: Barker Tavern

Harrington Farm

Built in 1763, this 60-acre estate is a versatile space with a modern-vintage aesthetic and is only an 80 minute drive from the city. Whatever your vision is for your wedding, Harrington Farm is the ultimate spot to host a lively summer soiree or a fireside ceremony for your perfect day.

Rent a wedding shuttle bus to remote Boston venues.
Credit: Harrington Farm

Saphire Estate

From its ocean view to its romantic courtyard, Saphire Estate is a dream seaside venue for any couple to tie the knot. Its stunning manor exemplifies the quintessential New England charm that so many Boston couples seek for their wedding venue. Only a 45 minute drive from Boston, this could be the gem of a venue that you’ve been searching for.

Transport guests to your remote Boston wedding venue in a shuttle bus rental.
Credit: Saphire Estate

Let guests know about your wedding bus.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Advertise the fact that you’ve rented a bus to charter your guests around on your special day. Make sure to post it to your personal wedding website, on your RSVPs, and on social media. Or just tell your family and friends in person, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Make sure everything runs smoothly the day of your wedding.

Don’t have a wedding coordinator? Forward your itinerary to someone in your bridal party. Rumour has it that that’s what Maid of Honours were made for!