NYC Student Bus Rentals

Navigating New York City with student groups can be challenging even for the most seasoned group-trip pro. We’re here to make sure your trip to — and through — the concrete jungle goes off without a hitch, with safe, reliable transportation, perfectly tailored to your group’s needs. Our vehicles range from the budget-friendly school bus and minibus (perfect for shorter trips and for shuttling students around the city) to the deluxe coach bus and mini coach bus (which offer maximum comfort and a variety of amenities for longer trips). And, with our online booking tool and 24/7 trip support, you can rest easy — at least as easy as a bunch of kids will let you!

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NYC Field Trip Bus Rentals for K-12

New York boasts some of the most impressive museums on the planet. And since it’s hard enough to herd kids at a museum, you can herd them there by charter bus. Safer than the subway, more reliable, and easy as A-B-C to book!

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The Museum of Modern Art (or MoMA) is the cornerstone of the NYC art world, with a sweeping collection of over 200,000 works. While older students may enjoy perusing the exhibits at their leisure, there are loads of interactive activities for kids of all ages, such as Tours for Tweens, and Family Films.


Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019
Phone: +1 212-708-9400

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met offers a more historical art experience, with collections from throughout the last 5,000 years, spanning all types of art, from print, to sculpture, to costumes. There is a host of classes for kids of all ages to learn about art while creating their own, and students aged 13-18 can drop in after hours for Teens Take the Met!


Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
Phone: +1 212-535-7710

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim houses an extensive collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern, and contemporary works, and also features additional curated exhibits throughout the year. The building itself, designed by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is often hailed as one of the most important architectural achievements of the 20th century.


Address: 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128
Phone: +1 212-423-3500

The Lincoln Center

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Lincoln Center is sprawling 16-acre performing arts complex that contains thirty indoor and outdoor facilities, and hosts 5 million visitors every year. It’s also home to multiple internationally renowned organizations, including the New York Philharmonic, the New York City Ballet, and the Metropolitan Opera, making it one of the world’s preeminent venues for the performing arts.


Address: Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023
Phone: +1 212-875-5456

The American Museum of Natural History

The largest natural history museum in the world, the American Museum of Natural History collections include over 33 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts! Located in Theodore Roosevelt Park, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the museum hosts educational programs, camps, and classes for students from pre-K to Grade-12.


Address: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024
Phone: +1 212-769-5100

Brooklyn Museum

The third-largest museum in NYC, the Brooklyn Museum specializes in American art from colonial times to the present, and houses over 1.5 million artworks and artifacts. The museum also has a substantial collection of European, African, Egyptian, Japanese, and Oceanic objects and works, and is home to the Memorial Sculpture Garden, which features salvaged architecture from NYC’s history.


Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: +1 718-638-5000

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Student bus rentals for field trips and campus tours.

NYC Campus Tour Bus Rentals

Whether your students are participating in New York City college campus tours, visiting for a competition or sporting event, or planning an all-out celebration for frosh week, can help plan a seamless tour with your own personal tour bus and driver so you can maximize your time, and keep your attention on your group, rather than on a city map.

New York University

One of the largest and most multicultural schools in the world, NYU offers a top-rate education in a competitive, progressive environment. Set against the backdrop of artsy Greenwich Village, it allows students to experience life as a Real New Yorker – and maybe bump into a few celebrities!


Address: 27 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012
Phone: +1 212-998-1212

Columbia University

With its stately buildings and Ancient-Grecian feel, Columbia University will make you feel like you’re at the birthplace of education,. Spanning six city blocks, it’s almost a city unto itself. And while it is a mecca for students interested in Law, Medicine, and Journalism, any visitor or prospective student will find inspiration in this Ivy League colossus.


Address: 1130 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027
Phone: +1 212-854-2522

The Juilliard School

The most prestigious performing-arts school in the world, The Juilliard has produced some of the most renowned performers in modern history. Situated in Lincoln Square, it abuts NYC’s most famous performing arts venues, such as the Lincoln Center Theater, and the Metropolitan Opera House. The school itself offers hundreds of performances each year, most of which are open to the public.


Address: 60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023
Phone: +1 212-799-5000

Campus tour bus rentals

Spring Break in NYC

Since we’re pretty sure no one gets any sleep on Spring Break anyway, why not visit the City that Never Sleeps! Explore budget-friendly (read: free) options like walking the Brooklyn Bridge or the High Line in Manhattan, a selfie sesh in Times Square, or a picnic in Central Park.


There are plenty of mid-range activities, as well, that’ll keep students of all ages enthralled, such as a visit to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building, or a jaunt to Ellis Island to climb Lady Liberty. Finally, if your budget allows, go all out with a Broadway show, or a [insert one of 25 pro sports teams] game! In the words of noted New Yorker Alicia Keys, there’s nothing you can’t do — especially when you’ve got personalized transportation and a custom-built itinerary helping you get the most out of every minute.

Spring break charter bus rentals.

NYC Ski Trip Bus Rentals

For those looking to hit the slopes, there are plenty of hills a short drive away from NYC, including Hunter Mountain, Stowe Mountain Resort, and Thunder Ridge Ski Area. Each offers world-class facilities for every level of skier or snowboarder, from bunny hill to black diamond.


While your students may find themselves scattered all over the resort, the bus ride to and from the hill presents a great opportunity for some group bonding time, during which lifelong friendships are formed, and lasting memories are created. We’ll help you find the perfect bus to get your group there safely, comfortably, and within budget.

Ski trip charter bus rentals

NYC Sports Rally Bus Rentals

Take your school spirit on the road! With its sheer abundance of schools, NYC is host to thousands of high-school and college-level sports games every year. An away game in New York is the perfect opportunity to gather your school’s biggest and loudest sports fans and show the Big Apple that you’re no small potatoes.


Chartering a bus with allows your group to travel together, so they can practice their cheers and their jeers (for the home team, of course), paint their faces, and get pumped for the big win. And, if your school is the go-big-or-go-home type, you can even get a custom wrap for your bus with the team’s colors and logo. Hey, in a city of 8 million, you’ve got to stand out somehow!

College sports rally bus rentals.

NYC Student Conferences

Boasting over 100 colleges and universities, NYC is home to a number of student conferences each year. Those in charge of organizing student transportation to conferences might consider chartering a bus, rather than flying or ridesharing.


A charter bus allows you to avoid the hassle and long wait times air travel is famous for. The bus also operates on your schedule, so your students can be sure to arrive in New York relaxed and ready to exchange ideas with the best and the brightest in their fields.


And, not only is chartering a bus a safer option than ridesharing, it allows students to focus on the conference ahead rather than on the road, and offers a comfortable environment in which to work, or simply catch up on some sleep. We can also help you easily organize shuttle transportation to and from your group’s hotel, or a looping shuttle service between conference venues.

Student and academic conference charter bus rentals.

Student Job Fairs in NYC

One of the last stops in the journey of a student is the job fair. And a  NYC career fair is bound to be teeming with recruiters from the most sought-after companies in any industry. In other words, it’s not to be missed.


The best shot students have at landing a job and kick starting their careers in the biggest, most exciting market in the world is to be prepared. And one way you can help with that is by booking door-to-door transportation in a spacious, comfortable, work-friendly (hello WiFi) vehicle.


Students can read up on recruiters and practice their pitches on the road, without having to worry about traffic, road conditions, flight connections, or any other factors that tend to make travel unpleasant. Plus, chartering a bus means that your group members are the only passengers on board, which in turn means fewer distractions and more focus — and once students have nailed their interviews, a heck of a fun time on the way back!

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School bus

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Minibus rental
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