New York City Guide to Bus Rentals for Corporate Event Venues

Planning a large corporate event is a feat of organization and collaboration. is here to support your conference, trade show, off-site, or product launch by handling the ground transportation. Avoid the notorious NYC traffic and parking hassles, keep everyone together, and stay on schedule with a New York City charter bus. You can even customize your bus to create a complete branded experience for your attendees. This guide provides tips for renting a bus for corporate events, and suggests a few of the most impressive venues in the Big Apple.

Do you need a charter bus to get to your NYC corporate event venue?

Depending on the size of your event, the answer to this question is either yes, or definitely yes. If you’re holding a small scale event like an offsite meeting or team-building exercise, rent a mini coach bus to transport your colleagues from the office to the venue. If you’re planning a trade show, conference, product launch, or company-wide holiday party, you’ll need coach buses for a shuttle service. You can even charter a bus to pick up out-of-town attendees from JFK or LaGuardia. Renting a bus in New York lets you avoid the traffic, keep everyone together, stop attendees from getting lost, and do all that economically.

How far in advance should you book your transportation to and from your New York corporate event venue?

It’s really important that you book your NYC charter bus as early as possible. Bus availability tends to decrease as departure dates approach. As a result, price surges occur. To get the best price for your New York City charter bus, book at least six months in advance. If your budget doesn’t allow for immediate full payment, don’t worry. has a policy that accommodates that concern. Our Book Now, Pay Later option allows you to accept a quote early, then wait to pay until 21 days before departure.

NYC charter bus rentals for corporate events.

How much should a NYC charter bus cost?

The largest portion of an NYC charter bus cost is the driver’s time, so the most significant price determinate is the length of time you’ll require the bus. Note: The driver’s time includes deadhead, which is the time it takes your driver to get from the bus depot to your pickup point. The type of bus you choose also contributes to the price. A minibus, for instance, costs about $100 per hour, while a coach bus costs around $115 per hour. You’ll notice that that price difference isn’t vast, especially since the coach bus transports twice as many passengers. For more examples of bus costs, view out our Guide to Choosing a Bus Type.

How many buses will I need to transport all attendees to my NYC corporate event?

Again, this depends on the size of your group. You can rent a minibus to transport 20 people to a small luncheon, or several coach buses to run shuttle service for a conference. Coach buses hold up to 55 people. They can also be equipped with air conditioning—absolutely essential for summer transportation of people in suits. You may also want to consider renting more than one bus to maximize expediency of shuttle service, even if every bus isn’t full. It all depends on your priorities, schedule, budget, and guest list. Ask a booking specialist to help create a customized itinerary for your event.

If you find yourself orchestrating a corporate event, the comfort of your team members is of upmost importance. You can keep small groups happy by putting them in a luxury sprinter van. A sprinter van is a type of passenger van with room for up to 15 travelers. is happy to offer sprinter van rentals.

Which NYC event venue is best for me?

One World Observatory, Manhattan

Inspire your attendees with a 360° view of Manhattan. One World Observatory is located on the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center. Through its floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can enjoy a view of countless Fortune 500 companies. It’s sleek and modern in decor, and will impress up to 300 attendees. Host a small conference, a VIP networking event, or product launch, and transport your guests from their hotels to the venue in a luxury coach bus.

NYC charter bus rentals to One World Observatory.
Credit: One World Observatory

Hudson Mercantile, Manhattan

In the heart of the Hudson Yard District of Manhattan stands the Hudson Mercantile. It offers three venues including a rooftop terrace with a view of the iconic red New Yorker sign. The design is very minimal and can be adapted for any event, from fashion shows to holiday parties. Hudson Mercantile’s seated capacity is 300. That many people can be transported on six coach buses, or three on a rotation.

NYC charter bus rentals to the Hudson Mercantile.
Credit: The Kagency

The Albra Room at The Foundry, Long Island City

The Albra Room features classic Tuscan architecture that is subtle enough to appeal to the modern sensibilities of New Yorkers. Its vaulted glass ceiling provides incredible natural life, making it perfect for daytime affairs like luncheons and small parties. The capacity is 70 people, a number easily serviced by two NYC coach buses.

NYC charter bus rentals to the Albra Room at the Foundry.
Credit: The Albra Room

Gramercy Terrace at Gramercy Hotel, Manhattan

The Gramercy Terrace, located on the 18th floor of the Gramercy hotel, offers a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. The rooftop terrace can be used year-round and in all weathers, as its retractable roof lets you enjoy sunny July afternoons and snowy December evenings. The Gramercy is good for smaller events of 20 seated guests. Transport a party of VIPs from their hotel in a comfortable mini coach bus.

NYC charter bus rentals to Gramercy Terrace.
Credit: Pinterest

The Liberty Warehouse, Brooklyn

Located by the water of the New York Harbor, the Liberty Warehouse is a gorgeous venue with a view of the Statue of Liberty. It’s neighborhood, Red Hook Brooklyn, is famous for shipping yards, distilleries, and A-list celebrities. The likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce have been sighted traversing the Red Hook streets on their way to the Liberty Warehouse. The venue is best known for its prime location, delicious food, and breathtaking views. It also hosts weddings, so keep this venue in your pocket for a special day outside of the corporate world.

NYC charter bus rentals to the Liberty Warehouse.
Credit: Varuna Jithesh

Tavern on the Green, Manhattan

Built in the 1880s as a fold for the sheep that once grazed in Central Park, the building that houses Tavern on the Green is an essential must-see for out-of-town colleagues. The restaurant itself is an NYC staple, so give your attendees an authentic New York experience with a seated dinner. The decor, which incorporates some of the original wood panel, is versatile and can be attuned to ornate or subdued tastes. With a variety of rooms at your disposal, Tavern on the Green’s capacity is anywhere from 50 to 750 people. Talk to a booking specialist to get the right shuttle bus service for your group.

NYC charter bus rentals to Tavern on the Green.
Credit: NY Eater

The Beekman, Manhattan

Create a moment to remember by launching confetti from the top tier of the Beekman’s event space. Celebrate a product launch, achievement, or announcement with your entire company. Once known as Temple Court, the building was first constructed in the 1800s. It was a law office at the time and has since transformed into a hotel that mixes old features with modern design. The Beekman offers several spaces as well as luxury hotel rooms to accommodate your VIPs.

NYC charter bus rentals to the Beekman.
Credit: Robb Report

Can I customize my bus for my corporate event?

Yes! Bus renters have the option of wrapping their bus to match the theme of their event, or emblazon their company logo along the side of their bus rental. Place a simple decal on the side of your bus, or do a full wrap in a creative design that doubles as a moving billboard for your business. Check out this blog post for bus wrap inspiration. Limitations are few, so let your marketing department go wild.