Organizing Student Transportation to Job Fairs

College is of the most intense and immersive experiences in a person’s life, and when the end looms ahead, many students can be left with the daunting question of “now what?”

Job Fairs are a good way to bridge the gap between college life and the so-called ‘real world’ — i.e. the one where you get paid to use what you’ve learned! Before you enter the ‘real world, though, you and  your classmates can put your best foot forward by organizing a safe, budget-friendly, and stress-free transportation to job fairs within driving distance of campus.

Booking Group Bus Transportation

Booking reliable, comfortable transportation for students is as easy as saying “you’re hired!” All you really need to know is how far you’re going, how many you’ll be, and which amenities you can’t do without. 

If your destination is less than 3 hours away, a school bus might be the way to go. Low on bells and whistles, this mellow yellow ride is not only the most budget friendly option, it’s also a great space for students to interact, whether they’re into playing games or want to practice their elevator pitches.

The minibus is similar in design to the school bus, with fewer seats, of course. Don’t forget to reserve a couple of rows for luggage. Keep in mind, also, that neither the minibuses or school buses have a restroom, so you may have to plan ahead for pit stops.

Travelling a bit farther? Consider booking a coach bus. With perks like reclining leather seats, Wifi, and an onboard restroom, the coach is like a living room on wheels. Students can work on their phones or laptops, researching potential employers or updating LinkedIn, then chill out with a movie, or do what students do best: nap. 

The mini coach bus is perfect for smaller groups that also want to travel in style. With all the amenities of the full-size coach minus the restroom, your students will arrive at their destination rested and ready to network!

If you’re on the fence about whether to go bare-bones or go all out, consider this: prices don’t vary that much between bus types, as the cost goes mainly toward paying the driver. Plus, with’s Book Now, Pay Later feature, there’s plenty of time for your group to raise the funds necessary to cover even the most luxe bus rental.

Want to know just how much you’ll need to raise? Get a commitment-free quote here!

Booking Accommodations

The sheer number of hotels out there can be daunting: how do you know you’re getting the best deal? Luckily, a number of hotel chains are accustomed to catering to large groups, and even offer special group and student rates. Plus, they’re no strangers to a little post-event partying. 

Check out our guide to the best hotels for groups for an overview of what’s out there.

There’s a decent chance that the city hosting the job fair is also home to many of the companies in attendance. Give your students a glimpse of life as a local by booking accommodations on AirBnb. You can find them all over town, as opposed to the more centrally-located hotels. Book one large rental for your entire group, or two or three in the same neighbourhood, and arrange your bus pickup at a nearby pickup point.

Make Sure Your Group is Prepared

The great thing about chartering a bus to your job fair is that it gives you loads of time for last-minute prepping. There are, however, many things your group members can do in advance to ensure that they leave a good impression, and to bring them that much closer to landing their dream job.

Research, research, research: A list of companies registered for the event is usually available on the fair’s website, so students can glean as much info as they can about their top picks, and subsequently knock their socks off at the interview.

Look the part : Not only is it important to dress appropriately (we say business casual is the bare minimum), non-verbal communication can make or break your interview. Eye contact and a firm handshake are essential, and don’t fidget or chew gum!

Prepare and practice: Students don’t generally get more than 2-5 minutes of face time with each recruiter, so it’s important to make those minutes count. It’s a good idea to have an elevator pitch memorized, detailing your skills, goals, and accomplishments. Be sure to familiarize yourself with typical interview questions, and prepare a few questions of your own, as well.

Save the best for last: Or at least don’t start with your number one pick. Each recruiter you meet with can double as a practice run for your dream job interview.

Follow up: Surprisingly, most candidates don’t follow up at all, so this is an easy way for your students to put themselves ahead of the pack. The return bus trip is the perfect time to send thank you notes to recruiters. Don’t forget to get contact info or business cards!

Hit the Town with Your Bus Rental

Job fairs can be stressful, so you might want to plan some fun activities to allow your group to decompress afterward. And, with this potentially being the last event your group attends together, there’s added incentive to make it a memorable one! To help you plan your last hurrah, we’ve put together a short list of sights to see and things to do in a few of North America’s biggest cities. 

Los Angeles: We’ve all heard horror stories about L.A. traffic, so save yourself some headaches by chartering a bus, and spend that time taking in the scenery or playing spot-the-celebrity! See the Hollywood sign from all kinds of vantage points, then take a stroll on the, well, famous Walk of Fame. Spend the afternoon playing classic midway games at the Santa Monica Pier, or soak up the sun on the miles of white sand beach adjacent to it. Finally, immerse yourselves in your favourite fictional worlds with an interactive tour of Universal Studios!

Montreal: Say Bonjour/Hi to the city of festivals! Place des Arts is an enormous indoor-outdoor space that is home to dozens of music and art festivals throughout the year. It also has tons of fun installations that come and go, such as giant light-up swings and see-saws. A walk through the cobblestone streets of the Old Port is a must, and a bike ride along the Lachine Canal will lead you to an insta-worthy view of the iconic Five Roses sign. You’ll also want to book a bus to Mont-Royal to check out the magnificent St-Joseph Oratory, and take in the panoramic view of La Métropole du Québec at the lookout!

New York: The dizzying lights and bustling streets of Times Square are even more impressive in real life than in the movies — with just a touch remaining of that old New York grit. The view of Manhattan from the top of the Empire State Building is one of epic – you might even say King-Kong-like – proportions, and is pretty surreal on a clear day. Check out the thousands of ancient artifacts and classic art pieces at the Met Museum, which happens to be right next to Central Park, if you’re looking to escape the concrete jungle for an hour or two. And, if you’re willing to wait in line for a bit, you can score some great deals on Student Rush tickets to a Broadway show!

San Francisco: Known as the “crookedest street in the world”, Lombard Street is a winding brick road and breathtaking gardens on either side, and definitely worth the trip. Check out the Painted Ladies nearby, too, the famous rows of Victorian houses that have appeared in some of your fave movies and TV shows! Do some shopping and enjoy fresh seafood while watching sea lions sunbathe at Pier 39, the hit up the Ice Cream Museum for dessert! Take a sunset tour of Alcatraz Island before heading to the oldest Chinatown in America for dinner and cocktails.

Toronto: A visit to the 6ix has to start with the CN Tower! Take the glass elevator to the top of what was until recently the tallest freestanding structure in the world, and take in the awe-inspiring view of the city and Lake Ontario. The daredevils in your group can even walk the outer perimeter! You might need to calm your nerves with a drink in the Distillery District afterward. Here, ramshackle old factories have been completely refurbished to welcome a thriving arts community. If you’re looking for more thrills, Canada’s Wonderland has got ‘em all, including the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada! Or, if you’d rather explore your wild side, the Toronto Zoo has one of the most diverse collection of animals in the world, and is a champion of wildlife preservation and conservation education.

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