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San Francisco corporate events

San Francisco is a tech mecca, but also holds onto roots in the financial and retail sectors. All in all, it’s one of America’s most booming corporate engines. For your San Francisco-based company or team, the list of business conferences and corporate events that may be of interest to your employees is long. Let’s start with these four.


One of the world’s largest product-centric conferences draws on its proximity to Silicon Valley to rope in professionals from the tech industry’s leading companies, such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook. A packed schedule features talks from some of the top engineers and executives from established companies like Shopify, Adobe, Dropbox, along with up-and-comers like Cleo and Winnie. ProductWorld attendees include more than 1,500 managers and developers, and its February date coincides with DeveloperWeek, which brings in 8,000 more professionals each year.


Dreamforce is Salesforce’s weeklong community gathering, taking place in November and bringing together professionals from all industries, in varying roles, and no matter the company size, all in the name of cloud-based fun. They consider it a reunion of their partners, customers, and employees, whom you’ll encounter at one of the many sessions you’ll join. Learning opportunities include: “Get to Know Tableau in Depth”, “Build a Customized Sales Path To Move Deals Forward”, and “Master the Fundamentals of Mobile Design”.


Cybersecurity professionals and industry leaders descend on San Francisco in February to learn, grow, and network through in-depth sessions and keynotes. The 2020 event is themed “Human Element”, focusing on people — their ideas, creativity, and knowledge — as the most powerful way to prevent attacks. But RSA doesn’t forget about fun. The conference agenda sprinkles in a Pub Crawl format networking event and an After Hours mixer to cap off daily programming.

Game Developers Conference

The gaming industry converges on San Fran’s Moscone Center for an entire week in March, giving programmers, designers, producers, and visual artists a forum to learn, discuss, and bond over their craft. Summits cover all areas of gaming, including the business and marketing behind it, virtual and augmented reality, board game design, and esports.

San Francisco team building events

It’s a headquarters for headquarters, yes, but SF sports some of the coolest, edgiest companies to work for in North America, leading the way when it comes to corporate culture and employee satisfaction. San Francisco team building events are an important ingredient in the overall “cool factor” of your company. Here are some ideas.

Museum Hack

San Francisco’s Museum Hack takes aim on “museum haters” and nearly guarantees to change their minds by the time they leave. This reimagined look at the traditional museum tour may include witty humour and curse words, will definitely include something you didn’t expect to see, and can be fully customized for your corporate group. Whether you’re in need of an ice breaker or a team builder, Museum Hack is ready to optimize your experience.


You’ve probably never considered the performance arts as a way to bring your team together — well, think again. Leela’s corporate improv training won’t just provide some laughs for participants. The lessons learned in their classes can teach players to support one another in a judgment-free space, leaving them with improved communication and decision-making skills to take back to the office. Plus, yes, it’s pretty fun.

Kitchen Face-Off

Are you the employee that draws jealous eyes and perked-up noses at lunchtime with your homemade delicacies? This one’s for you. Kitchen Face-Off is a team-building activity led by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef named Chef Phoebe. She breaks your group into teams, arms you with fresh ingredients, and lets you put your cooking skills to the test. She’ll evaluate the finished products, but everyone’s a winner when it’s time to sit down and sample your creations.

Clay by the Bay

Pottery is a classic team-building event, and this creative arts studio gets the juices flowing every time. This activity encourages participants to step out from behind their screens, focus their attention, and get their hands dirty — literally. Each potter will finish the session with a new piece to add to their collection. Plus, at Clay by the Bay, it’s BYOB.

SF Mixology

Take your team’s happy hour to the next level at SF Mixology. Shake, stir, and pour along with professional bartenders as they teach you the basics of drink-making. You can even turn your outing into a cocktail competition with teams aiming to concoct the best mixed drink they can imagine, give it a name, and nail the presentation.

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