7 San Francisco Team Building Activity Ideas

San Francisco is renowned for many things – rolling hills, romantic streetcars, foggy bays, and that really great bridge. But most importantly, the Bay Area is know for the burgeoning tech industry in nearby Silicon Valley. Whether you’re talking about tech startups or software giants, this is the place where things happen.

When it comes to disrupting industries with creative tech, though, all work and no play makes Zuck a dull boy. And that’s something that San Francisco gets, too.

Team dynamics are essential to any competitive company because hard work on tight deadlines does not always make a happy team. Under stress, It’s easy to lose that cooperative cohesion that makes every team great.

This is why there are so many fun and great team building activity options throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. Whether your company is big or small, renting a charter or minibus in San Francisco is the easiest (and safest) way to make sure that every member of your team gets to and from that team building experience without any hassles.

If you are traveling in a small team, then it might make more sense to rent a sprinter van than a charter bus. A sprinter van is a compact but comfortable passenger vehicle for up to 15 travelers. Bus.com proudly offers luxury sprinter van rentals in San Francisco.

Here are just some the exciting team building activities that San Francisco has to offer – all easily accessible from the city centre!

1. Beyond Escape

Try an escape room by renting a charter bus.

With the tagline of ‘What’s behind the door?’, Beyond Escape introduces you to the infamous ‘escape room’ concept. This is a physical adventure and group problem solving game where a group is ‘trapped’ in a room, and must work together to solve various puzzles and challenges to get out (or to reach ‘the solution’). It’s always a group effort, always different, and always fun. Beyond Escape also offers Trapped in a Room with a Zombie and Trapped in the Circus, with different experience levels, to let you personalize it around your team’s needs.

2. Mr. Treasure Hunt

Photo Courtesy to Mr. Treasure Hunt

Operating in numerous locations and venues throughout San Francisco/Bay Area, including the Museum of Modern Art, Chinatown, and Golden Gate Park, Mr. Treasure Hunt  is a group-oriented treasure hunt involving everything from maneuvering to taking selfies. Every group must follow a set of clues, each bringing them to cool new locations, towards an end solution of some sort – all the while being encouraged to take group photos on the way!

3. Lazer Quest

How I met your mother never lies! Take on this challenge by renting a charter bus.

An extremely cool (and almost legendary) adventure game of strategy and alliances, Lazer Quest places you in a maze-like environment  of dark lights and obstacles, where groups are pitted against each other in a laser shootout showdown. It is physically demanding, but a guaranteed to be good time that brings the members of your group closer than every!

4.The Go Game

Team Building isn't always boring! Experience the The Go Game by renting a charter bus.

There are different versions of The Go Game, but the one suggested here is The Outdoor Movie Game. Slightly elaborate but totally worth it, this game begins with an introduction of genre and theme from your Game Producer (company provided), and ends with you creating and a film. You are guided along this path by said producer but the end results are completely based on the team’s choices and methods of cooperation.

And in the end, you get a chance to screen the film you created. Great for creative brainstorming and a general good time!

5. 1:AM

Photo Courtesy to 1:AM.

Feeling a bit edgy and have a team that has a thing for art and culture? 1:AM offers comprehensive and interactive workshops on the history of street art and graffiti with an emphasis on the power of community and working together to unleash your powers of creative thinking. By the way, the company’s name is a play on words, not a suggestion of when you should go, so this is still an all friendly and kinda edgy option for connecting the members of your team in a fun and original way!

6. House of Air

Try House Of Air by renting a charter bus.

A self-defined adrenaline park, House of Air is perfect for blowing off some critical steam just after meeting a tough deadline. Their athletic and recreational facilities offer open trampoline jump time, aerial and physical training on trampolines, trampoline dodgeball, trampoline basketball dunk zone, rock climbing, fitness classes, and even ninja obstacle courses. Because sometimes the best way to team build is to have a great time together letting it all out mid-air.

7. Captain Kirk’s Sailing

Photo Courtesy to Captain Kirk’s Sailing.

Yes, you read that right. For any who have not been sailing, Captain Kirk’s is as much of a challenge as it is a group effort. Similar to any workplace, no one person can domineer the boat and succeed; shipmates are necessary. With all the appropriate guffaws and analogies, Kirk’s Sailing teaches your team how to learn something new that makes working together a necessity. Plus, you’re on the water so that is quite nice for everyone as well.

 No I in Team

Get your team building experience by renting a charter bus.

When it comes to getting out of the office and building a strong team culture, San Francisco has no shortage of fun and interesting options. And, with so many bus types to choose from you’re sure to find a vehicle that twill fit your whole team, for a little extra bonding on the drive there.

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