4 Ways Shuttle Bus Service Can Improve the Trade Show Experience

As we start off 2023, trade shows in North America are almost back to their pre-pandemic capacities, and there’s a good reason why. Trade Shows are great to showcase your products, network with potential customers, and learn about new industry developments. However, one aspect that can often be overlooked by trade show organizers is the transportation needs of attendees. While most trade show organizers have affiliations with hotel or airport shuttle services, an exclusive shuttle for event attendees can offer a superior and reliable experience. 

Here are some reasons why trade show organizers should consider organizing an exclusive shuttle service for attendees:

Convenience of a shuttle bus service for trade show attendees

Providing shuttle services for attendees can make reaching the venue easier for attendees. This can be particularly beneficial for those traveling from out of town and unfamiliar with the local transportation options. For example, consider navigating the morning rush from JFK to the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. It can easily take more than an hour of driving or changing multiple public transit modes. The complexity of logistics only goes higher when you consider the large team of attendees trying to reach their booth space from the airport with promotional materials. By organizing shuttle services, trade show organizers can help attendees save time and hassle, and ensure that they arrive at the venue on time.

Cost-efficiency of shuttle bus service for trade shows

Organizing shuttle services can also be a cost-effective solution for attendees, particularly if they are coming from out of town and would otherwise have to pay for a rental car or taxi. Either option can be exhausting after already taking a flight, and needlessly unproductive for the attendees. By providing shuttle services, trade show organizers can help attendees save money and time on transportation costs, which can make the event more appealing to them. A customized shuttle service can also be in the interest of the trade show venue, reducing the need for large parking infrastructure, and hastening the check in for attendees. Additionally, trade show organizers can also customize their shuttle service by adding amenities such as Wifi to further improve the experience for attendees. 

Environmental benefits of shuttle bus service for trade shows

With the rising importance of sustainability, trade show organizers must consider the need to reduce the environmental impact of their event. 85% of all carbon emissions at a trade show can be traced back to visitor transportation based on a recent report published by SISO, UFI, IAEE, CEIR and other leading organizations from the event industry. An exclusive shuttle service can help cut down this number and help decongest the venue at the same time. It’s the easiest way for trade show organizers to help reduce the carbon footprint of the event. 

Improved safety and availability of transport

Providing shuttle services can also help improve the safety of attendees, particularly in the post-pandemic era. It can be easier to communicate safety protocols, critical information to all attendees while they’re reaching the show venue for example. A dedicated shuttle service can also ensure that trade show organizers have a greater say in the implementation of their safety and ADA policy – including cleaning of vehicles, distancing, and the use of ADA compliant vehicles. 

In conclusion, organizing shuttle services can enhance the event experience with seamless connectivity for the attendees. With the right transportation solution provider it’s also possible to use shuttle services to promote the event, ensuring greater visibility through custom wrapping of the buses. As the industry heads into 2023, trade shows have an opportunity to reset expectations and make reaching the venue an essential part of the experience for the attendees.


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