Coach Bus Rental Pricing Guide

So, you want to rent a coach bus and need to know the cost of a charter bus rental before pulling the trigger? If you’ve made it this far, you’re on the right track! For corporate outings, sports team travel, or large family trips, a charter bus rental can turn a trip that looks great on paper into an unforgettable memory. With a charter bus, your group has the vehicle to themselves and gets to customize the itinerary as much as they’d like. helps you make your travel dreams a reality.

We have several bus types, but when you want to ride in style, you go with the coach bus. Our most luxurious option is pricier than the others, but you get what you pay for. So what are you getting? Comfortable seats. Outlets and internet so you can work on the road. Enough storage for sports equipment or longer-stay sized suitcases. And large windows for peering out at the sights as you pass them by. Sounds pretty good. Now let’s talk money.

How Much Does a Charter Bus Cost?

The best way to determine the cost of a charter bus rental is to look at all of the factors that affect its pricing, including:

Where are You Headed?

One of the more straightforward factors in determining the charter bus cost is your destination. The further you travel, the more mileage you’ll rack up, and the more expensive the gas bill. It stands to reason that a bus trip across the country will cost a whole lot more than one to the next town over. The coach bus is designed for longer trips with more people, while a school bus or a minibus might be more cost-effective for shorter trips. The fuel cost is one of the most direct contributors to the final bill, but it’s not the only factor.

When are You Going?

Believe it or not, the average cost of a coach bus rental depends greatly on the time of year during which you travel — but it may not be for the reason you’re thinking. Yes, there are busier travel times than others and so the basic laws of supply and demand will surely play a role in your price. But one of the more unpredictable factors to consider is the price of gas. We already told you mileage equals money, but to what extent largely depends on the price of fuel at the time of your trip. Anyone that owns a car knows that gas prices fluctuate. Take a look at the going rate at the pump and the bus rental price will follow.

Where are You Stopping?

Ever heard the expression, life is about the journey, not the destination? It applies here too! Your coach bus rental cost is not just about where you end up, but where you stop along the way. We know, that’s pretty deep. But the explanation is simple: Your driver doesn’t punch out when you make a stop — they’re still on the clock. So the more stops included in your itinerary, the more you can expect to pay.

Who’s Driving?

Do you have a professional driver? Do you need more than one driver? Do you have to spring for a hotel for your driver? Different countries have different laws by which to abide, but the gist of it is that professional chauffeurs can’t drive forever, and they need to rest. It’s for their safety and yours.

Here are the country-specific regulations:

Regulated by: Motor Coach Canada Association
A driver can drive a maximum of 13 hours per day
On-duty time must not exceed 14 hours per day
Off-duty time must reach a minimum of 10 hours in a 24 hour day

United States
Regulated by: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
A driver can drive a maximum of 10 hours per day
On-duty time must not exceed 15 hours per day
Off-duty time must reach a minimum of 8 consecutive hours

Which Bus are You Riding?

What is the cost of a bus rental? That depends! There are different price points for each of the four main bus types, each with their own unique features. While the factors described in this article determine the final price, the average cost of a coach bus rental ranges from $600 to $1200 per day. Of course, this may also depend on the bus model that you choose. offers four different coach bus models: With a coach, you’ll be getting top-end amenities like undercarriage storage, wifi, and an on-board bathroom. For the most accurate outlook on price, plan your trip online with our easy-to-use booking wizard.

Ways To Save Money on a Bus Rental

Go Off Season

The Golden Rule: travel when others aren’t. But the “off season” might not be exactly what you think when it comes to bus rentals. Mid-summer, believe it or not, is a great time to travel by bus — it’s an easy time to take vacation from work and presents sunny weather, warm weather. But school’s out, and for the bus rental companies that means a lack of one of their biggest sources of revenue: field trips. So with demand lower, rental costs drop. Mid-winter, when colder weather typically dissuades road trips, is another time to take advantage of lower costs. Avoid the higher demand in the spring season.

Grow Your Squad

One key to bus travel is making sure you choose the right bus for the size of your group. We have vehicles for all group sizes, from 8-passenger sprinter vans to 50+ capacity coach buses. With a coach you can actually fit 55 people on board, so you’d be wise to get your party size as close to the ceiling as possible. When you divide your total cost equally among travellers, paying for empty seats is a waste. Your best bet for achieving cost savings is getting as near to that 55 number as you can.

Reduce On-Duty Time

Here’s something every trip organizer should understand: there’s a distinction between what’s known as “drive time” and what’s known as “on-duty time”. Drive time refers to only the time your motorist is behind the wheel. On-duty time on the other hand refers to the entire time a driver is working, though not necessarily always driving. This could include a lunch stop or a bathroom break. Remember, you’re still paying for your chauffeur’s services during those pauses. To cut costs, eliminate unnecessary stops and off-the-beaten path detours.

Last Word

With a better understanding of what goes into the average cost of a coach bus rental, you’re now equipped to head over to our online booking tool and reserve your vehicle. And with a few tips for lowering the number on your bill, you’re all set to plan that epic trip at a more reasonable price. Not only will you wow your travel party with the luxurious amenities of the coach bus, you’ll amaze them with an affordable dollar figure. Now that sounds like a win!

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