Choose the Right Bus for Your Trip

Whether you’re organizing or attending an event, you need to figure out your travel plans.  Buses are an affordable choice that can be easily customized to fit your trip needs. One of the benefits of renting a bus is all the options to choose from.

School Bus

Flashback to your childhood: vinyl seats, windows down, breeze flowing through, excitement in the air. The school bus is the quintessential means of transportation from our youth and your quick trip down memory lane. It’s also an economical option that’s best suited for local travel and small to mid-sized groups.

school bus

When Should You Rent a School Bus?

Thinking about traveling nearby and keeping it affordable? School buses are the way to go with average prices ranging from $350-$625 for 4 to 6 hours or $700-$1,100 for up to 12 hours, depending on city and day. Plus, if you need extra space for luggage, like some sports teams or festival goers do, you can always reserve a few seats in the back or front for all your equipment! Find out how much a school bus costs for your trip with our instant quote tool.

coach bus

Coach Bus

Designed for larger group travel and long distance excursions, coach buses provide more luggage space and extra comfort. They’re a popular option for various events ranging from music festivals, sports tournaments, and hackathons to conferences.

When Should You Rent a Coach Bus?

Long roads require maximum comfort (and safety!), and a coach bus will deliver on just that. The average cost of a coach bus varies between $595-$995 for 4 to 6 hours or $875-$1,495 for 10 to 12 hours based on city and day. With extra amenities available, such as bathroom, A/C, WiFi and DVD/TV, per your request, you can easily cater the travel experience to your passengers’ needs. Find out how much a coach bus costs for your trip with our instant quote tool.

Mini Coach Bus

Mini coach buses are ideal when you’re looking for an option that sits in between a coach bus and a mini bus. You’ll typically get most of the features of a coach bus (aside from a washroom), but with a smaller seating range.

mini coach bus

When Should You Rent a Mini Coach Bus?

If you’re moving less people, but traveling longer distances, a mini coach bus would sit well with you. Their average prices range from of $475 to $900 for 4 to 6 hours or $650 to $1,300 for 10 to 12 hours, based on city and day. Equipped with the same suspension system as a coach bus, you’ll remain comfortable for the ride, even with a smaller vehicle size! Find out how much a mini coach bus costs for your trip with our instant quote tool.

mini bus


Minibuses are perfect for moving smaller groups during short trips. They’re your best bet for local events requiring small shuttles like weddings, conferences, or corporate retreats.

When Should You Rent a Minibus?

If you need to shuttle small groups around on short distances, like airport pick-ups for wedding guests or hotel drop-offs during conferences, minibuses are a great option – especially when you are working with a smaller budget. Minibuses will usually cost on average around $450-$825 for 4 to 6 hours or $600-$1,300 for 10 to 12 hours, depending on city and day. Find out how much a minibus costs for your trip with our instant quote tool.

Party Bus

Whether it’s for a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, or birthday, go the extra mile with a party bus for your guests during those special occasions. Upscale amenities like entertainment system, prime leather seating, LED lighting, and ice coolers all come together to make it a night to remember!

party bus

When Should You Rent a Party Bus?

When you’re getting all decked out for a special event, the ride there should be as equally memorable. That’s when you pull out the party bus, which averages out at a price of $1,150-$1,400 for 4 to 6 hours, varying on city and day. Plus, a party bus can be easily personalized to fit your trip needs, so you can make sure that your guests are in for a good time! Find out how much a party bus costs for your trip with our instant quote tool.

Tips From Our Experts

Select the type of bus that makes the most sense for your trip and budget.

For long distance trips, we recommend booking a coach bus. They’re built with suspension that school buses don’t have. You’ll definitely be more comfortable for the ride!

Smaller buses aren’t significantly less expensive.

Mini coach buses cost less, but only by about 20%. Size makes almost no difference in pricing for school buses.

A big misconception in the industry is that smaller buses mean lower costs.

Actually, the biggest expense is the driver's time. And there’s always the same number of drivers!

Comparative Bus Chart

   Seating Bathroom A/C WiFi DVD/TV Storage
 School Bus  44, 48, or 52 seats No  Sometimes  No  No Rear storage
 Coach Bus  47, 55, 56, or 57 seats Yes   Yes  Can be added  Yes Below and above seats 

 Mini Coach Bus

29 to 37 seats

 No  Yes  Can be added  Yes Below and above seats
 Mini Bus  21, 24, 25, or 29 seats  No Yes  No  Sometimes Rear storage
 Party Bus 14, 18, 22, 24, or 30 seats  Sometimes Yes   Can be added  Yes No

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