Charter a bus rental to the Golden Gate Bridge

Make no mistake, no visit to San Francisco is complete without getting up close and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, there’s more than enough tours you and your group can take centred on this marvel of engineering, but those can cost more than an arm and a leg. Keep your costs down and your spirits up by planning your own trip with a chartered bus!

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Why charter a bus for the Golden Gate Bridge

Because the Golden Gate Bridge is a part of so many tour packages available in San Francisco, it can be difficult to decide on where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. The truth is that, with a Welcome Center located at the southern side of the structure, the easiest and more cost-effective way to visit is to plan your own trip with a chartered bus. The East Battery Lot, a two to three-minute walk from the Bridge Plaza, can meet your personalized bus’ needs.

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

As a structure that likes to take up a lot of space, the Golden Gate Bridge has tons of sightseeing attractions surrounding it. Plenty of time can be spent on its pedestrian walkways to get a view of the Pacific on a clear day or fog rolling into the Bay, but there are other nearby angles and perspectives to explore. The former U.S. Army airfield Crissy Field is one of several sprawling recreational areas to enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge, as is the sandy Baker Beach. These are but a few of the wide-open green spaces to luxuriate in around the San Francisco-side of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you have enough time to explore it, Marin County ...

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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA United States

About the Golden Gate Bridge

This 4,200-foot suspension bridge was the longest in America when it was first opened in 1937, and it held that title for nearly three decades. Named after the Golden Gate Strait, which acts as the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge’s iconic status as a San Francisco landmark has garnered a lot of urban legends and speculations ever since it was first built. For example, some wonder how often it needs to be painted to maintain its red color. The answer? Every day the bridge receives maintenance, painting included. Suspended by two enormous main cables, they contain 80,000 miles of material inside of them, enough material to circle the Earth more than three times. Each of the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge stand at 742 feet over the sea level. An amazing feat of ingenuity and construction for its time, it originally cost $35 million to build in the 1930s—that translates to $1.2 billion today.

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