Guide to San Francisco College Campus Tours

A city like San Francisco is every student’s dream spot. From its abundant arts and culture scene to its picturesque beaches, there’s always something new to explore and experience. Not to mention, San Fran is home to some of the top universities in the country. Whether your students are interested in pursuing a career in the arts or are planning a future in a scientific field, SF has a university program that will help propel them into the future they imagine for themselves.

If you’re planning a campus tour of San Francisco’s universities, the easiest way to transport yourself and all other future uni students from location to location is with a SF charter bus rental. Here’s everything you need to know to make renting a student bus in San Francisco a breeze!

Find the right bus for you

Depending on how many students are interested in participating in your San Francisco university campus tour and how long you’ll be on the road for, your ideal choice of bus rental will vary. Read on to find out which bus model is best for your group.


If you plan on toting around a small group of students, a minibus is your best bet. A minibus is able to seat up to 21 people for a cost of $98/hour. This option could be for you if you’re only planning on visiting a couple of universities at a time.

School Bus

If your tour group is a few dozen students large, a school bus could do the trick. Not only do they keep the school spirit alive, but they’re the best way to shuttle a bigger group of people around as they’re able to accommodate up to 47 passengers. While these buses are minimalistic in terms of amenities, they get the job done.

Coach Bus

This option is perfect if you’re organizing a uni tour excursion for a high school graduating class. Able to fit up to 55 passengers per bus, coach buses are the ultimate vehicle of luxury and are excellent transportation solutions to moving large groups long distances. If you need additional amenities, a coach bus rental is definitely the right choice as you can add features like A/C, AV (DVD) setups, and more to your ride. Not to mention there’s plenty of undercarriage storage to hold all of your luggage!

Sprinter Van

If your group numbers less than 15, it might make more sense to rent a passenger van than an entire coach bus. For small groups, offers sprinter van rentals that can either be driven by a professional or by a member of your group.

Student charter bus rentals in San Francisco.

Plan for chaperones

While high school grads are nearly adults, they’re not quite there yet. Make sure that you have a few adults onboard your San Francisco university campus tour to keep an eye on your future university students. After all, it’s easy for even the most responsible teen to get swept up in the excitement of being on the road with a bunch of their friends! Add a few adults to your group in order to keep things under control.

Certain universities might also ask for chaperones to be present during their specific campus tour. Make sure to check each university’s website prior to embarking on your uni campus tour so that you’ve got all your bases covered!

Decide on when to visit

It’s important to consider a few factors before you go ahead and confirm your university bus tour itinerary. Firstly, what kind of experience are you or students traveling with you looking for? If you want to get a feel for the nitty gritty of campus life, consider booking your campus tour during the university’s semester. Of course, this typically means that you’ll need to have all students traveling with you take some time off from their own studies. However, if you really want them to get the full university experience, book your tour during finals – that’s sure to paint an accurate picture (possibly painfully so) of what their university experience might look like.

For each university you add to your itinerary, make sure to consult their website ahead of time. Some universities have specific dates dedicated to student campus tours, so it’s definitely a good idea to verify details before rolling up to the campus gates!

Map out your itinerary

Time to pick which universities you want to visit on your San Francisco campus tour. Here are our top recommendations of schools to check out in San Fran with your student charter bus rental.

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco is located in the heart of SF and educates around 11,000 students annually. There are over 230 undergrad and graduate programs offered, with highly-esteemed liberal arts and management programs, among others. There are plenty of student clubs and committees to join when you have a spare moment from your studies; from their Animals Rights club to Hip Hop Dance club, there’s likely something to interest everyone.

Rent a student San Francisco charter bus to San Francisco University.
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University of California Berkeley

USC Berkeley has been around since its opening in 1868 and has educated some of the greatest minds in the country, from Nobel Laureates to Academy Award Winners to Olympic Gold Medalists. In short, if you’re the type to reach for the stars, UC Berkeley is probably for you. With an exceptional student athletic program and a myriad of student organizations to join, this campus is located about a 20 minute bus ride from downtown SF and 12 minutes from Oakland, CA.

Rent a San Francisco student charter bus to University of California Berkeley.
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Academy of Art University

Located in the core of San Francisco near the Financial District, Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and is the largest private art and design academic institution in the United States. The programs here are very hands-on, so if you’re more of a doer than a thinker, this could be the perfect place to perfect your craft. Featuring an array of arts programs, from Fashion to Web Design, there’s really no mystery as to why their slogan is “shaping generations of artists, thinkers, leaders.”

San Francisco student charter bus rentals to the Academy of Art University.

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University is the perfect solution to students with a busy lifestyle. Their flexible scheduling allows students to enrol in evening or online classes, because they know that studying isn’t the only responsibility in the modern student’s pool of stressors. Offering in-demand undergraduate programs ranging from Business to Psychology to Law, this campus is situated near Rincon Hill in downtown San Francisco.

Student charter bus rentals to Golden Gate University San Francisco.
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California College of the Arts

San Francisco is a mecca for the arts, so it’s no surprise that their academic institutions run high in terms of creative capability. California College of the Arts offers hands-on fine arts programs, ranging from Animation to Jewelry and Metals Arts to Photography to Writing and Literature. CCA is divided between two campuses: one in downtown SF, and another in Oakland, CA.

Student charter bus rentals to California College of the Arts San Francisco.
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San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University welcomes 30,000 students to its institution every year. Offering 73 different undergraduate programs for your consideration, SF State could be the ideal stepping stone on your way to your dream career, be it in science, healthcare, business, or more. This university is ranked third in the USA for intramural sports, as well as being one of the top 25 film schools in the country. Located near Merced Heights in downtown San Francisco, this is a must-see campus for future university students of every academic interest.

Student charter bus rentals to San Francisco State University.
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