Montreal Guide to Wedding Bus Rentals

Planning your wedding in Montreal is an exciting (but stressful) experience. There are seating arrangements to organize, caterers to hire, the perfect band to scout, and group transportation to take care of.

Renting a bus for your wedding day can be advantageous in more ways than one. From shuttling guests between ceremony and reception to commuting to photoshoot locations, chartering a bus to transport your group promises to clear some stress off your plate.

Why Should you Rent a Bus for your Wedding?

Keep the group together

Whether you’re planning a small wedding or a legendary 150-person ordeal, one thing is certain: keeping a big group of wedding attendees on-schedule is tough. Renting a bus for your family and friends will keep everyone together and running on-time. Montreal is also notorious for its never-ending traffic and Mariana’s Trench-esque potholes. Trust us, your guests will be glad to leave their cars at home.

Montreal wedding bus rentals keeps your guests together.

Budget-friendly transportation

When you think “wedding transportation,” white limos with flowers and clanking tin cans trailing off the bumper probably come to mind. However, renting a bus to shuttle yourself and your guests around on your wedding day is much more feasible, and makes for a more memorable experience! Not only can you fit more people onto a bus than a limo, but with prices for mini coach buses starting at $98/hour, you’ll have more room in your budget to spend on, oh, I don’t know, an open bar?

Show off your personality

Did we mention that you can decorate your bus? Every bride and groom has their own style and personality. Showcase that individuality through the look of your wedding day bus! Think: “just married” banners, flower bouquets, or photos of the bride and groom! The sky’s the limit, just keep in mind that Montreal’s unpredictable weather may intervene, so it might be best to focus on decorating the bus’ interior.

Transport your Wedding Party Year-round

Renting a Bus in the Winter

Montreal winters are picturesque, but notoriously cold. Depending on the month, temperatures range from 5ºC to -30ºC (and sometimes even colder). With the winter weather as brutal as it is, you’ll be glad you rented a coach bus or mini coach bus to stay warm and snug while travelling between locations.

Rent a bus for your Montreal winter wedding.

And trust us, guests will be thankful they won’t have to drive themselves on hazardous winter roads.

Renting a Bus in the Spring

Spring weddings in Montreal are ideal. Flowers are blooming, and the weather is comfortable enough to take a stroll through the parks. The city quite literally starts to come alive again, making this a very bright and optimistic season to tie the knot! Be sure to book your bus as soon as you have your dates finalized. Graduation season runs from April–June, and bus availability can be limited during those months.

Renting a Bus in the Summer

There is no better time to get married in Montreal than during the summer. The sun is shining and temperatures generally sit above 25ºC. Perfect elements for a beautiful wedding day! However, you won’t be the only couple that decides to throw a summer wedding. This means there will probably be some competition in securing your wedding party bus. To avoid this, book your bus six months before your ceremony to ensure you get the bus you want, on the day you want it.

Rent a bus to transport your group on your summer wedding day in Montreal.

Pro tip: mini coach and coach buses have A/C access, so you’ll have refuge from the sporadic bouts of intense heat and humidity!

Renting a Bus in the Fall

Many couples hold their Montreal weddings in the fall. There’s no surprise as to why: the city in the autumn is absolutely stunning, with colourful foliage that’s enticing enough for people to make the trip even from far away. Fall is also the perfect time to hold a rustic-themed wedding. Just outside of Montreal, there are dozens of dreamy countryside chalets and auberges available for weddings. Simplify your guests’ journey to these remote spots by renting a chartered bus and get them there hassle-free.

Where to Bring your Bus for Wedding Pictures in Montreal

Documenting your wedding day is one of the most crucial parts of getting married. After all, you’re making memories that’ll last a lifetime! You put tons of time and effort into choosing your wedding photographer. The same amount of thought should be applied when choosing your shoot locations, no matter how far from your venue they may be. Loading your wedding party onto a charter bus allows you to customize your routes so you hit all your photoshoot locations in record time!

Here are the most scenic spots in Montreal to take wedding photos you’ll cherish forever.

Westmount Park

Westmount Park is one of the most popular wedding shoot locations near Montreal. The Park officially opened in 1898 and features over 26 acres of regal English gardens, flowing streams, tall oak trees, and plenty of green space.

Renting a bus for your Montreal wedding is the best way to transport your wedding crew on your big day.

If you’re into Victorian architecture, the Westmount Greenhouse is a structural gem located on the outskirts of the park that makes for a beautiful backdrop. The Greenhouse interior has been closed to visitors since 2014, but you can still take photos outside. The Westmount Library is another architectural attraction within the Park, but they prohibit indoor photography.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

The Montreal Botanical Gardens is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, as well as one of Montreal’s most attractive sites. Located near the Olympic Stadium in the East End, it features 22,000 different species of plants and 10 enchanting greenhouses on its lush grounds.

Transport your wedding party to wedding photoshoot locations

If you’re searching for a flowery fairytale wedding shoot location, look no further. The best part? You don’t need a reservation (though a fee may apply).

Mont Royal

Mont Royal is one of Montreal’s most famous locations. This landmark is so vast that you’ll have endless photo ops at your disposal, from lookout point to Beaver Lake! If you love nature, this is an even more fitting spot for wedding photos as Mont Royal boasts picturesque trails that would contrast beautifully against an elegant white wedding dress.

Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port of Montreal has rightfully been nicknamed “Little Europe”. It was officially opened to the public in 1830 and is the oldest sector of the city, with certain original structures still standing today. Rue St. Paul is perhaps the most celebrated cobblestone street in Old Montreal. Featuring dozens of charming shop fronts and bistros, you couldn’t wish for a more romantic photo backdrop!

Renting a bus to Montreal's Old Port is a perfect idea for beautiful wedding photos.

Remote Wedding Venues close to Montreal

Dreaming of a rustic wedding? There are plenty of private auberges, manoirs, and even golf courses nestled close to Montreal that will bring your fantasy woodland wedding to life. However, holding your wedding outside the city limits typically means it’ll be inaccessible by public transit. Organizing a bus to shuttle guests to your remote reception will give you peace of mind that everyone will arrive on-time (and won’t get lost)!

Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Located in the charming country town of Mont St Hilaire is Manoir Rouville-Campbell, only a 30 minute drive from Montreal. You’re sure to fall in love with this enchanting venue and be captivated by its romantic architecture and private rose garden.

Rent a bus from Montreal to Manoir Rouville-Campbell for your wedding.

Auberge des Gallant

Situated in Monteregie on Rigaud mountain, Auberge des Gallant will win you over with its rural charm. Wedding services are customized by staff to fit your unique vision, so you can rest easy knowing the details of your special day are in great hands. Pricing starts at $79 per guest for their Lunch – Country package and ranges up to $2995 per couple for their Vegas-style wedding package.

La Toundra

This venue is perfect for city dwellers who don’t want to stray too far from metropolitan life. La Toundra is located on Parc Jean Drapeau, in the middle of the secluded Floralies Gardens. This contemporary building seats up to 180 guests in a banquet-style setting, with two bar areas, a mezzanine that boasts a spectacular view of Montreal, and more.

Club de Golf le Fontainebleau

Located in Blainville, QC, the Club de Golf le Fontainebleau is a 40 minute drive from Montreal. This venue features a banquet-style hall with a neo-classic clubhouse that can seat 150 guests. This modern venue offers an all-inclusive service for weddings, featuring catering and bar, set up, clean up, event planning, event rentals, and more.

Rent a bus for your Montreal wedding to take care of your group transportation needs.

Which Bus Is Best For Your Wedding?

Depending on the size of your wedding party, how much time you’ll spend on the road, and other factors, the bus that best suits your needs will vary.

Mini Bus

A standard mini bus accommodates up to 21 passengers, with pricing starting at $98/hour. These vehicles are wheelchair-accessible upon request, and are best for shuttling smaller wedding parties from Point A to Point B.

School Bus

School buses accommodate 47 passengers and pricing starts at $81/hour. Great for transporting guests and additional luggage, school buses also possess a nostalgic childhood charm that creates a fun, juxtapositional ambiance for your wedding experience. Don’t forget to ask for a bus with AC, AUX input, luggage storage, and wheelchair accessibility if you think those additional elements will be necessary!

Mini Coach Bus

A standard mini coach bus generally accommodates 32 guests, and costs an average of $475–$900 per day. Renting a mini coach bus is a fantastic option for summer weddings, as they come equipped with A/C. The perfect way to beat the heat! Additional amenities such as AUX input, storage for luggage, and wheelchair accessibility are available upon request to make your wedding transportation that much more enjoyable!

Coach Bus

If you’re looking to go all out, a coach bus is your answer. It’s the ultimate way to get around Montreal on your wedding day – particularly if you have many guests and lots of luggage in tow! Pricing starts at $115/hour, and can accommodate up to 55 guests. Plus, a coach bus can easily be transformed into a party bus, and can be equipped with A/C, AUX input, TV/DVD, wifi, undercarriage storage, an audio system, bathroom, power outlets, and wheelchair accessibility.

Sprinter Vans

If you are looking for transportation for a small group — such as your wedding party — then it may make sense to opt for a smaller vehicle such as a sprinter van. offers two types of sprinter van rentals in Montreal: one that is driven by a professional driver, and one that can be driven by a member of your team.

No matter the time of year you decide to get married, your wedding in Montreal is bound to be an unforgettable experience. And while guests tend to forget certain details over time, you can rest assured they’ll fondly hold onto memories of your wedding bus forever!