Charter a bus to Old Port

Charter a bus rental to the Old Port

Planning a visit to the historical borough of Old Port on the Island of Montreal’s southern shore? Want an easy way to transport a group for a field trip, special event, or a sightseeing visit? Bus rentals in Montreal are a great way to get around, and’s booking specialists are ready to provide you with a quote.

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Why charter a bus for the Old Port

With its winding streets and tight corners, it can be difficult to maneuver around the port of Old Montreal. A bus rental in Montreal is the ideal way to keep your group moving together, and has lots of transportation options to choose from. Depending on the needs of you and your group, a wide selection of comforts can be had: Air conditioning, wifi, audio-visual equipment, bathrooms, and comfortable seating can let you enjoy the ride that much more.

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

Located to the south of Montreal’s downtown core and alongside the St. Lawrence river, the port of Old Montreal is commonly looked to for historical sightseeing. The area is exceedingly walkable, and mere minutes away from some of the city’s most esteemed restaurants and bars. In the winter months, people visit to enjoy the Festival Montréal en lumière and the music festival Igloofest (bring a snowsuit!). In the summer time, Old Montreal is at its busiest, with people visiting landmarks like the Old Montreal Ferris Wheel and Notre-Dame Basilica. Whether it’s hot or cold, Old Montreal is also host to some of the most luxuriant nightlife ven...

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About the Old Port

The historic port of Old Montreal is the most storied part of the city of Montreal, with its use stretching back to the year 1611 when it was populated by French fur traders using it as a trading post. Since then, the area has been redeveloped into the cobblestoned area it’s known to be today, with tourist visits numbering in at six million annually. Many flock to the area for its grandeur, walking its streets for sightseeing activities. Montreal is commonly known as a city that is trapped in time between its origins and the current day, and a place which mixes and mingles North American and European designs; to get a sense of this, Old Port is the place to visit.

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