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Rent a bus for your church or spiritual group

Between services, meetings, community events, and retreats, it seems there’s always somewhere to be in the world of spirituality. With that comes the task of organizing transportation for a large collection of members. are the experts in providing safe and reliable bus rentals that have your group’s comfort and budgetary needs in mind. 

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Your religious or spiritual events are a time for community and togetherness. Get a pricing overview from today and see for yourself just how easy it is to organize seamless charter bus transportation for your church group events.

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Our easy-to-use online booking tool allows you to build a flexible, custom itinerary.
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our knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you 24/7 from the moment you’re ready to book and throughout your event.
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Our bus types

We know that different church groups — and different spiritual events — have different needs, and has got the vehicles to suit them all to a tee. Here’s a look at what’s on offer in terms of charter bus types.
Coach bus
If your church group is on the larger side, and is travelling a distance greater than three hours, or if you’re simply looking for ultimate comfort, the coach bus is the way to go. Sleek and spacious, it’s got all the amenities you can think of, such as A/C, entertainment systems, luggage bays, and an onboard restroom, to name a few.
School bus
The school bus is perfect for ferrying larger church groups across shorter distances. Think shuttle bus to sunday service, for instance, or transportation to a church group picnic. Accommodating up to 47 people, the bench-style seats also work well for transporting equipment and luggage.
Mini bus
A scaled-down version of the school bus, the minibus is the most economical option for smaller church or spiritual groups (21 or fewer passengers) travelling locally or to neighboring communities. It’s also ideal for larger spiritual events or religious conferences requiring a looping shuttle service between venues, and for transporting clergy members and volunteers to meetings and community outreach events.

Bus rentals for missions and outreach groups

One of the cornerstones of any spiritual group is community outreach. A broad term with many faces, it can range from simple, local social activities to traveling the world representing the church. Whether you’re looking to attract crowds to your community events, or simply wanting to provide community members with a financially-accessible, dignified way to attend meetings and events, we’ve got the solution.’s helpful staff will not only help you build a custom, flexible itinerary, we’ll find you the perfect church bus rental to suit your budget, as well, so you can spend a little more on snacks for movie night. 

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Bus rentals for congregations

A congregation is more than just a group of people who share a pew once a week. It’s a community of faith and inclusion, a fold into which people from all walks of life can feel welcome, to practice, learn, and grow. Whether it’s Sunday mass, Friday prayer, Shabbat service, or one of the many other religious observances practiced across North America, one common denominator is the ritual of assembling to worship as a group. will work with you to help you organize cost-effective – and accessible, if needed – transportation to and from your religious services, so no one gets left behind.

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Bus rentals for youth groups

Young people are known as the lifeblood of many an organization. Everything, from language, to popular culture, to political movements, is heavily influenced by the younger generations, and religion is no exception. By chartering a minibus or school bus for your youth group with, you’re not only ensuring the safety of your church’s kids en route to their events, you’re providing them with a fun, (mostly) parent-free environment in which they can form lifelong bonds with both their peers and the church. And there’s the added bonus of giving parents a much-needed break from chauffeur duties.

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Bus rentals for clergy

There is a lot involved in being a clergy member. Not only do they offer support and guidance to members of the congregation, they are also central figures in some of the most pivotal moments of people’s lives.  From hopping across town for hospital rounds, to visiting isolated communities and congregation members, to merely running errands, clergy members need to get around. Chartering a bus to shuttle church staff to and from their many obligations can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the territory of being a man or woman of the cloth.