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The versatility of a yellow school bus rental extends far beyond its almost ubiquitous presence on school field trips. Rent a school bus in Atlanta to provide a secure and budget-friendly transportation solution for large groups of passengers and an array of travel purposes. With a capacity of up to 47 passengers, each school bus is perfect for convenient travel within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, particularly for shorter distances.

School bus rentals are also highly adaptable and commonly booked as employee shuttles, sports team transfers and corporate transportation. Our online booking tool enables you to rent a school bus effortlessly. Alternatively, you can reach out to our knowledgeable booking specialists on [email protected]. Start planning your journey in Atlanta by renting a school bus with!

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Atlanta School Bus Rentals FAQs

At, we want you to have all the essential information you need to rent a school bus in Atlanta. Whether you have questions about school bus rental prices, amenities or how to make a reservation, our booking specialists will assist you every step of the way. Feel free to explore our FAQ section below, where you’ll find comprehensive answers to key inquiries regarding yellow school bus rentals in Atlanta.

Why rent a school bus in Atlanta?

School bus rentals in Atlanta offer an affordable and practical solution for transporting large groups of people. Whether you’re planning shorter trips or need shuttle services, renting a school bus is a budget-friendly option that accommodates up to 47 passengers per vehicle. When you rent a school bus in Atlanta, you’ll benefit from the convenience of having an experienced driver who will deftly navigate A-Town’s traffic and congestion. This means passengers can focus on enjoying the journey while leaving the worries of Atlanta’s road conditions in capable hands.

What are the benefits of renting a school bus in Atlanta?

Discover the ultimate efficient and budget-friendly charter bus option in Atlanta by renting a school bus. With seating for up to 47 passengers each, our no-frills charter school bus rentals are perfect for airport or employee shuttle services or student transportation. Our experienced drivers ensure a safe ride through the streets of Atlanta, while the streamlined design keeps school bus rental costs low. Whether you need an economical shuttle service for daily use or a one-off rental for a K-12 field trip, a yellow school bus rental offers the lowest cost per passenger.

What amenities are available on a school bus rental in Atlanta?

Experience cost-effective and flexible transportation with our yellow school bus rentals in Atlanta. These reliable no-frills school buses provide essential amenities for your trip, like seating for up to 47 passengers. Their stripped-back design allows for ample space, which can be repurposed to accommodate baggage and equipment. While lacking the upscale luxury features of our other transportation options, affordable school bus rentals are nonetheless a perfect choice for larger groups seeking budget-friendly travel around The Big Peach. If you desire a true VIP travel experience, feel free to consider other charter bus rental options like the full-sized coach bus or mini coach bus.

How much does a school bus rental in Atlanta cost?

Charter school bus rental prices vary on a number of factors like the length of the journey, distance traveled, the dates and the time of day. In Atlanta, our reliable and affordable school bus rentals range from $389 to $850 per day. Longer trips will require additional fuel and labor, while night journeys typically come at a higher cost. Whether you need a one-time rental or a long-term shuttle service with a yellow school bus rental, contact our dedicated booking specialists or check out our easy-to-use online booking tool for a detailed quote.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest school bus rental prices in Atlanta?

We recommend renting a school bus as early as possible to secure the best rates. Whether you’re traveling during the off-season or school holidays, reserving in advance generally ensures the best possible yellow school bus rental prices. That means you should get in touch with as soon as you have your dates!

How do I book a school bus rental in Atlanta?

Want to know how to rent a school bus? You can easily book a charter school bus in Atlanta with’s convenient online booking tool. Just enter your travel details and itinerary for a customized quote within minutes. Our award-winning booking specialists are also available 24/7 to assist with long-term bookings or finding the right yellow school bus rental within your budget. Enjoy the flexibility of our on-demand transportation and enjoy the best rates for your Atlanta charter school bus rental!

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

At, our customer care team is on hand to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Atlanta School Bus Rentals Use Cases

Discover the versatility of our Atlanta charter school bus rentals that offer affordable and hassle-free transportation for large groups. Whether it’s for corporate travel, conference shuttles services, or sports teams, our yellow school bus rentals cater to a wide variety of purposes. Atlanta school bus rentals also are the go-to choice for groups seeking the lowest transportation costs per head.


Looking for a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution in Atlanta? Our yellow school bus rentals have got you covered! Whether you’re a corporation organizing team building exercises or in need of a recurring employee shuttle service, our charter school bus rentals can accommodate up to 47 passengers each. From transporting your workforce to remote job sites to providing convenient trips for visiting customers, our spacious and affordable school bus charters are ideal as airport or conference shuttles in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Shuttle services

Experience the convenience and affordability of Atlanta charter school bus rentals for your shuttle services. With their large passenger capacity and low running costs, school bus rentals are the perfect choice for airport transfers, employee shuttles, conference transportation and concerts. Whether you’re organizing a hybrid workplace shuttle or planning a corporate event, our streamlined yellow school bus rentals ensure a reliable and rather whimsical transportation experience around the city. And rest assured, our fully-vetted drivers will safely deliver your group to their destinations in a timely manner.


Make a bold statement at your Atlanta wedding with a nostalgic yellow school bus rental! Combining affordability, style and vintage charm, our charter school bus rentals are a favorite among professional wedding planners who may possess a certain waggish flair. Ensure your guests arrive on time while adding a photogenic touch to the special day with a brilliant yellow school bus rental! With a capacity of up to 47 wedding guests each and seating that can be repurposed to transport copious wedding gifts, our lighthearted yellow school bus rentals help keep the party going by providing a safe and reliable ride with a fully-vetted driver. Contact our award-winning booking specialists to create a memorable and distinctive transportation experience for a wedding in Atlanta by renting a school bus.


Renting a school bus in Atlanta offers an affordable and eco-friendly solution for conference organizers. With a capacity for up to 47 passengers, yellow school bus rentals ensure conferences in A-Town are well-staffed and attended without straining the budget. Whether it’s shuttling attendees between venues and hotels or providing transportation for your workforce to a trade show, renting a school bus is a convenient and budget-friendly option to help reduce congestion and carbon emissions. Trust for all your Atlanta conference transportation needs!

Sports teams

Sports teams in Atlanta can enjoy hassle-free transportation by renting a school bus. From student groups to amateur sporting leagues, with seating for up to 47 passengers, our cost-effective and streamlined school buses ensure ample space for large squads. Spare seats can also be repurposed to hold extra sporting equipment, making a yellow school bus rental the perfect choice for away games, training sessions and tournaments. Our experienced drivers will ensure your athletes arrive on time – refreshed and ready to play!

Event Planners

Planning an event in Atlanta? Rent a school bus for an extremely cost-effective and spacious transportation solution. Each yellow school bus rental can accommodate up to 47 passengers, ensuring your attendees reach their destinations comfortably and on time. With as your trusted partner, you can rest assured knowing that our reliable and safe charter bus shuttle services will make your event a success. Experience a customized journey, tailored specifically to your event’s requirements. We’ll take care of the transit logistics while you focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your guests in The Big Peach.


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Employee Shuttle Services

Our charter school bus rentals are not only perfect for school field trips but also serve as cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions for employee shuttle services in Atlanta. Whether it’s for a construction project, military personnel, a government group, or a non-profit organization in A-Town, rent a school bus and be sure to get there on time with!

Construction Projects

Embark on a hassle-free construction commute in Atlanta with our top-notch charter school bus rentals. Designed for contractors, engineers and skilled workers, our reliable yellow school bus rentals offer up to 47 seats each, providing ample room for passengers and equipment. Say goodbye to transportation woes in The ATL with our customizable shuttle services that streamline employee travel between job sites and convenient pickup locations. With cost-effective options and added storage space in the back, renting a school bus in Atlanta means a safe, affordable and efficient ride, ensuring your construction projects run smoothly.

Military Personnel

If you’re planning transportation in Atlanta for large numbers of military personnel, our cost-effective school bus rentals are GSA-compliant and DoD-approved. With spacious interiors accommodating up to 47 passengers, our streamlined yellow school bus rentals are perfect for safely transporting soldiers and other military personnel for redeployment. You can also trust our experienced drivers who are well-versed in Atlanta’s traffic to go the extra mile to ensure punctuality and peace of mind. Contact today or use our online booking tool to reserve a yellow school bus rental for military personnel traveling in Atlanta.

Government groups offers affordable and convenient transportation solutions for government groups in Atlanta with our charter school bus rentals. Designed with efficiency in mind, each yellow school bus rental comfortably accommodates up to 47 passengers, making them an optimal choice for larger teams traveling shorter distances. From regular shuttle services to special events, renting a school bus represents a budget-friendly option for federal, municipal, state and county officials navigating the vibrant city of Atlanta. Streamline your travel plans and maximize your budget – rent a school bus from!

Non-profit organizations

Hop aboard the ultimate budget transportation solution for non-profit organizations in Atlanta. Designed to cater to larger groups of up to 47 passengers or a combination of group members and their equipment, yellow school bus rentals represent a seamless and cost-effective option for your charity or non-profit’s needs. With a streamlined design emphasizing safety, reliability and sustainability, our charter school bus rentals ensure a smooth journey while offering a touch of whimsy. Expand your reach and focus on your crucial work by renting a school bus in Atlanta.

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More School Bus Rental Uses

Can I rent a school bus for adults? Of course, you can! While our yellow school bus rentals certainly pair fittingly with K-12 field trips, other popular uses include festivals, city-wide tours and convenient transportation for faith groups and touring musicians. Experience the versatility and affordability of our charter school bus rentals in Atlanta.

Student groups

Yellow school bus rentals are no doubt a go-to option for high school, college and university student groups in Atlanta. From debating tournaments to away games for sports teams, our convenient charter school bus rentals are also perfect for visiting popular attractions like Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park. Enjoy a reliable, no-frills ride while staying light on your budget and creating lasting memories. Rent a school bus and explore the vibrant educational institutions of Atlanta while consolidating your entire group into one compact vehicle. For a major event involving 100s or even 1000s of participants, our booking specialists would be happy to coordinate a fleet of charter school buses for student groups in Atlanta.

K-12 field trips

Get ready, get set and get going on your educational adventures by renting a school bus in Atlanta. Trusted by school boards across the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, our fully-vetted drivers and spacious yellow school bus rentals are more often than not the perfect travel solution for K-12 field trips to visit popular attractions as well as college and university campuses. With plentiful seating for large classes, teachers and assistants, our Atlanta school bus charters ensure a safe and smooth journey while requiring significantly fewer chaperones than taxis or rideshares that only split up student groups and raise travel costs.


Festival season in Atlanta? Let fans and performers alike hop onto a magic yellow school bus rental from! Whether it’s for the Juneteenth Parade and Music Festival or Music Midtown Festival in Piedmont Park, renting a school bus in Atlanta represents the most budget-friendly option to shuttle large groups to festivals. With streamlined designs and a capacity of up to 47 passengers, yellow school bus rentals ensure that festival-goers will be rested and revved up for the musical mastery and artistic creations that lay ahead.

Tour groups

Rent a school bus and venture into an extraordinary journey through the wonders and sights of Atlanta. Designed for larger tour groups seeking cost-efficiency, our streamlined school bus rentals accommodate up to 47 explorers each. Unlock the outstanding attractions of A-Town, guided by experienced drivers, while optimizing costs and minimizing your carbon footprint. Or discover Atlanta’s hidden gems in style and comfort, while uncovering the true essence of The Big Peach by renting a school bus.

Touring bands

Touring bands, musicians, choirs and other artistic groups will often rent a school bus for their events, rehearsals and gigs in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Yellow school bus rentals are affordable and offer a streamlined design with up to 47 seats per vehicle, accommodating larger groups and their equipment. With flexible layouts, empty seats can be repurposed for instrument storage, providing convenient and reliable transportation for any tour in Atlanta. Rent a school bus today so you can arrive rested and relaxed for your next performance!

Spiritual and church groups

Commence a seamless spiritual journey by renting a school bus in Atlanta. Especially for shorter distances, or perhaps a longer pilgrimage or tour with several stops, a yellow school bus rental represents the most cost-effective transportation solution per head. Spiritual and church groups will also enjoy dependable service via a fully-vetted driver. Each school bus offers ample seating, which can also be used to transport equipment like booths or podiums. Immerse yourself in your spiritual endeavors while experiencing effortless transportation in Atlanta by renting a school bus.


Other Atlanta bus types available for rent


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats