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Uniformed, Government & Military Travel services and logistics is a discipline with requirements and standards that transcend the complexity of civilian ones. Many unique challenges come with its scale, including high-security locations and the transport of military equipment. Bus.com offers GSA-compliantDoD-approved secure and efficient military transportation bus charters.

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Bus.com has experience supporting the Armed Forces expertly, safely, and efficiently. With our DoD-approved or GSA-approved providers, we are equipped to handle the transportation needs of hundreds of government officials and military personnel. Our online booking tool makes planning bus charters for large-scale events involving multiple units and m ultiple locations easy.

Why Bus.com?

Safety measures for all accounts

In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, we have implemented new measures such as the disinfecting of buses between trips

Making a change? No problem

Bus.com customers benefit from a flexible change and cancellation policy, including no-fee changes and cancellations for most trips

Here for you 24/7

Our award-winning team of bus experts can offer custom solutions for you and your team — and our support team is can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Find the best price

Thanks to our extensive vetted bus partner network, we are able to quickly find the best charter bus and van prices that are available in your area

Getting you there, on time

In the military, event moment must be accounted for. Our charter service runs on a tight schedule, just like your team

Customizable service

Multipurpose services

Whether you are booking a team-building activity or routine travel between military bases, we offer comprehensive transport services that meet all DOD regulations

Military group frequently asked questions

How many people fit in a bus?

The coach bus fits a maximum of 55 passengers, while the school bus fits up to 47, the mini coach bus up to 32, and the minibus up to 21. If you have chosen a school bus and you’re moving a lot of luggage or supplies, reserve a few seats for it. Sprinter vans have an average capacity between 8 and 15, depending on the vehicle.

Can I hire more than one bus at a time?

Absolutely. If your government employees group is large and you still want to move everyone at once, use our intuitive booking tool or contact our 24/7 booking specialists.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle without a driver?

Bus.com only offers chauffeured charter bus rentals, ensuring all your passengers arrive at their destination safely and reliably.

What kind of amenities are available on Bus.com vehicles?

Generally speaking, coach buses come with the most amenities, with WiFi, power outlets, air conditioning, and onboard restrooms. Like the coach bus, the mini-coach bus can be equipped with WiFi and A/C. School buses and minibuses are more basic in their amenities, but still offer comfortable seats and adequate leg room.

Are Bus.com vehicles DoD approved?

Yes, Bus.com offers a selection of vehicles from DoD approved carriers.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here. Who can I talk to?

Bus.com’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by calling us 1-855-428-7266 or emailing us at [email protected]. Also, don’t forget to check out our full FAQ to see if your question is answered there.

Which vehicle type is right for my group?

Bus.com is trusted by companies big and small

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What kind of services can we provide?

  • Bus rentals for the Selected Reserve Monthly Battle Assembly (formerly known as drills) where enlistees practice and perfect their military skills and readiness.
  • High-class transportation even for most massive cross-unit Battle Simulations and Wargames, for the military and government personnel as well as their guests.
  • Individual Ready Reserve Musters, especially where the assigned bases are remote or located in special security areas.
  • Reliable transportation for the uniformed forces to large scale marches and private bus service to Honor Events.
  • Regular or occasional field training transportation and shuttles to and from the garrison to the field training location.
  • Shuttles to and from long-distance parking at secure government bases, and shuttle buses between buildings on larger bases.
  • Military base transfers.
  • Recruit transportation for the Initial Entry Training (IET) of the recruits.
  • Transport of the Inactive Reserve attending Annual Training (AT) with their unit or taking courses that will help them maintain MOS and skill qualification.
  • Bus charter for a variety of irregular training exercises, experience exchanges, exams, and competitions for recruits, enlistees, and reservists.

DoD approval

What is it?

The Department of Defence (DoD) is one of the two US executive branches responsible for the US Armed Forces. The DoD sets a minimum required standard for any vehicles and drivers who are transporting DoD personnel.

How is it proven?

Each DoD-approved carrier is required to maintain an agreement, party to the Military Bus Agreement (MBA), which is kept on file at the Defence Travel Management Office (DTMO). 

Does Bus.com offer it?

Yes, Bus.com has a selection of fully equipped charter buses from DoD approved carriers that meet all DoD safety standards and requirements. Please contact us for more details. 



Shuttle services for military groups

Military transportation requires a higher degree of logistical prowess and security than is seen in civilian transportation. At Bus.com, our shuttle services are GSA-compliant and DoD-approved. We can help you handle the intricacies of organizing transportation of military equipment and personnel to high-security locations without complications. Our experience serving the Armed Forces makes us the best choice for organizing a military shuttle service.

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Types of military groups served

The military forces of the United States are officially called the Armed Forces. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are the two executive branches that both create and carry out the military policy. In the United States, there are eight uniformed services with six armed services among them.

The Army of the United States

The Army of the United States is the official name for the conscripted force of the Army that may be raised at the time of mobilization for war.


Marine Corps

The Marine Corps and the Navy work closely together, carrying out the operations in the open waters and under around the world.

Air Force

The Air Force is the component responsible for the military’s aircraft and air operations.

Space Force

The Space Force is the youngest branch responsible for space warfare operations.

The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard protects the security of the coastal borders.

The Public Health Service Comissioned Corps

The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is the first of the two non-combat services responsible for health emergencies and operations.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps, is the second non-combat scientific agency carrying our essential research and prognostic functions.

The US Reserve

The seven Reserve components of the US military are the Military Reserve (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force Reserves) and the National Guard, which is under the state-level responsibility (Army National Guard and Air National Guard).

The Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces or Canadian Forces are the unified armed forces and services of Canada defense. Similarly to the US, they consist of sea, land, and air components represented by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

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