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Sleek, versatile and discreet, our Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals redefine group transportation. With comfortable seating for 8 to 15 guests, these passenger van rentals offer a convenient and wallet-friendly transportation solution for exploring The Big Peach. Enjoy optional amenities like vehicle-wide Wi-Fi, power outlets and air conditioning to enhance the journey. Book online or contact our award-winning specialists on [email protected] for a seamless and customizable sprinter van rental experience in Atlanta.

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Atlanta Sprinter Van Rentals FAQs

This FAQ section provides in-depth insights into sprinter van rental prices, amenities and booking. Feel free to secure your passenger van rentals in Atlanta through our user-friendly online booking tool. Experience the convenience and reliability of a charter sprinter van rental with!

Why rent a sprinter van in Atlanta?

Our Atlanta sprinter van rentals offer cost-effective transportation for up to 15 passengers each. Ideal for shorter distances or trips with multiple stops, passenger van rentals can be customized with optional amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets, ensuring a tailored experience to meet the specific needs of the group. With storage space and various models available, charter sprinter vans are also perfect as shuttle services for businesses and organizations. Enjoy agile and fuel-efficient travel throughout Atlanta’s busy streets and highways with a passenger van rental from

What are the benefits of renting a sprinter van in Atlanta?

Experience the convenience and comfort of charter sprinter van rentals in Atlanta! Our compact passenger van rentals are perfect for navigating the traffic and congestion of The ATL, while providing a safe and customizable ride for up to 15 passengers per vehicle. With experienced drivers and ample storage space included in the rental price, our charter sprinter vans ensure a hassle-free journey. Whether you’re planning a work trip or exploring the city at your own pace, book your Atlanta passenger van rental today!

What amenities are available on a sprinter van rental in Atlanta?

Our charter sprinter van rentals represent a versatile transportation solution for smaller groups traveling through Atlanta. Passenger van rentals offer plenty of room for luggage, air conditioning, luxurious reclining seats for up to 15 guests and other modern amenities such as cup holders and arm rests. Certain sprinter van models even offer USB outlets, Wi-Fi and electrical outlets so passengers can stay connected en route to their destinations. If you require transportation for a larger group, check out our other charter bus rental options like a coach bus, mini coach bus or school bus.

How much does a sprinter van rental in Atlanta cost?

How much does it cost to rent a sprinter van? Whether you’re planning a short return trip or a longer journey with multiple stops, the prices for charter sprinter van rentals range from $350 to $700 per day, depending on your unique transportation needs.

How much to rent a sprinter van for a week? Use our user-friendly online booking system for an instant quote or consult our knowledgeable booking specialists for personalized assistance. Discover the convenience and affordability of Atlanta passenger van rentals with today!

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest sprinter van rental prices in Atlanta?

Take advantage of the best deals all year round on Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals with! Whether you’re planning to rent a passenger van during the peak season or the off-season, booking as far in advance as possible generally ensures the lowest prices. Our booking specialists can also help you streamline your itinerary in tandem with your event to optimize transportation costs. Plan the perfect Atlanta adventure today with a private sprinter van rental with a driver!

How do I book a sprinter van rental in Atlanta?

How to rent a sprinter van? Where to rent a sprinter van? Embark on your Atlanta adventure with ease by renting a sprinter van through our user-friendly online booking tool. Tailor your trip by specifying departure dates, group size, distance and desired amenities, and you’ll receive a prompt quote. Our dedicated team of booking specialists is available 24/7 to assist you in securing the most competitive passenger van rental prices for your unique travel needs. Discover the simplicity of booking a sprinter van rental in Atlanta today, and unlock endless possibilities for your journey by knowing where to rent a passenger van!

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Atlanta Sprinter Van Rental Use Cases

Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals cater to smaller group outings, offering convenient and customizable transportation options for corporations, conference organizers, sports teams, event planners and a variety of other purposes.


Get ready to cruise through Atlanta in style by renting a sprinter van! Perfect for small to medium-sized groups as an employee shuttle or for a corporate conference, passenger van rentals are a fuel-efficient and compact option that accommodate up to 15 guests each. Whether you’re organizing impromptu work sessions in the park or planning thrilling team outings to a restaurant or concert, our charter sprinter van rentals provide a safe, affordable and fun method of transportation in The Big Peach. With optional amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, air conditioning and USB ports, get ready to buckle up for your corporate event with an Atlanta charter sprinter van rental!

Shuttle services

Our charter sprinter van drivers know all the ins and outs of providing seamless shuttle services for employees, VIP guests, or any other type of event in Atlanta. Whether you’re attending a corporate event, transporting attendees for a festival, or using it as an on-demand transit option, our passenger van rentals for up to 15 with optional amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi and power outlets will make the journey unforgettable. Enjoy spacious interiors and a lively atmosphere! And take a hassle-free ride through Atlanta’s vibrant streets in a sprinter van rental from


Enjoy the convenience of safe, reliable and customizable sprinter van rentals for conferences in Atlanta. Shuttle guests through congested areas while helping to reduce your company or organization’s carbon footprint with cost-effective transportation aboard a charter passenger van rental. Our fully-vetted drivers will navigate the traffic of A-Town while ensuring a seamless conference experience for guests and conference organizers alike. Choose an Atlanta charter sprinter van rental to help ensure the success of your conference and enjoy a comfortable commute from the airport or hotels to the venues.

Sports teams

Not all sports teams traveling in Atlanta are made up of large squads. For tennis, badminton, golf or track and field tournaments, for example, a charter sprinter van rental for up to 15 athletes and coaches may indeed suffice. These spacious passenger van rentals come equipped with ample storage space for sports equipment, ensuring a timely and comfortable arrival. Whether it’s for practice or a nearby tournament, our affordable and convenient passenger van rentals will make sure the whole crew shows up rested and ready to compete. Rent a sprinter van from today and hit the road in style!

Event Planners

Many event planners in Atlanta rely on’s charter passenger van rentals for groups of up to 15 per vehicle. Our sprinter van rentals represent a cost-effective and customizable transportation option, ensuring a smooth travel experience for guests. With their compact size, our passenger van rentals with driver will deftly navigate Atlanta’s streets, providing safe and reliable transport to and from venues.


Whether you’re the groom, the bride-to-be or the wedding planner, trust’s sprinter van rentals to help make the big day a stunning success. With available perks like air conditioning, Wi-Fi and power outlets, you can stay well-connected to avoid any last minute wedding snafus. Enjoy plush seating for up to 15 guests with each charter sprinter van rental for your Atlanta wedding. Get hitched, and make sure your Atlanta wedding goes off without a hitch with a comfortable charter passenger van rental from Bells will be ringing in The Big Peach!


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Employee Shuttle Services

Our versatile charter sprinter van rentals serve as excellent employee shuttle services, effortlessly transporting staff and VIP guests to and from work, remote locations, construction projects, military bases, government departments and non-profit organizations.

Construction Projects

With their compact and fuel-efficient design, our charter passenger van rentals provide a flexible and cost-effective transportation solution for contractors and construction projects in Atlanta. Whether you’re organizing an employee shuttle service between worksites or transporting skilled workers to remote locations, our passenger van rentals ensure safe and timely arrivals, while reducing traffic congestion around job sites. Book your reliable sprinter van rental today and streamline your construction operations in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Military Personnel provides secure and reliable Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals for military personnel. With DoD-approved and GSA-compliant vehicles, a passenger van rental offers a budget-friendly option for smaller groups of military personnel. Ideal to reach training events or redeployment, our sprinter van rentals comfortably accommodate up to 15 passengers each, ensuring convenient and fully-certified transportation for military personnel in Atlanta. Our charter passenger van rentals are tried, tested, and true – and approved for military use!

Government groups

Our Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals have proven to be a preferred choice for government groups at all levels. With customizable options including vehicle-wide air conditioning, Wi-Fi access and power outlets, our passenger van rentals ensure safe, affordable transportation for shorter-distance trips around the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Compact and fuel-efficient, our sprinter van rentals are perfect for civil servants who would also like to stay productive while on the road. Experience comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness by renting a sprinter van in Atlanta for official government business.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations and charity groups often choose our charter sprinter van rentals as an eco-friendly and affordable option to cut through the traffic and congestion of A-Town. With a compact and cost-effective passenger van rental, members of your non-profit can enjoy a comfortable journey while continuing their crucial community work. Stay connected with the option of onboard Wi-Fi and enjoy ample space for passengers and luggage too. Contact our award-winning booking specialists and secure your sprinter van rental for your non-profit group’s next trip to Atlanta!

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More Sprinter Van Rental Uses

Whether you’re organizing transportation for a college or university student group or planning a K-12 field trip, embarking on a city-wide tour in a charter passenger van rental has never been easier. Accommodating groups of 8 to 15 people, our sleek and discreet sprinter van rentals cater to festivals, church group outings and any other Atlanta happening.

Student groups

Explore Atlanta’s vibrant college and university campuses as well as famous institutions with our convenient charter sprinter van rentals. Ideal for smaller student groups, each spacious passenger van rental safely and reliably transports up to 15 passengers. Whether it’s a debating team, a small crew of student athletes or just to take your children on a tour of The Big Peach, our professional driver will get you to one or multiple stops safely and on schedule. Students, educators and parents can also stay connected with the option of onboard Wi-Fi as they engage in academic pursuits or enjoy a holiday getaway in Atlanta.

K-12 fields trips

Discover the ideal solution for K-12 field trips in Atlanta with our charter sprinter van rentals. Whether your student group is exploring the remarkable Georgia Aquarium or Zoo Atlanta, our passenger van rentals with a driver offer affordability and reliability. With online booking and flexible options like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, baggage storage and power outlets for groups of up to 15 passengers, we ensure a safe and timely journey for your student field trips. Unleash the adventure in The ATL with a charter sprinter van rental!


Soak in the best of Atlanta’s vibrant festival scene with our charter sprinter van rentals. Whether you’re heading to the renowned Atlanta Jazz Festival, the immersive Atlanta Film Festival or the energetic Music Midtown, our passenger van rentals ensure hassle-free group transportation. Consolidate festival-goers into one compact vehicle and store your belongings and snacks in the spacious trunk. Atlanta charter sprinter van rentals are perfect for smaller groups of up to 15 attendees, or for festival organizers looking to transport staff and guests in style and comfort.

Tour groups

Our fuel-efficient and compact charter sprinter van rentals make navigating through the city a breeze for tour groups visiting Atlanta, while our experienced drivers handle all the traffic and tailor their routes to account for real-time detours. Whether the tour group is taking in the sights and sounds, exploring multiple destinations or traveling with students, our affordable rentals offer comfort and convenience. Certain passenger van rentals come equipped with amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Enjoy a worry-free ride and make the most of your tour in Atlanta!

Touring bands

Booking managers for touring bands, music ensembles and artistic performers often turn to for their reliable charter sprinter van rentals. Each passenger van rental is spacious and comfortable, and accommodates up to 15 passengers along with their instruments and stage equipment. Our cost-effective and fuel-efficient sprinter van rentals ensure hassle-free transportation while artists can focus on their performances. With added amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets and air conditioning, will personalize your passenger van rental for all your touring needs in Atlanta.

Spiritual and church groups

Beloved by church and spiritual groups, our charter sprinter van rentals in Atlanta offer fast and reliable shuttle services for weekly meetings, special events and mass gatherings. Experience convenient group transportation with an experienced driver at the wheel. Our fuel-efficient passenger van rentals guarantee a seamless journey for up to 15 passengers, providing the perfect transportation solution for your spiritual community or faith-based group in Atlanta. With additional amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning, members of the congregation will arrive refreshed and relaxed for what lays ahead.


Other Atlanta bus types available for rent


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats