NYC Guide to Corporate Bus Rentals

Coordinating group transportation for a corporate event can quickly become overwhelming. From ensuring you have the right amount of charter bus rentals, to organizing convenient pickup times and locations, there are a number of considerations to make. A corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service ultimately simplifies group transportation for corporate events in New York City, offering guests a safe and reliable ride.

This guide to New York City corporate charter bus rentals will equip you with all the information you’ll need before booking your corporate shuttle service, including charter bus rental costs, amenities, when to book, and more.

Why rent a corporate charter bus?

Simply put, booking a corporate charter bus rental is the most convenient way of transporting corporate groups of all sizes, ensuring everyone arrives at the venue safely and on time. has worked with corporate event planners, coordinating seamless transportation with ease. Featuring a versatile fleet of over 40,000 charter bus rentals and over 3,300 trusted local bus suppliers, no corporate event is too big for

Corporate charter bus rentals not only increase participation rate at events, offering guests a convenient method of transportation, but also can be customized according to your specific transportation needs. Whether that means equipping your corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service with vehicle-wide WIFI, or air conditioning, our booking specialists have you covered.

NYC Corporate Charter Bus Rentals currently offers five corporate charter bus rental types, including the full-sized coach bus, mini coach bus, minibus, school bus, and sprinter van rental. Ultimately, each New York City charter bus rental is suited for different trip types and group sizes.

New York City Coach Bus Rentals

Undoubtedly the most luxurious of New York City charter bus rentals, coach bus rentals in New York City are a great way to welcome VIP guests to any corporate event. Coach bus rentals come equipped with a range of modern amenities, including air conditioning, hi-speed WIFI, an onboard restroom, and power outlets, ensuring your group’s comfort.

Typically, these New York City charter bus rentals can accommodate up to 55 passengers at a time, and are best suited for longer distance trips in and around New York City. Whether you are organizing a corporate retreat, or an out-of-town team-building exercise, coach bus rentals are ideal, guaranteeing your workforce’s productivity and comfort on the road.

New York City Minibus Rentals

Purpose-built for comfort and efficiency, minibus rentals in New York City help keep costs streamlined without sacrificing comfort. Comfortably seating up to 21 passengers at a time, minibus rentals are particularly ideal for shorter distance trips and hops. Given its compact size, this New York City charter bus rental can easily navigate through the Big Apple’s infamous traffic and congestion and makes for a convenient looping shuttle service. can help coordinate a corporate shuttle service with convenient and cost-effective minibus rentals to and from your event venue. Certain minibus rentals can even be equipped with additional amenities and onboard technology, such as air conditioning, DVD/TV audiovisual equipment, and power outlets.

New York City Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Looking to enjoy many of the same amenities of a full-size coach bus rental, albeit in a more compact package? Look no further than our Mini Coach Bus Rentals for all your corporate transportation needs in New York City. Mini coach bus rentals offer event planners a versatile New York City charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service as they can be used for both short and longer distance trips in New York City.

Accommodating up to 31 passengers at a time, mini coach bus rentals are the perfect in-between a full-sized coach bus and minibus, giving you the flexibility you need on the road. With the exception of the onboard restroom, mini coach bus rentals can be configured with many of the same amenities and technology as a coach bus rental, ensuring your group arrives at their destination safely, reliably, and in complete comfort.

New York City School Bus Rentals

While traditionally associated with K-12 field trips and student groups, corporations of all sizes often turn to school bus rentals in New York City due to their affordability and convenience. School bus rentals are best suited for transporting larger groups of people over shorter distances, comfortably seating up to 47 passengers at a time.

Compared to other New York City charter bus rentals, school bus rentals do not come with a range of amenities, however, this is what makes them such a budget-friendly charter bus rental option. Indeed, school bus rentals are perfect for transporting your corporate group from point A to point B safely and reliably.

How to rent a school bus

New York City Sprinter Van Rentals

Arguably the most unique of corporate charter bus rentals available, sprinter van rentals are yet another option for group transportation. Comfortably seating between eight and 15 passengers at a time, passenger van rentals in New York City are tailor-made for transporting corporate groups over shorter distances.

Whether your organization is looking to cut down on their carbon footprint, or you simply want a highly-customizable and budget-friendly corporate New York City charter bus rental, sprinter van rentals have you covered.

New York Corporate Events

New York City is home to a number of the nation’s top corporate events, including Ignition, the World Business Forum, and the New York Sohn Investment Conference to name a few. Keep reading for more information on each and how a corporate shuttle service is ideal!

New York Sohn Investment Conference

Featuring some of the brightest investors on Wall Street, including founders, CEO, and portfolio managers, there is a lot to learn at the New York Sohn Investment Conference. Speaking to an audience of over 3,000 people, these industry professionals share their stories and secrets to success at an action-packed one day event. A corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service eliminates the hassle of group transportation ensuring your group reaches its destination safely and on time.


Business Insider’s flagship event, Ignition, features a wide variety of A-list speakers in the media and technology industry. Attending Ignition is a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and encounter some of the business world’s very best. A corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service ultimately ensures your entire group arrives on time and ready to network. After all, timing is everything in business.

World Business Forum

Ranked one of the top most most influential venues in the world for C-Suite executives, World Business Forum is yet another must-visit corporate event in the Big Apple. While ticket prices are as high as they come, this event is worth it, featuring high-profile guests from all backgrounds – whether it’s a U.S. parliament member, or a Hollywood film star. Book your corporate shuttle service or corporate charter bus rental and attend one of NYC’s most sought-after conferences.

Conference charter bus rentals

UBS Global TMT Conference

UBS Global Investment Bank holds several conferences in different locations across the United States, bringing in investors and financial experts from over 160 companies for panels, presentations, and meetings over a three-day span. Taking place at the Grand Hyatt in New York, a corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service is ultimately the most convenient way to reach your destination without having to worry about parking.

Rent a corporate charter bus rental in New York City

Securing a reliable corporate charter bus rental in New York City is the best way to ensure your event runs without any issues. From increasing participation rates to customizing your charter bus rentals with onboard amenities and technology, a New York City charter bus rental ultimately guarantees your guests’ comfort and safety while on the road. can help coordinate your group transportation, whether that means securing a fleet of corporate shuttle services, or a one-off coach bus rental, we accommodate corporations and businesses of all sizes.

 If you still have questions about getting started with corporate charter bus rentals, New York city charter bus rentals, or coordinating a corporate shuttle service, get in touch with our award-winning booking specialists or use our online booking tool!