Sprinter van rentals in New York City

Sprinter van rentals are a versatile option to travel with a group of up to 15 people. Whether used as an employee shuttle, an on-demand transit option, the small size of the sprinter vans is perfect for a budget-friendly and flexible option. Book your NYC sprinter van rental here!

Sprinter van rentals FAQ

A comfortable and customizable option, sprinter van rentals are a popular option for intercity travel for smaller groups. Have questions about sprinter van rentals in NYC? Learn about amenities, booking procedure, and pricing from our FAQ section below.

Why rent a sprinter van in New York City?

Sprinter van rentals are perfect for group travels between 8-15 people. Their size makes them easy to maneuver around a crowded city like New York, while their sense of luxury and comfort ensure that passengers travel safely to and from events, no matter their size.

What are the benefits of renting a sprinter van in New York City?

In a busy city like New York, passenger vans are a cost-effective yet comfortable solution for businesses, event organizers, and transit authorities. Sprinter van rentals allow smaller groups to travel more efficiently from point A to point B, making them ideal as a last-mile connectivity or a shuttle option. With Bus.com’s technology capability, you can even customize your sprinter van rentals to suit your unique requirements.

What amenities are available on a sprinter van rental in New York City?

Sprinter van rentals are available with a variety of amenities, ranging from high-speed internet, power outlets, ample storage space, ACs, and vetted drivers. You can speak to our booking agents for more information about specific amenities or technology options available with sprinter van rentals.

How much does a sprinter van rental cost in New York City?

The sprinter van rental price varies according to trip type, number of bus days, and amenities you need on your rental. Seasonality, and the scale of the transportation also play a role in the prices for long term sprinter van rentals. For one-off use cases, sprinter van rental prices generally range between $350 and $700. Keep in mind that you can also take advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later option, and put off paying until 21 days before your departure.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest sprinter van rental prices in New York City?

The best way to ensure the lowest sprinter van rental price in New York is to book during the off-season, which lies between the months of December and March. If your event or travels take place during the busy season, your best bet is to book in advance for the most desirable sprinter van rental price. You can always rely on Bus.com booking specialists and price matching programs to ensure that you get the lowest sprinter van rental prices in New York.

How do I book a sprinter van rental in New York City?

Booking a sprinter van rental in New York City is extremely easy with Bus.com. In case you need sprinter vans for your business or to launch a public or private microtransit program, reach out to our award-winning booking specialists. For short-term trips, you can simply use our online booking system to get started.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

Bus.com’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your sprinter van charter. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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New York City Sprinter Van Rentals Use Cases

A number of groups turn to sprinter van rentals from Bus.com for all their transportation needs, including corporations, sports teams, student groups, and more. Passenger van rentals also make for great shuttle services.



Corporations in NYC can benefit from our sprinter van rentals for various events, conferences, airport pickups and dropoffs, and company retreats. A comfortable and affordable option makes passenger van rentals a great way to impress clients and give your corporate group a productive space to work and rest while they travel.


Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are a great way to avoid peak commuter traffic and parking hassles in New York. Starting a shuttle service can help manufacturing and agricultural businesses get their employees from suburbs to the remote work sites, or even help launch on-demand shuttle programs. Sprinter van rentals are perfect for any kind of shuttle service due to their fuel-efficient small size and customizable technology features.



Conference organizers and venues can help decongest traffic, and offer a convenient way to attend an event by launching a shuttle service using our sprinter van rentals. Our vans are  perfect for conferences, with features such as outlets and WiFi for uninterrupted productivity from and to events. Their smaller size enables them to transport groups of up 15 safely and easily to conferences in New York or other cities close by. Our passenger van rentals  are available with and without a vetted driver.


Event planners

Safe and reliable transportation plays a crucial role in event planning. Our sprinter van rentals will impress your clients with their customizability and added amenities such as high-speed WiFi and comfortable seating. Perfect for moving within the city or close locations, each passenger van rental can hold up to 15 passengers for any event.


Sports teams

Sprinter vans rentals are an excellent way for sports teams in NYC to bond as they’re travelling to and from sporting events. Passenger van rentals  can fit sports teams of 15 players along with their equipment. They can also be used to welcome teams from areas and cities outside of New York.



Professional wedding managers or commercial venues for weddings can improve their customer experience by renting sprinter vans. Whether it’s moving the wedding parties, or moving your support staff across multiple weddings in New York City, nothing beats the convenience and comfort of a sprinter van. Especially if you’re managing the dream wedding with a large ensemble of events and guests, a wedding shuttle can prevent unpleasant transport surprises.

Why Bus.com?

Reliable partner for shuttle services

Some of the largest corporations, airports, and transit authorities rely on Bus.com for their shuttle services.

Access to the right charter buses

Flexible and large fleet

With a large network of over 40,000 buses, Bus.com can solve complex group transport challenges.

Centralized operator search and communication

Vetted operators enhanced with technology

Bus.com works with thousands of local operators and helps enhance their capabilities with custom technology solutions.

A single provider for all your bus rentals

Work with a single provider to manage group transportation across multiple cities anywhere in North America.

Flexible booking and payment terms

Whether it's a one-off or a long-term transportation contract, Bus.com offers the simplest way to book and pay for the bus rentals.

Dedicated trip advisor

Access to 24/7 support

Our award-winning customer service team will help you before, during and after the trip!

Employee shuttle services


Construction projects

Construction projects in NYC can make their projects more efficient and cut down on per crew member transport cost with sprinter van rentals. If your crew works at multiple construction sites during the day, launching an employee shuttle program can help improve the predictability of shift starts. For businesses struggling with worker shortages, offering a comfortable transport option with sprinter van rentals can also be a selling point to reach new worker pools. Our trusted and experienced drivers can transport your workers and their tools with ease.


Military Personnel

Bus.com recognizes that all branches of the military have more complex transportation requirements than civilian ones. Our sprinter van rentals are designed with these strict and specific needs in mind, and are GSA-compliant and DoD-approved. Our reliable passenger  van rentals accommodate military schedules, and are able to adapt to last-minute changes. Sprinter van rentals are also available without drivers should your military personnel choose to employ your own.


Transit & government groups

Government groups of smaller sizes in NYC use sprinter van rentals for their transportation needs. Transit authorities can also benefit from renting sprinter vans to start an on-demand microtransit program to improve their coverage and ridership. For government groups in NYC that frequently need to commute for work, a sprinter van shuttle can help reduce the per employee GHG emissions, while also cutting down transportation costs.


Non-profit organizations

Bus.com wants to help those on a humanitarian mission. Non-profit organizations can benefit from a sprinter van rental for easy access throughout New York city and to its neighboring areas. We also understand your need for flexibility and help you build an itinerary through our online book tool  and our booking agents.

Bus.com is trusted by companies big and small

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More passenger van rentals


Student groups

Student groups of all ages in NYC can enjoy the comfort and amenities of sprinter van rentals. Passenger van rentals  are a great source of bonding, whether students and teachers are going on field trips, tournaments, sporting events or competitions. Sprinter van rentals also make for great shuttle services for student groups, and can be used to welcome students from schools outside of New York City.


K-12 field trips

K-12 Field Trips are an excellent way for students to bond, whether they are classmates, school mates, or simply sharing a similar experience. Our sprinter van rentals are a great platform for student comfort, as they come with amenities such as WiFi, ensuring a safe and comfortable NYC field trip.



New York City is brimming with some of the nation’s most highly-regarded festivals. Sprinter van rentals for smaller groups eliminate the stress of festival transportation, ensuring festival-goers safely getting to and from a festival – wherever it may be in New York City.


Tour groups

A city full of culture, history, events and parties, there is never a shortage of tour groups in New York City. Intercity travel is now easier and more comfortable than ever with our sprinter van rentals, transporting visitors from one area to another with minimum stress.


Touring bands

A musician’s rest and comfort are of top priority for optimum performances. Sprinter van rentals give touring bands and orchestras the amenities they may need to be productive while on the road. Along with high-speed WiFi, passenger van rentals  also have storage space for musical instruments and equipment.


Spiritual & church groups

A city full of spiritual and religious diversity, New York is brimming with spiritual and church events. Sprinter van rentals are a customizable and efficient solution to transport your spiritual and church groups within venues, events, retreats, and special occasions.

Other bus types available for rent


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats

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