ViaHero and Better Together

Have you heard of ViaHero? It’s an online trip planning service that allows you to hire a local to plan an amazing, locally-geared itinerary for you and your group. More and more travelers are adopting it every year as it provides a great way to explore a new destination without getting stuck in the same old tourist traps. is proud to be a partner of ViaHero. Together, we can bring passengers the best of what modern transportation solutions have to offer. In celebration of our partnership, here are five reasons to start getting excited about the ways in which this collaboration can benefit you!  

Travel uniquely with the knowledge of a Hero

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what is worth seeing and what deserves a passover when you are traveling to a new vacation destination. This can ring true whether it is somewhere off the beaten path, or somewhere that is lauded by tourists for its multitude of attractions. For the former, it can be easy to write a destination off as a dud without much to see. For the latter, it can be equally as easy to get lost in the potential in the multitude of sights to see. 

When you pair yourself up with a local Hero, you let them take the wheel and show you all that their area has to offer.  When you spend a while living in a place, you naturally get to know things about it. Was a local haunt once the preferred go-to of a local celebrity? Was the local mid-sized building actually the first skyscraper of the country? There are some things that you just can’t find in guide books. Your Hero can take a look at your interests and point you in the direction of destinations that will be interesting to you. 

Gain peace of mind with the safety recommendations of a local Hero

These are complicated times that we live in. In the context of the current pandemic, it can be hard to keep on top of the latest security recommendations. Your local Hero can help keep you abreast to all of the latest safety advisories for the particular area that you are traveling to. This is especially useful if you are looking to keep up with the current COVID-19 safety recommendations, which can vary greatly depending on state or province or even county. 

Discover new locations that you wouldn’t have otherwise found

It takes a long time to learn about the special locations in a particular area. While there is a lot to be said about reading up about it on the internet, the fact of the matter is that there are some things that only the locals know. If you want to make your trip truly unique, rely on the knowledge of your local Hero and allow them to plan your trip for you. 

This is especially true if you are an event organizer or a trip planner who is planning an itinerary for a large number of people. That’s a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders! Fortunately, with your secret weapon — your Hero — you will be able to plan a trip that your participants will remember for years to come. 

Plan your transportation and itinerary all at once

If we can order our meals online, book our appointments online, and even find our apartments online, doesn’t it make sense that we would also be able to book all of our travel activities online? You would think so, but unfortunately it isn’t always that simple. However, with ViaHero and, it really is that easy.

For example, with, you can rent your charter bus services online at the click of the button. This is true even if you are booking for a large route or booking for a trip that is going to feature multiple itineraries. Our proprietary online system can provide you with pricing options and quotes within seconds. You can even book your trip immediately and not pay until 21 days before your trip run date. 

With ViaHero, the process is equally simple. As the traveler, all you are responsible for doing is inputting your trip details. The online booking tool will then match you with the perfect Hero for you and your trip needs. 

Don’t Stress Over Your Plans Changing 

More than ever, flexibility is at the top of every traveler’s mind. One of the things that ViaHero and share is their flexible cancellation policy. We believe that nobody should be held back from planning their trip because of concerns over their plans changing.

Ready to start planning your trip?

Visit the and ViaHero’s partnership page to learn more about how this combination can benefit you