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Boston bus rentals for students makes renting a bus for your college or university group both easy and efficient

When you come to Boston for college, you don’t just come for the education, you come for the city. There’s always something to do in Boston, and as a student, there are multiple opportunities to get hands-on experiences to help cement your learning. Public transportation on the T is on point, if you need to visit someone or just hang out. The high concentration of students means you can easily connect with others who have a shared experience, whether you’re sticking to your school, or going beyond it. Most importantly, perhaps, the food is delicious and there are so many fun things to explore.

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Which bus type is right for me?

When you’re planning your Boston college trips, there are numerous factors to consider when you select a bus. Some buses have more amenities— perhaps amenities you don’t need. Different sizes impact pricing and are appropriate for different groups. From the most budget-friendly to the most luxurious, we have options for your college trip.
Coach bus
As our most luxurious option, the coach bus comes packed with amenities, including a restroom, storage space above seats and below the bus, and reclining chairs. A coach bus is ideal for groups with many participants who are traveling more than 3 hours.
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School bus
Who doesn’t remember the classic yellow school bus? Our school buses can fit up to 52 people. They’re especially great if you’re transporting a large group and have a shorter distance to travel. They’re perfect for nearby sporting events or other competitions.
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Mini bus
A minibus is really quite similar to a school bus, and so its amenities are also comparable. The biggest difference is the size of the charter bus. A minibus can seat up to 21 people and is perfect for a smaller group.
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Colleges and universities in Boston

Boston is perhaps one of the best-known cities for its colleges and universities: there are nearly 100 of them located within the greater Boston area and a quarter of a million college students in attendance. With so many colleges and universities in the area, it’s hard to narrow it down to a handful, but we did! Here’s an overview of some of the best-known institutions of higher education in the Boston area.

Boston University

Boston University, like many others on this list, is a renowned research university, with an R1 designation by Carnegie. Its student body consists of more than 35,000 students from over 130 countries, and they participate in more than 300 different programs of study. The university was established in 1839 as the Newbury Biblical Institute, and at the time was affiliated with the United Methodist Church; the university charter was obtained in 1869. An especially noteworthy person affiliated with the university is Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876 while working as a professor in a Boston University laboratory.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music is renowned for its jazz and modern music programs. It was founded by Lawrence Berk in 1945 and today, worldwide, is the largest independent college of contemporary music. Initially the school was called Schillinger House. Berk changed its name in 1954 after his son, Lee, to Berklee School of Music. Throughout its history, the school’s faculty has been comprised mostly of performers rather than just academics. This was integral to Berk’s music philosophy. Berklee added the “college” to its name in 1970. Alumni from Berklee have won numerous prestigious awards, including Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar Awards.


Harvard University hardly needs an introduction, however we’ll provide you with some interesting facts about the school. It is the oldest educational institution in the United States and traces its founding back to 1636 when the Massachusetts Bay Colony voted it into existence. Its motto is “Veritas,” which was incorporated into its seal in 1843. Harvard’s alumni list includes presidents, billionaries, Nobel Laureates, and Olympic medalists, among other accomplishments. In total, they have just over 36,000 students, across graduate, undergraduate, and extension programs. Their library is the largest academic library in the world (even larger than that of Oxford or Cambridge) and their campus acreage is nearly 5,500 acres!

Boston college

The Jesuits founded Boston College in 1863 after John McElroy, S.J, saw a need to educate the predominantly Irish-Catholic immigrant population. In 1909, the president at the time, Thomas Gasson, S.J., purchased 31 acres so as to expand in the Chestnut Hill region. Today, the college has 340 acres with three campus locations: Chestnut Hill (main), Newton (satellite), and Brighton (also satellite). “Ever to excel,” the school’s motto, exemplifies its liberal arts focus. Carnegie recognizes its research contributions as well; it is classified as R1 (very high research activity). Boston College’s current President, William Leahy, S.J., began his tenure in 1996 and he has been instrumental in the school’s growth.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s main campus is located in the heart of Boston. The school was founded in 1898 as “The Evening Institute for Younger Men;” classes were originally held at a YMCA. It was incorporated as Northeastern College in 1916, and changed its name to Northeastern University six years later, in 1922. Although the school has undergone many changes over the years (admitting women, shifting their academic calendar to allow for a shift in co-op placement), it today is known as a premier research facility. Carnegie rates it as an R1 facility. The school has an enrollment of roughly 26,000 students across graduate and undergraduate populations.

UMass Boston

University of Massachusetts, Boston is better known as UMass Boston. Although the University of Massachusetts system dates back prior to the 1900s, the Boston campus only has been around since 1964 when the state legislation moved forward with funding. Today, the school is the only public research university in Boston. Its current campus overlooks the waterfront and the school is known for its urban design. Annually they have around 16,000 undergrad and grad students, comprised of a diverse population. The school has an intimate student to teacher ratio of 16:1, and offers nearly 200 programs of combined grad and undergrad degrees and certificates. is trusted by companies big and small
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