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Charter a bus rental to the University of Chicago

Whether you’re visiting your future dorm or attending a world-renowned conference, charter a Chicago bus rental for your next trip to the University of Chicago. Renting a bus in Chicago is easy, reliable, and cost-effective thanks to We’ll match you with the perfect Chicago bus rental company for your trip.

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Why charter a bus for the University of Chicago

Depending on the length of time you’ll spend on board, rent either a Chicago school bus or coach bus. If you’re going to be on the road longer than two hours, choose the coach bus. More amenities, like wifi and air conditioning, are available on coach buses, and there is loads of space in the undercarriage for luggage or sports equipment. If you have any questions about charter buses in Chicago, we’re here to help!

About the surrounding area

Host of the 1893 Chicago World Fair, Hyde Park has supported innovation and greatness for over a century. It’s the site of the University of Chicago, but also the Museum of Science and Industry, the DuSable Museum of African American History, Hyde Park Art Center, and the Court Theater. Oh, and the family home of one history-making president (*cough Barack Obama) is right down the street. You’ll also find beautiful urban greenery like Nichols Park, where gardens and play areas attract young families, and Promontory Point, an estate and popular wedding destination. Whether it’s a museum, a play, a historical tour, or a college visit that draws you to Hyde Park, book a Chicago bus rental for your ground transportation. Our booking specialists can help you plan an itinerary with stops at all the most important sites.

About the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s motto is “Let knowledge grow from more to more, and so be human life enriched.” Since its founding in 1890, the university has done more than its fair share of enriching human life. Besides educating hundreds of thousands of eager minds, the University of Chicago is turning out some pretty high profile alumni including Satya Nadella, Carl Sagan, and Susan Sontag. It also supported the first American Nobel Laureate, Albert A Michelson, who measured the speed of light and took home the Nobel Prize in 1907. The campus is almost as impressive as its alumni. Modeled after Oxford, the buildings are a mix of English Gothic style and sleek new developments. It’s also home to a few famous labs that have released groundbreaking research and changed the world.

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Are you traveling here from a nearby city? Learn more about charter bus rental in these areas, and how you can set up group transportation straight from these cities.

Other popular Chicago destinations

San Francisco is a city that proudly celebrates its fast-paced zany culture with an incline for the out-of-ordinary, arts, fine wine, and outdoors activities. Brimming with museums, art galleries, hiking and camping spots, marathon races, vineyards, and breathtaking views of its hills, you’ll never run out of things to do and places to explore in San Francisco.

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