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Charter a bus to Los Angeles Sport Team Bus Rentals

Los Angeles Sports Team Bus Rentals

For coaches, parents, team managers, or anyone that plans sport tournaments or team trips, renting a team bus is something you’ll encounter along the way. The team is here to help your team navigate our versatile fleet of Los Angeles buses, walk you through the quick and easy process of choosing the right bus rental for your team’s needs, and ensure a successful team road trip from start to finish.

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Easy Team Bus Rentals

For an away tournament near Los Angeles, beyond SoCal, or out of state, our online booking tool and award-winning booking specialists will help you choose the best bus rental option for your team’s needs. From coach buses and school buses, to the smaller mini coach and minibus, you’ll be delighted by how easy it is to choose and charter a bus rental with And with 24/7 support available leading up to and through your trip, all your questions will be answered, and you can focus on training for the big game.

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Team bus rentals for little league and youth sports teams.

Youth Sports Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Managing a youth sports team is about far more than just game time. When it comes to dealing with minors, the number one priority is always safety, on and off both the field and your charter bus rental. As an adult in charge, keeping the kids safe is your responsibility, especially in a populous city like Los Angeles.


That means some advance preparation is necessary: As a chaperone, you have to collect a good deal of information from the parents of any minor, and you should know which legal documents to carry with you while the kids are under your supervision.


Also near the top of the list are convenience and fun. Does it make sense to rent a bus with a bathroom on board? (Probably.) Should you plan for a few pit stops along the way so they can stretch their legs? (Definitely.) Plan to bring snacks and organize games the group can play while on the road. And always keep a headcount and refer back to it often, ensuring full attendance each and every time you board the bus.

Basket ball team bus rentals for tournaments and away games

Basketball Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

When it comes time to put aside your clipboard and forget about the Xs and Os for a second to plan the logistics of your away tournament, is here to help. A basketball team has a small roster compared with other sports, which means you can save money on your charter bus rental with a smaller option like a minibus. There’s less equipment to travel with as well, which means the undercarriage storage of a mini coach bus might not be needed.


And while a basketball roster is smaller, its players are not, so they might appreciate the comfortable seats and extra legroom all the way to Los Angeles and back! Consult our basketball coach’s checklist for more tips on planning an away game or tournament, including some ideas for tourism in the cities you’re visiting.

Hockey team bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Hockey Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

For hockey teams in Los Angeles, the best option is to charter a coach bus rental. The undercarriage storage will come through in a big way for your hockey team. Hockey Moms and Dads know all about the struggle that comes with transporting hockey bags, but a team bus eliminates that pesky pregame routine of stuffing bags in your trunk with fingers crossed.

Your coach bus storage will fit every player’s bags and sticks underneath the bus.Trust us on this: Everyone will appreciate the undercarriage even more after the game. Storing gear in a contained area separate from your seating means not dealing with that distinctive hockey smell your equipment carries.


Speaking of equipment, the last thing you want to do is leave something behind. Avoid disaster with our hockey equipment checklist — share it with your coaches and equipment manager, add any items that we haven’t included, and be sure to consult your list as you load the bus.

Football team charter bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Football Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Getting your gridiron gang to the field for practice or for the big game is a full team effort. It all starts with choosing the right vehicle, and football’s big rosters and large equipment hauls require a bus rental with plenty of seating and undercarriage storage.


The coach bus combines size and comfort in a way that no other bus can. Since football players tend to come in many shapes and sizes, the coach bus’s cushy leather seats and generous leg space are guaranteed to keep your players happy.


Managing your team’s equipment can be a tall task, from taking inventory to packing everything strategically. Thankfully, the coach bus has handy undercarriage storage that handles all sorts of oversized luggage, including football equipment.


And when it’s time to unload your locker room into the bus, don’t begin without consulting our football coach checklist for planning away games. Our equipment checklist helps you to remember everything and we even throw in a few tips on booking hotels and making the most of the off-field portion of your trip to Los Angeles.

Soccer team charter bus rentals for away games and tournaments.

Soccer Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

For your Los Angeles area soccer team, booking a charter bus to transport your team can be as easy as contacting filling out our online trip builder tool, and you’ll have the ball rolling in no time.


One of the most popular questions we get is when to book a bus. The answer: As soon as possible. Once you know you need a bus, you should get to booking it right away — even if you’re not ready with the funds. Our convenient Book Now, Pay Later option allows you to reserve your bus while delaying payment until three weeks ahead of your departure date.


Next, you should create an itinerary for your soccer team around your game schedule. You might want to incorporate team stretching, video sessions, or team-building activities. Make sure to indicate all pick-up and drop-off times and locations clearly for your driver and your team members. Finally, don’t forget to pack oranges for halftime!

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