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Known for its iconic Mount Royal, old cobblestone streets, and its delicious poutine, Montreal has a certain European flair that few North American cities possess. As a destination for a sports tournament or an away game, it’s absolutely merveilleux. Whether you’re visiting the city with your team or planning a tournament in Montreal,’s online booking tool and professional services can help you plan all of your team transportation needs.

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One of the things you’ll notice once you cross the border into Quebec is that all the signs are in French. This along with the city’s notorious construction detours can make Montreal tough to navigate. When you rent a charter bus, your expert driver has local knowledge and takes all those stresses away so you can focus on the big game instead of the road. Whether you ride in a coach bus or a minibus, navigating foreign streets in your team bus is no big deal.

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Team bus rentals for little league and youth sports teams.

Youth Sports Bus Rentals in Montreal

It’s true that Montreal is one of the most vibrant cities for adults in search of nightlife, but it’s also one of the safest for children. Still, even in the safest of cities, transporting a team full of minors is a challenge; it takes advance preparation, knowledge of the law, and logistics. Renting a charter bus is the first step toward ensuring a safe and responsible trip for your youth sports team.


At, we provide you with some resources to help you understand the uniqueness of travelling with minors. Consult our guide to responsible youth team transportation to learn how to optimize the travel experience for your youngsters. This guide tells you all you need to know about bus chartering a bus for minors.

Basket ball team bus rentals for tournaments and away games

Basketball Team Bus Rentals in Montreal

Managing transportation for a basketball team isn’t always as simple as arranging transportation, splitting players into carpool groups, and providing directions. Basketball players are notoriously tall people, and it can get pretty uncomfortable trying to squeeze three of them — long limbs and all — into the backseat of an assistant coach’s compact car for a three-hour drive. Instead, if you’re heading to Montreal from Toronto, New York, or Boston, opt for a more comfortable and spacious ride for your players — they’ll thank you later.


Aside from comfort, a charter bus also provides peace of mind for your basketball team while on the road. You can rest assured that your driver will be waiting for you in front of the hotel prior to departure time for a big game, and if anything does go wrong on the road, your chaperone will have access to our 24/7 Emergency Line for immediate help.

Hockey team bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Hockey Team Bus Rentals in Montreal

In these parts, hockey isn’t just a favourite sport. For many Montrealers, it’s practically the only thing that matters. That passion is sure to reverberate through your hockey team as you travel to the home of the Habs.


From the Bell Centre to the varioushockey rinks and arenas around town to the sports bars hanging bleu-blanc-rouge flags out of their windows, you can literally see how much hockey means to the city as you drive around. The best way to capture the essence of that passion is by leaving the driving to someone else, and sitting by the window of your team bus to take it all in.


With a rented bus, you can let your own hockey spirit shine through on the streets of the 514 with a custom branded bus wrap. When you show up to the rink with a bus draped in team colours and all your team’s equipment neatly stored in the undercarriage, opposing players will know you mean business.

Football team charter bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Football Team Bus Rentals in Montreal

In Canada, football is played at the university level and at the professional level. In the pro Canadian Football League, the Montreal Alouettes share their home field with the McGill University team. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to play at Percival Molson Stadium, perched high up on Mount Royal with a spectacular view of the city. Apart from being scenic, you know what a mountaintop stadium means? A heckuva climb to get there! With a team bus, that trek becomes a breeze.


A charter bus can keep your entire football team together,With the size of a football roster and coaching staff, though, you might want to rent one bus for the offence and one for the defence. Also convenient: Coach buses can hold all your team’s equipment in the same place. When you see Montreal on the schedule for an upcoming away game, know that a team bus is your best option both for getting into the city and getting around it.

Soccer team charter bus rentals for away games and tournaments.

Soccer Team Bus Rentals in Montreal

Nearly all high schools in Montreal have both a boys and girls soccer team, so yours is not the first squad to travel into La Belle Province for a tournament. As a soccer coach, you often think about how you can motivate your team to play fast and to support the ball. While booking transportation probably isn’t your thing, it is ours, and we make the process as quick and efficient as possible while providing responsive trip planning support the whole way through.


Soccer is one of Montreal’s most popular sports, and with the help of your charter bus rental, we’ll help you navigate the city’s many neighbourhoods and soccer venues around town. When you rent a team bus for your soccer team, you’re guaranteed a responsible driver from a bus supplier that’s been vetted for quality and safety.

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