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Corporate trips are part and parcel of the business world, even in the thick of the digital age. From conferences and corporate retreats, to shareholder meetings and even holiday parties, there are some things you just can’t do over email. Executives and employees at almost every level are required to travel at one time or another — with some spending more time on the road than not — and we believe they deserve the very best in transportation: a comfortable, convenient charter bus rental.

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Bus types offered

Your choice of vehicle depends entirely on your needs. The coach bus and mini coach bus will get you there in comfort and style, while the school bus and minibus are perfect for short trips and shuttle services. Whichever vehicle you choose, it will come with a courteous and professional driver who has your schedule, comfort, and safety in mind, so that you can focus on making the most of your corporate trip to Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia team building events

Philadelphia has been a popular meeting place ever since the Founding Fathers convened to sign the Declaration of Independence. We’re thinking there wasn’t much in the way of team building activities back then. Luckily, today’s Philly is teeming with art, culture, delicious eats, and of course, good corporate fun.


Designed with the business community in mind, CityHUNT offers outside-the-box scavenger hunts to allow your team to blow off steam and strengthen bonds in a stress-free, fun environment. Explore Philly’s rich cultural, political, and architectural history, all while competing in groups to complete challenges, crack codes, and solve riddles.

Unscripted Productions

Not only is improv a great way for your team to let their hair down and have a good time, it also teaches invaluable skills that are adaptable to corporate life. It’s fun with a purpose! Created as a response to what founders call a “culture of no”, Unscripted Productions helps nurture an environment of collaboration, support, and communication, through fun, spontaneous interaction. And the quick 40-minute bus ride from Philly is a great opportunity to keep the fun going.

The Amazing Escape Room

Specializing in fun for the whole work family, Amazing Escape Room offers a multitude of different settings and experiences that will get your team’s minds and imaginations going. From spy secrets, to art gallery adventures, to disco drama, there’s something for every type of group. Bonds will be forged as your employees put their heads together and uncover not only their individual strengths, but their unstoppable force as a team.

Elite Climbing

A quick 15-minute bus trip from downtown Philadelphia, this NJ climbing facility is a great way for your team to discover what they’re capable of, all while building trust within the group. On top of regular climbing and belaying, Elite Climbing also offers floor games and challenges as well as climbing games, with a focus on creative problem-solving, team collaboration, and leadership development. You can follow it up with a debrief session to allow participants to reflect on what they accomplished and how it applies to the workplace.

The biggest industries in Philadelphia

Considered the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia was once the largest city in British America. It’s not much farther down the line today — now occupying sixth place, it is the economic hub of Pennsylvania, and home to several Fortune 1000 companies.

Higher education

Home to the University of Pennsylvania, arguably the oldest university in the US and one of the founding members of the Association of American Universities, Philadelphia is a top destination for higher learning. The city has more than 300,000 college and university students in the Metropolitan area attending over 80 universities, colleges, trade, and specialty schools, and boasts five of the country’s top schools of medicine, as well, including the oldest med school in America, UPenn’s Perelman.


Once called the “Workshop of the World”, Philadelphia has seen its manufacturing numbers reduce considerably (from almost 400,000 jobs in the 1950s to around 20,000 today), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bright future. The landscape of manufacturing is changing, and it looks less like menial factory work than it does highly skilled technical work. In fact, the emergence of 3D printing as a manufacturing tool has allowed for many startups to get creative in shaping the definition of manufacturing, and what it means for Philadelphia.

Oil refining

Since the second half of the nineteenth century, Philadelphia has been America’s petroleum hub. Its location near the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers provided easy water access for the refining process as well as for export. The city’s role as an exporter waned significantly over the course of the twentieth century due to increased drilling activities around the world, among other factors. The industry has remained resilient, however, adapting well to the changes in the oil industry, and today much of its activities are centered around imported shale oil.


Given that the city is home to five prestigious schools of medicine, it’s no wonder Philadelphia is at the forefront of the healthcare industry. The sector accounts for more that 20% of employment in Philadelphia, higher than the national average. Its recent emergence as a hub for biotechnology has bolstered the city’s healthcare industry as well, allowing for important advances benefitting hospitals, clinics, and research centers alike.


So many Biotech companies are choosing Philadelphia over more traditionally popular tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, for a multitude of reasons. First, being home to a number of highly reputed medical schools has created an environment for innovation to thrive, as well as a highly-collaborative community. And, since hosting the BIO conference in 2015, Philadelphia has seen unprecedented growth in areas including lab space, NIH funding, and more, as well as a 50% increase in venture capital funding.

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