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Whether it’s for an employee shuttle or to help event attendees reach the destination, minibus rentals are the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient way to move around this city. Our online booking tool makes it quick and easy to rent a minibus charter, or you can contact us on [email protected] if you need assistance in booking.

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Whether it’s for an employee shuttle or to help event attendees reach the destination, minibus rentals are the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient way to move around this city. Our online booking tool makes it quick and easy to rent a minibus charter, or you can contact us on [email protected] if you need assistance in booking.
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Philadelphia Minibus Rentals FAQs

Read our Philadelphia minibus rentals FAQs for more information on minibus rental prices, amenities, how to book, and more!

Why rent a minibus in Philadelphia?

Minibus rentals offer a safe and reliable ride for smaller groups, accommodating up to 21 people at a time. Our minibus rentals come with a qualified and experienced driver to ensure you safely arrive at your destination and back again. With our book now pay later feature, you can book your minibus rental well in advance and defer payment up until 21 days before your departure.

What are the benefits of renting a minibus in Philadelphia?

Minibus rentals Philadelphia are cost and fuel-efficient, transporting up to 21 passengers at a time with ease. Minibus charters are extremely versatile and can be used for both shorter trips and hops within Philadelphia. Minibus rentals also ensure that everybody gets to the destination on time, while reducing traffic, and reducing each passenger’s carbon footprint.

What amenities are available on a minibus rental in Philadelphia?

Minibus rentals come equipped with a wide range of amenities and configurations. Typically, minibus rentals come with air conditioning, power outlets, as well as a fully vetted and experienced driver. Our minibus rentals can also be equipped with DVD/TV, audiovisual equipment, Wifi connectivity, and aux outlets. Contact our booking specialists to learn more about amenities on our minibus rentals.

How much does a minibus rental in Philadelphia cost?

The average minibus rental price ranges between $400 and $900 daily. Minibus rental prices differ depending on your trip location, date, length, and fuel prices. It is always recommended to book as early as possible to secure the lowest minibus rental price available. Our online booking tool generates an instant minibus rental price for your trip once you input your details! If you are trying to estimate the cost of renting a minibus for year-round shuttle service, please get in touch with our booking specialists for a quote.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest minibus rental prices in Philadelphia?

While there are different ways to get the best minibus rental prices, the best option is booking during the off-season, usually between December and March. This is when minibus rental  prices are at their lowest because of the low traffic.

If your event is in the peak season, you can still enjoy the low minibus rental prices by booking in advance. also offers a competitive  price-matching program that tries to match you with the lowest minibus rental prices.

How do I book a minibus rental in Philadelphia?

Booking a minibus rental has never been easier than with’s online booking tool. Once you input your trip details, our tool will generate you a detailed estimate for minibus rentals in your vicinity. Each quote is valid for three days, and you are under no obligation to go through with it. If it expires, simply request a new quote or contact a booking specialist for more information on minibus rentals in Philadelphia.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s customer service team is on hand  to handle any questions or concerns you might have about a minibus charter rental in Philadelphia. Reach out to us directly at [email protected], and we’d be happy to help.

Philadelphia Minibus Rentals Use Cases

A number of groups turn to minibus rentals for all their transportation needs, including for corporate trips, conferences, tournament travel, and more.


Whether planning a team building retreat, company-wide training, a trade show, or a conference, corporations in Philadelphia regularly turn to minibus rentals. Minibus charters help your team build meaningful relationships while on the road, and remain productive. They are also a great way to offer an incentive to your employees by reducing their travel or commute costs. Launching an employee shuttle using minibus rentals can even help you cut down your carbon footprint.

Shuttle services

Minibus rentals make for convenient shuttle services, be it for an employee shuttle service or airport transportation. Accommodating up to 21 people at a time, a minibus rental is ideal for shuttling passengers between destinations. Especially when time is of the essence, a minibus rental shuttle can help avoid getting stuck in traffic.


Transportation plays a crucial role to any conference, and is here to help. Minibus rentals ensure you conference attendees get to and from your destination safely and reliably. Our experienced drivers will worry about the traffic so you and your guests won’t have to.

Sports teams

Minibus rentals simplify transportation for sports teams, comfortably seating up to 21 athletes, coaches, and staff and their equipment with ease. Featuring generous undercarriage storage, minibus charters are an extremely wallet-friendly and convenient option for sports teams.

Event Planners

Securing reliable transportation is of paramount importance to any event, and ids here to help with convenient minibus rentals. Whether planning a private party, a corporate event, or community gathering , event planners in Philadelphia turn to minibus rentals for their convenience and affordability.


Wedding planning can be hectic, but finding reliable transportation should not be. Minibus rentals make for great wedding bus rentals, ensuring your guests get from the reception to the hall, and back home safely and reliably. Our fully-vetted and experienced driver will worry about traffic and parking so you won’t have to.


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With a large network of over 40,000 buses, can solve complex group transport challenges.

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Work with a single provider to manage group transportation across multiple cities anywhere in North America.

Employee Shuttle Services

Minibus rentals also make for convenient employee shuttle services, transporting your staff from the worksite and back again in complete comfort – without breaking the bank.

Construction Projects

Construction projects require coordinated, timely, and safe transportation for contractors, engineers, site supervisors, and inspectors. Minibus rentals help reduce congestion on construction sites and ensure your entire staff gets to work on time and ready to go.

Military Personnel

Military personnel have unique transportation needs compared to civilian ones, and is here to help. offers DoD and GSA-approved minibus rentals for military personnel, ensuring your team gets to where they need to be safely and reliably.

Government groups has a plethora of experience coordinating travel for all branches of the government, including federal, state, and municipal. Minibus rentals are the most convenient way to transport government groups, offering a comfortable and affordable way around Philadelphia.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations in Philadelphia plan many activities including  fundraisers and community events, and transportation once again plays a crucial role. Minibus rentals offer non-profit organizations a budget and wallet-friendly method of transportation, comfortably seating up to 21 people.

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More Minibus Rental Uses

Minibus rentals are beloved for their versatility and affordability, and can be used for a variety of additional trip types, including student travel, K-12 field trips, and more.

Student groups

Whether planning a trip for a case competition, debate club, Model UN, or a hackathon, student groups in Philadelphia often turn to our convenient minibus rentals. Minibus charters ensure they get to their destination safely and on time. Minibus rentals also keep the entire group consolidated into one vehicle, helping students create long-lasting memories for years to come.

K-12 field trips

Field trips offer K-12 students great learning opportunities, and transportation plays a key role. MInibus rentals are among the safest methods of transportation for group travel, ensuring your students get to the field trip and back again reliably. Our fully-vetted and experienced drivers will navigate the busy Philadelphia traffic so you don’t have to.


Festival-goers often rely on the convenience and versatility of minibus rentals for all their transportation needs. Whether you are looking to book one minibus rental, or a fleet of them, has an abundance of experience at coordinating safe and reliable festival transportation.

Tour groups

Multi-destination trips and tours require reliable transportation to run smoothly. Minibus rentals in Philadelphia are the best way to navigate city tours and visit all the historic sites in the city of Brotherly Love. Our fully-vetted and experienced driver will navigate the Philadelphia traffic and eliminate the hassle of finding parking.

Touring bands

Touring bands spend a lot of time on the road, making charter bus rentals the best transportation option. Philadelphia touring bands often turn to minibus rentals and due to our flexibility, customizability, and ability to accommodate last-minute changes. Minibus rentals will ensure your touring group is well rested ahead of your next show.

Spiritual and church groups

Youth groups, clergy meetings, outreach or mission trips, community events, and congregation transportation require reliable transportation. Spiritual groups book minibus rentals for all their transportation needs, transporting up to 21 passengers at a time with ease. Minibus charters can even be fitted to accommodate mobility-restricted worshippers.

Other Philadelphia bus types available for rent


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats