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Spiritual trips are a fulfilling way to enjoy some of Toronto’s essential group destinations or engage in nearby socially-distanced activities while deepening your faith with members of your community. Those who plan spiritual trips know that they take a lot of organization and effort. A charter bus rental allows you to focus on the parts of the trip that matter: community building, spiritual activities, participants. Toronto has many spiritual locations that might interest your group — wouldn’t it be nice to lead icebreakers or prayer from a charter bus rather than splinter your group into a caravan and carpool?

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Our buses can meet all of your needs, no matter how small or large your church group is. We have minibuses for small groups and coach buses for larger groups that have to travel a long distance.

Famous Spiritual Landmarks in Toronto

Trinity-St. Paul Church

Trinity-St. Paul has a rich history and today is home to a United Church of Canada congregation. The church is located at 427 Bloor St. West, in the heart of downtown Toronto. It’s comprised of three congregations that combined over the years. Edmund Burke designed the original building for Trinity Methodist Church in a Revived Romanesque style. It was completed in 1889. Church union in 1925 brought it into the UCC and in 1980, they merged with St. Paul’s-Avenue Road (founded in 1887). Today, its official name is the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice, and the Arts. It houses sixty different “cultural, educational, religious, recreational, community and social service groups.” The facility offers affordable and flexible spaces for rent and the congregation holds weekly worship services on Sundays.

St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica

St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica (Roman Catholic) is one of the oldest churches in Toronto. It’s located at 65 Bond Street in Garden District, a busy part of downtown Toronto. William Thomas designed the church in English Gothic Revival style. Construction began in 1845 and the diocese dedicated and consecrated the church three years later, in 1848. One of its main attraction is its seventy-nine meter bell tower. Another is the three stained-glass windows, which are all handblown stained glass.  The building has had two renovations (1865-1867 and in 1890). Recently, the facility was closed for restoration from part of 2015 through part of 2016. The cathedral still functions as a parish, with regular Mass and other services.


The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is located in Etobicoke, on 61 Claireville Dr. It is a Hindu temple within the Swaminarayan branch of Hindusim. It is the largest of its kind in Canada and has over 18 acres of property. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The BAPS has two main components: the maunder and the haveli. The mandir took 18 months to construct. It’s made entirely from stone and marble with no steel or reinforcing materials located inside. The Haveli is a cultural center and features traditional Indian architecture with intricate hand-carved Buremese teak. BAPS has extensive clothing guidelines you should check out if you’re considering a visit. There is free parking and all guests must remove shoes before they enter. Donations are optional and entrance is free. The location serves as a place of worship for the Hindu community.

Cham Shan Buddhist Temple

Cham Shan Buddhist Temple was founded in 1973 by one of the earliest Buddhist organizations in Toronto. The temple features traditional Chinese architecture and has expanded over the years. Today, there are four acres to the property. The temple is open from 9-5; entry and tours are free, with an option for donation. Visitors leave their shoes outside before entering the temple, as a sign of respect. The current abbott is Venerable Dayi Shi. The temple is currently developing the Four Great Sacred Buddhist Gardens in Canada (which spans 1300 acres, in total). For those who are interested in learning more about Buddhism, the temple hosts dharma talks, meditations, chanting, and repentance services.

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