Tour Bus Rentals in Los Angeles: An Easy Way to Transport Student Groups

Whether you’re travelling for school or you’re trying to escape school, Los Angeles is a bucket-list destination for every student. UCLA, the University of Southern California, and the California Institute of Technology are all in the area—not to mention Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, and Universal Studios. Whatever your reason for visiting LA, there’s a lot to consider, especially when organizing a group of student travellers. You’ll have to gather permission slips, budget group meals, schedule tours of all the best attractions, and book accommodations. Let take care of the transportation by helping you book your Los Angeles charter bus.

Here are our picks, tips, and tricks for student group travel in LA:

Have a Los Angeles Charter Bus Pick You Up at LAX

The key to a successful group trip is keeping everyone together. Skip the separate cabs and charter a bus to pick up your entire group at the airport. LAX is one of the busiest airports in America, so plan ahead and know where you’re going as soon as you step off the plane. Check online to find out which terminal you’ll exit through, and coordinate with your bus operator to have them meet you in the correct drop-off and pick-up zone. Each terminal at LAX has a designated spot for charter buses.

Charter bus rental pick-up at LAX airport

Hotel or Hostel? Accommodations for Every Group

Budgets, number of students, and even travel vibes vary from group to group. But with so many options available in LA, it’s easy to find accommodations to suit your group. We recommend Hotel Angeleno for groups checking out UCLA. It’s only 3 minutes from campus and offers discounts for UCLA visitors. For students looking to experience a little LA glitz, try Farmer’s Daughter Hotel. It’s located near the University of Southern California and decorated in a hip yet comfortable modern style. If you’re on a budget, check out the Venice Beach Hostel. It’s great for groups and is located right on the beach. One final tip: Have your Los Angeles bus rental take you straight from the airport to your hotel, and let everyone settle in before starting the fun. Your group members will thank you for a little down time!

Rent a bus with to get your group to the hotel

Choice Attractions for Students

Charter bus rentals in Los Angeles can do more than get you from the airport to the hotel. Using’s easy online booking tool, you can plan multiple stops on a tour. Plan a trip to some of LA’s top museums, libraries, and cultural centers, keeping those field trip vibes going. We recommend taking in the Life & Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center, the Los Angeles Freedom Rally, 1963 exhibit at the California African American Museum, and a tour of the historic Huntington Library. All of these places will provide guided tours for a small fee or suggested donation, so consider incorporating some budget-friendly educational components into your itinerary.

Student groups visit museums by bus rental in Los Angeles

Feed a Crowd of Hungry Students

When feeding a large group, there are a few things to consider: dietary restrictions, budget, and space. Here are our favourite eateries in LA that can accommodate traveling students. The Button Mash on Sunset Boulevard serves a mix of Asian and American meals in an arcade atmosphere with both vintage and contemporary games. They have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. El Coyote in Fairfax is the oldest Mexican restaurant in LA and can accommodate groups of up to 100 (that’s about two school buses worth of students!). Finally, check out India’s Grill, a favourite of LA locals looking to feed a crowd.

Attractions Worth a Study Break

Whatever your reason for coming to LA, be it a field trip, conference, or college tour, you need to make time for fun. We recommend the following attractions for some plain old fashioned good times. The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is sure to please a crowd, because what student doesn’t love The Simpsons? You could spend a whole day at Universal Studios or any of the many theme parks in the area. If you’re travelling with sports fans, take everyone to a game at Dodger Stadium or the Staples Center. You could also take advantage of that Los Angeles charter bus rental to plan your very own tour of Hollywood.

Theme Park Accessible by Bus Rental in Los Angeles

Traveling for a Student Performance?

If you’re travelling with a group of student dancers, musicians, actors, or even mimes, Los Angeles offers a host of venue options. Royce Hall on the UCLA campus is home to the Los Angeles Ballet, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and it could be home to your school band and dance troupe. It was recently renovated and can be rented out for any type of performance. Looking for an auditorium in the mid-sized range? Check out the Los Angeles Theater Center run by the Latino Theater Company. Their Tom Bradley Theater has 496 seats waiting to be filled. If you’re looking for something a little more avant-garde, we recommend the Lovelace Studio Theater at the Wallis, a small 150-seater with great acoustics and a welcoming feel that’s perfect for experimentation. One more thing: if you’re travelling with lots of props, costumes, and set pieces, rent a coach bus and take advantage of the extra luggage space.

Student dancers at venue in Los Angeles

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Selecting your Bus Type

Should you rent a school bus in Los Angeles? Is a coach bus better? A mini bus? can help you choose.

When chartering a bus rental in Los Angeles, there are certain factors to consider before making a final decision. The first is to ask yourself, “What kind of luxuries or amenities does my group need?” A school bus is fun for short trips, but it doesn’t have the same wide array of options that a coach bus has—we’re talking A/C, luggage space, comfy seats, and audio-visual equipment. The next factor to think about is the size of your group. A mini bus rental in Los Angeles can be just as comfortable as the full coach if you’re traveling with less than 20 students. Just remember to factor in suitcases, theatre props, or sports equipment when thinking about which bus size you’ll need.

school buses for rent

A Note About Traveling with Minors

Before you head out on your trip, make sure you have all your documentation in order. This is especially important if you are crossing state lines. Most organizers know that they need to collect permission slips. Many forget that they and everyone chaperoning the event must sign documentation that accepts their responsibility for the minors in the group.