Planning Student Transportation in Los Angeles

The sight of a student group traveling through the busy streets of Los Angeles aboard a charter bus rental may indeed be as ubiquitous as a celebrity sighting. From college and university campus visits to sightseeing tours, sports tournaments, or artistic performances, students are continually drawn to the wonders and landmarks of LA for a wide variety of interests. And for good reason!

Whether it’s to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, attend an academic conference or spiritual event, or to get a preview of campus life at one of Los Angeles’ illustrious higher learning institutions, a trip organizer has many factors to consider when planning for a group of student travelers. Gathering permission slips for minors, budgeting for meals, scheduling tour groups and booking accommodations – the perfect trip will establish a fine balance between all of these administrative concerns. And when it comes to ground transportation, you can count on to take the guesswork out of the equation for your Los Angeles charter bus rental.

Choosing the Right Charter Bus Rental for a Student Group

To a large degree, the charter bus rental option you choose will be determined by the size of the student group that will be touring The Big Orange. From there, other factors that will help you choose the optimal Los Angeles charter bus rental include the combined distance that will be traveled, the number of stops along the way, the transportation budget and the need for both luxury amenities and storage space. From a charter sprinter van to a coach bus, always be sure to account for suitcases, theatre props, musical instruments, sports equipment, or other miscellaneous gear when deciding which charter bus rental will best suit the purposes of the student group while navigating the City of Angels. From comfort to safety, at, we’ve got all your Los Angeles shuttle service options covered!

Los Angeles Coach Bus Rentals

Especially if your budget can handle the expense, student groups and chaperones alike will love the supreme comfort provided by a Los Angeles coach bus rental. Perfect for longer journeys, each charter coach bus can transport up to 55 passengers and offers a cutting-edge audio-visual system, pristine onboard restroom, air conditioning and plenty of room to store luggage and equipment.

If you’re traveling with a group of student athletes or a touring musical group, for example, the added convenience of ample undercarriage storage for sporting gear or instruments will no doubt make the journey that much easier for everyone involved. Along with the added bonus of plush seating, you can count on your student group arriving rested, collected and ready to perform. Watch a movie or take a nap – the choice is yours!

Los Angeles Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Once you’ve counted all the passengers who will be taking a charter bus around Los Angeles, if the final attendance is between 32-40, we’d highly recommend a Los Angeles mini coach bus rental. Not only will you save money as compared to a full-sized coach bus, but you won’t have to compromise on luxury. Each charter mini coach bus also includes comfortable seating, an audio-visual system, air conditioning, power outlets, Wi-Fi and plenty of room to store equipment. Perfect for a journey of any distance, the versatile mini coach bus can be a real budget saver depending on the number of passengers you will be shuttling around LA.

Los Angeles Minibus Rentals

Perhaps you’re organizing ground transportation for a student basketball or ice hockey team. Or maybe it’s for a debate club or another student organization. For rosters up to 21 passengers including the coaches or chaperones, a Los Angeles minibus rental makes a fine option. A charter minibus is both comfortable and efficient and includes amenities like cozy seating, audio-visual equipment, air conditioning and power outlets. Perfect for shorter trips, a charter minibus rental represents a compact and affordable transportation solution in LA.

Los Angeles School Bus Rentals

While the sight of students riding a classic yellow “cheese wagon” is no doubt apt, a Los Angeles charter school bus rental also represents the most budget-friendly transportation option when shuttling larger groups. Each charter school bus rental can accommodate up to 47 passengers. While streamlined with regard to amenities, the comparatively sparse nature of charter school buses also helps keep costs down. Of course, if you have hundreds or even thousands of students to shuttle around The Big Orange, can provide multiple charter school buses. We recommend Los Angeles school bus rentals for relatively shorter distances however.

How to rent a school bus

Los Angeles Sprinter Van Rentals

Whether it’s for a campus tour or a student club outing, in many cases you may only require transportation for up to 15 passengers. Our charter sprinter van rentals are sleek and stylish and include power outlets and a standard van-sized trunk. Some Los Angeles sprinter vans even offer Wi-Fi connectivity so students can get some work done or stream a film. For shorter trips around Los Angeles that involve smaller groups, the charter sprinter van makes a desirable option.

Key Considerations for Student Groups in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis that offers almost countless opportunities for student group visits. From sports tournaments to sightseeing, calling The Big Orange a “cultural hub” may be a gross understatement. What follows are some of the key considerations for student groups traveling through Los Angeles.

Have a Los Angeles Charter Bus Pick You Up at LAX

When it comes to student group trips, keeping everyone together is key to a successful experience. So instead of splitting up the group into separate taxis or rideshares, why not rent a charter bus to pick them up from the airport? Since LAX is one of the busiest airports in the United States, it’s essential to plan ahead and know where you’re going as soon as you step off the plane. To make sure everything goes smoothly, check online to find out which terminal you’ll be exiting from and be sure to meet your bus operator at the correct drop-off and pick-up zone. Fortunately, each terminal at LAX has a designated spot for charter buses, so you should be able to start your journey in LA on the right foot.

Charter bus rental pick-up at LAX airport

Hotel or Hostel? Los Angeles Accommodations for Student Groups

Accommodations that cater to varying budgets, student group sizes and preferences are readily available in Los Angeles. Hotel Angeleno is recommended for groups visiting University of California, Los Angeles, as it offers UCLA visitor discounts and is only a three-minute drive from campus. For those looking for a touch of glitz, the Short Stories Hotel, located near the University of Southern California, boasts a trendy yet cozy modern interior. If cost is a concern, the Venice Beach Hostel is a great option for groups and is situated right by the beach. To kick off your trip in a relaxed fashion, consider arranging for a Los Angeles charter bus rental to transport you straight from the airport to your hotel, allowing everyone to settle in before diving into all the excitement. Your group will surely appreciate this little bit of downtime!

Choice Los Angeles Attractions for Student Groups

Los Angeles is a must-visit destination for student groups looking for an unforgettable trip. When it comes to attractions, you can always start with a visit to the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you can see the stars of your favorite all-time celebrities. You can also take your Los Angeles charter bus rental to explore the Griffith Observatory and take in stunning views of the city. For a taste of LA’s famous beaches, head to Santa Monica Pier, home to an amusement park, shops and restaurants. And don’t miss out on the chance to visit the Getty Center, an art museum with breathtaking architecture and exhibits. Lastly, Universal Studios Hollywood offers a thrilling experience with movie-themed rides and attractions. Los Angeles truly has something for every student group to enjoy.

Student groups visit museums by bus rental in Los Angeles

Food Options for Students in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a foodie’s paradise, and students in particular can find a plethora of delicious and affordable options around town. Some of the best hot spots for student eats in LA include the historic Grand Central Market, which features a variety of food stalls and vendors serving up everything from tacos to falafel. The nearby Chinatown is also a popular destination for economical and authentic Asian cuisine. For late-night bites, you can take your Los Angeles charter bus rental to The Hat for their famous pastrami sandwiches or Tommy’s for a classic chili cheeseburger. And for vegan and vegetarian options, check out Cafe Gratitude or Sage, a plant-based bistro and brewery.

Los Angeles Attractions Worth a Study Break

Los Angeles is a city that never fails to impress, especially for student groups looking for exciting and educational field trips. You could start by taking your Los Angeles charter bus rental to visit the California Science Center, where you can explore interactive exhibits and learn about space exploration. For a taste of LA’s art scene, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses works from some of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In contrast, La Brea Tar Pits and Museum offer an incredible glimpse into the prehistoric world with thousands of fossils on display. Or take a stroll down Rodeo Drive and enjoy some high-end shopping and celebrity sightings. Finally, student groups will also love a visit to the iconic Staples Center, home to some of the biggest sporting events and concerts in the city.

Student Performances in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers a plethora of venue options for groups of student dancers, musicians, actors, and even mimes. Royce Hall, located on the UCLA campus, is home to esteemed organizations such as the Los Angeles Ballet, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Royce Hall also presents an opportunity for a student band or dance troupe to showcase their talents in a recently renovated venue that can be rented out for any type of performance.

For those seeking a mid-sized auditorium, the Los Angeles Theater Center, run by the Latino Theater Company, boasts the Tom Bradley Theater. Or for a more avant-garde experience, consider the Lovelace Studio Theater at The Wallis, with excellent acoustics and a welcoming atmosphere perfect for experimentation. Don’t forget, if you’re traveling with an abundance of props, costumes and set pieces, renting a charter coach bus with ample luggage space is highly recommended.

Student dancers at venue in Los Angeles

Booking a Charter Bus Rental for Student Groups in Los Angeles

Organizing student transportation in Los Angeles can be a daunting task at first, but with careful consideration of factors such as group size, distance, budget, and equipment needs, you can find the perfect Los Angeles charter bus rental to suit your needs. From luxurious coach buses to affordable school buses, offers a variety of transportation solutions with customizable onboard technology to suit your needs. Whether you are traveling with a sports team, musical group, or debating club, our charter bus rentals offer comfort, safety, and convenience for your trip. With the vast array of cultural attractions and landmarks in Los Angeles, planning ahead for ground transportation is essential to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip for everyone involved. Take the uncertainty out of your Los Angeles ground transportation with!