Guide to Employee Shuttle Bus Rentals in Chicago 

The Windy City, Second City, – call it what you will, there’s no doubt Chicago represents a hub of business activity and entrepreneurship. Whether it’s for daily commutes or a trade show, conference or corporate retreat, managers and event organizers consistently book their employee shuttle bus rentals with thanks to our reliability and cost structure. In this vein, we offer flexible ground transportation solutions from smaller charter bus rentals catering to groups of ten to fifteen to an entire fleet of full-sized coach buses that can accommodate a few thousand employees on their way to and from the big event or the workplace. Book your Chicago charter bus rental with to be sure our shared passengers are truly blown away!

Employee Shuttle Bus Rentals in Chicago

When employees are greeted at the airport or their hotel with a private shuttle service for their conference or corporate event in Chicago, there’s no doubt they will feel like true VIPs! From our professional, fully-vetted drivers to the possibility of cool custom decals to add an extra slice of merriment, our operational insights mean that whatever stumbling blocks might occur during the blustery transit in the Windy City, our experts have already thought of it. So you don’t have to!

Most companies prefer using private employee shuttle bus rentals during their events in Chicago because it helps build team camaraderie. Besides the fact that rideshares and taxis will break-up larger groups, they also result in higher per passenger costs. So instead of wasting money and splitting up your group, repurpose those additional funds and enjoy additional perks to make your corporate event or trade show stand out. Below are five exclusive charter bus rental options that will help you envision the perfect Chicago shuttle service for employees to board, from major events to everyday use.

Chicago Coach Bus Rentals

Whether it’s to pick-up your valued employees from O’Hare International Airport or to transport them to a huge venue, booking a coach bus as your charter bus rental in Chicago will stand out as the ultimate luxury transportation experience. Especially when larger distances are involved, the coach bus always makes a grand entrance. Each charter coach bus rental can accommodate up to 55 passengers and offers top-tier amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, an audio-visual system, air conditioning and an impeccable onboard restroom. We’d also recommend the ample storage space of a coach bus when your employee shuttle service must account for special equipment, booths and luggage.

Chicago Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Our charter mini coach buses provide an equally resplendent ground transportation solution for groups of 32-40. Here’s a hint: fewer passengers usually means it’s easier to maximize efficiency and fill up your employee shuttle rental. And so long as you have no more than 40 passengers aboard each mini coach bus, your costs for this employee shuttle service in Chicago will be streamlined. Mini coach bus rentals feature the same grade of amenities as a full-sized coach bus, like A-C, power outlets, audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi and storage space. Somewhat smaller, but just as elegant as a full-size, it’s always chic and sophisticated aboard a mini coach bus.

Chicago Minibus Rentals

Perhaps you require an employee shuttle service for a corporate retreat in Second City or a more exclusive event with fewer passengers such as a five-star dinner or a board meeting. If that’s the case, you could consider a charter minibus rental as your Chicago shuttle service. Each minibus accommodates up to 21 passengers. Featuring lavish seating, cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, invigorating air conditioning, and convenient power outlets, our mini bus rentals ensure an efficient and comfortable journey.

Additionally, when it comes to anything from organizing the upcoming office holiday party to celebrating nuptials, both corporate event organizers and skilled wedding planners can confidently rely on our charter minibus rentals in Chicago. Discover more about’s range of minibus options for corporate shuttle services, and feel free to reach out to our award-winning team of booking experts.

Chicago School Bus Rentals

Charter school bus rentals make a perfect option when booking a charter bus rental for employees who are traveling shorter distances in the Chicago Metropolitan Area or to a job site. For example, when construction and manufacturing project managers want to spend the least amount per head, they often book a charter school bus rental as their employee shuttle bus.

With its capacity of 47 passengers, charter school bus rentals do not typically include the same types of luxury amenities as other Chicago charter bus rentals. But it’s what helps keep costs down. Even if it’s to use as an employee airport shuttle service to hit a trade show at a nearby conference venue, there’s always a charming element of kitsch that comes for free while riding a classic yellow school bus.

How to rent a school bus

Chicago Sprinter Van Rentals

Not every corporate event is designed for a large group. In a scenario like a luncheon or an exclusive team-building exercise, where transportation is required for up to 15 passengers per vehicle, a charter sprinter van rental makes the most sensible option as your employee shuttle service. Sprinter vans provide ample storage for baggage and power sockets too. Some sprinter van rentals will even give you Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s no doubt charter sprinter vans offer a safe and cozy means of travel, as your driver skillfully navigates the clamor of Chi-town.

The Benefits of an Employee Shuttle Service in Chicago

Navigating traffic in Chicago can be challenging enough on a good day. But when you factor in unforeseen roadblocks and detours in the context of a post-COVID world, the considerations can quickly get overwhelming. But thanks to, providing a pre-booked employee shuttle service can help cut down on a lot of unknown factors. Our network of transit experts work everyday, around the clock to ensure the quickest and safest routes for each and every charter bus rental. And here are six ways a Chicago shuttle bus rental can benefit your business and your employees.

1. Limit Public Transportation

Subways, trams and public buses continue to pose an unfortunate health risk due to proximity and the sheer numbers of other passengers. Packed commuter cars and crowded public transportation are also overwhelming situations to navigate, especially when someone is unfamiliar with a metropolis and its complicated public transit routes.

Instead, it’s always safer and more efficient to opt for a charter bus rental so you can effectively implement precautionary measures like assigned seating to maintain physical distancing, mask-wearing and contactless temperature checks. Additionally, since employees will be traveling with the same group of people, a shuttle service will help them stay within the same bubble.

Moreover, a Chicago shuttle bus rental offers significantly more flexibility. Some office locations may even be difficult to reach solely through public transportation. But with an employee shuttle service, you can personalize the itinerary, making travel more efficient with convenient pick-up points and preferred schedules, ensuring a hassle-free commute for your conference, retreat, trade show or daily life at the workplace.

2. Bypass Traffic and Congestion

No one likes being stuck in traffic. Not only does congestion in the streets of Chicago take away valuable time, but it also directly correlates to increased levels of stress. By booking an employee shuttle bus rental, you’ll help reduce bottlenecks and aggravation. An employee shuttle service also means fewer vehicles on the road.

Granting employees the opportunity to forgo the additional concerns of commuting to the office or a special event enables your valued workforce to simply recline, unwind and be assured of arriving on time. In the meantime, they can repurpose all the energy they would have spent driving or commuting into something more productive as they arrive at their destination relaxed, mind and body, in a Chicago charter bus rental.

3. Increase Employee Productivity

As digital employment has made the entire world reconsider the dynamics of the workplace, some employees nonetheless prefer to maintain a clear separation between their personal and professional lives. One way to uphold these essential boundaries is by helping your employees return to the office, leaving work – at work – and away from home. For those who wish to get back to work in person, providing an employee shuttle service can actually boost worker efficiency. Offering an easy and safe way to commute to an office or job site can definitely enhance employee satisfaction, which has been proven to increase productivity levels.

For those who enjoy staying connected, employees can start their day before even arriving at work. With Wi-Fi and power outlets available upon request, a company shuttle service allows staff members to prepare for meetings, respond to emails and review notes or to-do lists comfortably in reclining seats. Find out more by using’s convenient online booking tool.

4. Create Team Building Opportunities

If colleagues from different teams within a company don’t get the chance to work together in person on projects, they will have more limited types of opportunities to meet and interact. However, setting up an employee shuttle service can unravel this productivity kink by creating new chances for networking and building connections between teammates. When you think about it, a Chicago charter bus rental is itself a platform for employees to get to know each other on a more personal level through informal chit chat. And who knows, these casual conversations might even spark new business revelations!

While an employee shuttle may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about moving your business forward, implementing such a service can have a profoundly positive impact on what truly matters. Improve your team’s well-being, the work environment and possibly even your bottom line with a Chicago shuttle bus rental from!

5. Decrease Carbon Footprints

Amid ongoing global health and safety concerns, people are using public transit less frequently, making employee shuttle services the most practical and environmentally-friendly alternative for daily transit or special events. In this sense, opting for an employee shuttle bus rental is an effective way to prioritize the well-being of the planet and the health of its citizens. So help your workplace go green!

With a Chicago charter bus rental from, businesses, organizations and governmental departments have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging employees to travel together in a single convenient vehicle instead of driving their own cars. By minimizing the number of individual vehicles commuting to work, a corporate event or office party, your Chicago shuttle service will actively contribute to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Attract New Recruits via Branding

Attracting top talent can be a challenging task – and many hiring managers would agree. However, the success of your recruiting campaign can be greatly influenced by the workplace perks on offer. In today’s world, providing services like a private employee shuttle sends a strong message to potential candidates. It not only demonstrates your commitment to health precautions, but also showcases your concern for your team’s convenience and well-being.

Beyond the positive statement an employee shuttle service makes with regard to corporate responsibility, your Chicago charter bus rental can also be outfitted with custom wraps with your organization’s logo or to celebrate a specific event or milestone. Beyond the added pizzazz, these colorful decals also turn your shuttle bus rental into a veritable billboard on wheels that continually builds brand awareness while creating connections between employees.

Booking your Employee Shuttle Bus Rental in Chicago

Booking an employee shuttle bus rental in Chicago through offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and their employees. The Windy City is a bustling hub of economic activity, and providing a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution is crucial for event organizers and organizations. offers flexible options ranging from smaller charter buses to full-sized coach buses, accommodating groups of any size.

By opting for an employee shuttle service, companies can enhance team bonds and avoid the hassles and added expenses of rideshares or taxis. The range of Chicago charter bus rental options, including coach buses, mini coach buses, minibuses, school buses and sprinter vans, cater to different needs and ensure a comfortable and efficient journey for employees in any scenario.

Moreover, an employee shuttle service in Chicago provides numerous advantages. First, a shuttle bus rental limits the use of public transportation, reducing health risks and allowing for personalized itineraries. An employee shuttle service also bypasses traffic and congestion, saving time and reducing stress. Your shuttle bus rental potentially increases employee productivity too by offering a dedicated space for work or relaxation. A Chicago charter bus rental serves to create team-building opportunities and foster connections as well, while contributing to a healthy environment by decreasing carbon footprints. Lastly, an employee shuttle service helps attract new recruits through branding and showcases a commitment to workforce wellness.

Impress your staff members and dazzle the community with a Chicago charter bus rental. Nothing shows the world how much your business or organization cares quite like an employee shuttle service. Contact today to book your seamless employee shuttle bus rentals in Second City!