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When it comes to big companies — and Chicago has many — travel is oftentimes part of the job. Between business meetings, out-of-town conferences, corporate retreats, and even local outings for department lunches, team building, and holiday parties, transportation is an important part of our work lives. All aspects of your company transportation should be easy, convenient, and stress-free — and they are when you choose a charter bus rental for your next trip.

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We have a wide variety of vehicles available to suit the needs of your company


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55 seats

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32 seats

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47 seats


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

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Chicago team building events

Chicago is a fun city with a delicious food scene and beautiful architecture. When team-building with your work squad, make sure to take advantage of all that this amazing city has to offer.

The Game Show Game Show

Dubbed “outrageous fun,” this eclectic team building activity is a collection of your favorite game shows from television all organized into one game show style event. For a corporate group, step outside your comfort zone into this up-tempo environment pitting coworkers against one another. Be ready to answer trivia, spin a wheel, feud, guess, or match. To spice things up further for your company outing, the game can be customized for your group so employees might have to answer company or industry related questions.

Fox in a Box

Just how resourceful are your employees? How well do your coworkers deal with challenges? Is your boss really an expert problem solver? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, be prepared to find out at Fox in a Box. It’s a fun team building exercise, yes, but like many escape rooms, your experience here can tell you a lot about the people you’ve come with.

Chicago Dine Around

Any team building activity that involves food is sure to be a good one. Chicago Dine-Around specializes in the tastiest of corporate outings, but there are several different ways they can serve your group. Their Progressive Dining Tour is a restaurant hop around the city, the Interactive Culinary Experience is a team-based cooking class, and the Architectural Dining Cruise gets you a view of beautiful buildings from a boat with a meal at the end.


Axe-throwing has emerged as one of the more popular — and surprising — team building activities to hit corporate America. BATL’s expert coaches teach you the techniques necessary to thrive and stay safe with an axe in your hand so you can hit more bullseyes. And if you don’t want to bring your whole team to the arena, get this: BATL will come to you and set up your game at your office. Then again, maybe you better take this one offsite.

The biggest industries in Chicago

Its location in America helped vault Chicago to a position as one of its commercial centers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, it continues to rely on some of its heritage industries, but is a top innovator and a hot destination for large corporate offices and top entrepreneurial talent.


Chicago’s second-largest industry and leading trade driver, manufacturing is a dominant contributor to the city’s economy — despite the popular perception that it’s yesterday’s news. Chicago is one of the top American cities for manufacturing exports, led by machinery, chemicals, and transportation equipment. The city’s food and beverage industry has always been part of its DNA, and it continues to grow today.


Chicago’s prime location has always made it a central figure to the United States transport industry. Chicago connects the east and west, the north and south. Strategically placed at the base of the Great Lakes and well-connected to the Mississippi River, the Windy City’s ascension coincided with the heyday of rail travel and commerce. Today, even with that halcyon era behind us, ChiTown continues to be a major player in the nation’s transport network.

Printing and publishing

Another legacy industry in Chicago is printing, in which it only trailed New York for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. While digital technologies and a changing communications landscape has vastly altered the state of the industry, Chicago remains a large printing center for the latest wave of digital and electronic methods with successful companies continuing to invest in technology.

Financial trading

Chicago benefits from a diverse economy that has seen impressive innovation in industries ranging from health to information technology. Its financial history is storied, and its derivative market, started at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848, was one of its early drivers. Trading firms like Optiver, Wolverine Trading, and Trading Technologies are leading the wave of new technological systems that are influencing the global fintech industry.

Food processing

You could argue that Chicago is America’s food and beverage capital. It has dominated the meatpacking industry for more than a century, is home to notable baking companies like Quaker Oats and Sara Lee, and has thrived in the cereal and candy markets for years as well. But its rich history isn’t everything — today, Chicago continues to be home to many food entrepreneurs making innovations with new products and concepts.

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