Ultimate Guide to Branded Bus Wrapping

There’s more than one way to wrap a bus. Actually, there’s one very good way of wrapping a bus, but many different design and pricing options for event planners to choose from. From a full wrap to an understated logo—it can all be added to your charter bus rental.

Bus wraps are all about fostering spirit, shouting out your pride, and creating a complete branded experience. Use this guide to learn how to add a bus wrap to your marketing campaign.

What is a bus wrap?

Choose a bus. Pick a design. Print it out on massive sheets of adhesive vinyl. Wrap your bus in a beautiful homage to your company, team, or over-the-top bachelor(ette) party. It’s a pretty simple process—similar to putting up wallpaper—but it does include some intricacies and complications that aren’t immediately apparent.

In other words, don’t try this at home! Bus.com partners with expert printers and installation specialists to provide this service. They’ll wrap your bus in your big beautiful design and send it out on the road to promote your business or event.

Can you wrap any type of charter bus?

Yes! But prices vary depending on the bus. For instance: While the school bus offers savings in other areas, it is a difficult bus to wrap. Its ridges make the installation process more intensive and therefore more expensive. The coach bus, on the other hand, is a sleeker option and therefore easier to wrap. Your design can also be a factor in the cost of your bus wrap. The more complicated the design, the higher the price.

Who needs a bus wrap?

You get a bus wrap! You get a bus wrap! You get a bus wrap!
Seriously though, there’s a bus wrap for every trip. If you want to fully integrate transportation into your event’s experience, this is the finishing touch that’ll complete your campaign.

Corporate Events

Take company pride on the road with a coach bus or mini coach bus wrapped in your company’s logo. If you’re running shuttle service to a conference or trade show, bus wraps are a very practical way of communicating travel options to participants. In addition to providing logistic details, these wraps can vividly represent your brand, and for those who have trouble deciding on a design, there are resources such as Wepik which offers free logo templates that could be incorporated into your wrap design.

Sports Teams

Let competitors know that you’re coming for them with a charter bus wrapped in your colors. Celebrate your star players by plastering their best moments on the side of your team bus. Imagine your bus is a tank and you’re charging into battle.

Customize your sports team's charter bus rental with a bus wrap.
Credit: Budget Truck and Auto


Whether you’re hosting a festival in the city or in a remote location, you’ll want to provide shuttle bus service from the surrounding town centers and transportation hubs. Let your guests know it’s festival season by wrapping your bus in your logo, colors, and unique design.

Customize your festival charter bus with a bus wrap.
Credit: Stewart Transportation

Marketing Campaigns

Besides transporting passengers to and from your event, charter buses are pretty much billboards on wheels. Don’t let that valuable marketing real estate go to waste! Bus wraps are an excellent way to promote your own brand, but you can also offer the space to sponsors. A sponsor with a big enough budget will jump at the opportunity to see their logo paraded around town.

Customize your bus campaign with a branded bus wrap.
Credit: Intersection

What are the benefits of wrapping my charter bus?

As we mentioned earlier, charter buses are moving billboards that can reach multiple eyeballs throughout multiple neighborhoods and across state lines. They also boost team or company spirit, encouraging a feeling of “We’re in this together!” Literally: we’re all in this branded bus together! Finally, and perhaps most practically, wrapped buses let guests know where to meet their ride. You can’t miss a branded bus.

How much does a branded bus wrap cost?

Prices vary for bus wraps—with the type of bus, the design, and extra features all factoring into the cost. For a full coach bus wrap, including windows and doors, you’re looking at around $6000-$7000. For a simple decal on the side of a coach bus or mini coach bus, prices can be as low as $1000. We’ve calculated these prices to include printing and installation.

Customize your charter bus rental with a branded bus wrap.

A few final questions:

Can my guests see through the wrapping?

Yes! Wrapping that goes over windows is covered in tiny, tightly packed holes. The effect is a view from the inside, and an uninterrupted look on the outside.

How long does it take?

From the time that the design is approved and delivered to the printers, it takes ten to twelve business days to complete the bus wrap. If you’re planning a bus wrap, start designing early. This will give you enough time to fine tune your design.

Can I wrap my bus in any design I want?

Sure, as long as it’s not rude. Other than that, the design is up to you. Get creative. Get weird. Or stay simple and formal. Use your bus wrap to convey your voice. Browse these unique bus wraps for inspiration.
Note: Some alterations may be necessary to make the design fit the type of bus you’ve chosen.

I want to wrap my bus rental. What’s next?

Check with your marketing department (if you have one) to see if a bus wrap fits in the marketing budget. Next, talk to your Bus.com booking specialist. You’ll go through an ideation and design process to decide on the perfect wrap. We take a collaborative approach, and tend to get very excited about creative bus wraps.