Sharethebus is launching on Product Hunt today!

A year ago, Sharethebus came to be – a brainchild courtesy of Kyle Boulay and Wolf Kohlberg, both of whom had trouble getting to music festivals with ease. Together, they sought out to create a solution that’ll help people get to where they need to be, minus the hassle and the lousy experience.

That’s where Sharethebus enters.

Over the past year, we’ve moved over 50,000 people across 200 cities in North America, and really came to understand the charter bus industry – including all of its complexities. We also recently joined Y Combinator to benefit from expert advice, ramp up our product, and expand our North American presence.

Today, we’re launching on Product Hunt, and announcing our latest feature: instant pricing.

We created a simple booking tool that allows event planners to organize transportation for their event and book an entire bus in just a few minutes.

Since then, we’ve gathered feedback from our customers, and addressed their biggest issue: the timeliness of quote requests. What people wanted was to be able to instantly receive a price for the bus that they were about to book – not wait around to get an estimate back.

So, we’ve listened. Over the last few months, our tech team developed an algorithm that allows us to predict and present real-time pricing for your bus trips. Our goal is to reduce turnaround time, and correspondingly improve the booking experience.

On that note, we’d love to see you test the new feature out, and chime in on the conversation on Product Hunt. Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook as well – we welcome all feedback.

Let the testing and breaking begin!