We Re-branded!

When we started Sharethebus, we were set on increasing ridesharing on buses. We’ve accomplished that, and so much more. It began with festivals and then rapidly grew to include bus rides across North America to athletic eventscollegiate competitions, and political rallies to name a few. We moved over 160,000 people – many of which were rideshares, but a large percentage were full bus transportation organized by our event partners.

That was our turning point.

As our company expanded, we’ve outgrown what the name Sharethebus implies. Our rebrand comes at a time where our goals have grown to include not only the needs of riders, but those of event organizers and bus partners as well.

Better busing is key for the future of travel. The rebrand and funding will help us improve the bus travel experience while reflecting a larger and more encompassing vision.

While today we celebrate how far we’ve come and our new identity, we also have big plans for tomorrow.

We’re looking to enhance our services for each of our stakeholders. This means empowering event organizers, strengthening relationships with bus partners, and elevating the rider experience. To do so, this coming year we’ll continue creating industry-leading technology while providing a simple booking process, experiential add-ons, flexible payment options, improved pricing, and access to new markets.

Thank you for getting us to where we are today. It has been a crazy ride so far, and we hope that you’ll join us as we continue on this journey.

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