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Bus rentals for non-profits and charities makes renting a bus quick and easy

The transportation needs of non-profits and charities are abundant. At, we understand that often group organizers are trying to make magic happen. While we may not be able to cast a spell, we can remove much of the hassle from your trip-planning strategy by offering a streamlined booking system, a comprehensive pricing tool, and an amazing customer support team that is as excited about your cause as you are. 

What is a non-profit organization?

A non-profit (also called an NPO, not-for-profit organization, or nonprofit institution) is an organization dedicated to a specific cause. The causes and objectives of non-profits vary greatly, from religious, political, and philanthropic to educational, scientific, and environmental. All types of non-profits share one main criterion: their revenue is not distributed among the shareholders, but is instead put to their stated mission. For that reason, non-profits are tax-exempt in both the United States and Canada.



Why do non-profit groups trust
Price sensitivity
When you're operating within a non-profit framework, every dollar you spend must be transparent and accounted for. Our planning tool breaks down exactly where your money is going.
Great vehicle choices
Our buses are spacious and comfortable, and equipped to handle large groups with ease. However, we understand that not every bus type is right for every kind of trip. That's why we offer a large variety of vehicle options through our trusted bus partners.
24/7 customer support
We will never leave you or your team in the dark — no matter the hour of the day. Our customer support team is made up of a friendly community of experts who have seen it all and can answer any questions.
Which bus is best-suited for my group?

The commitment to making positive changes can be integrated into all of your life choices. Charter bus rental keeps the group together during the trip and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to individual vehicles.
Coach bus
Coach buses will ensure that your staff, volunteers, and guests will be able to enjoy the utmost in comfort. Reclining seats, storage space, onboard restroom, power outlets, and WiFi are all options that are available on coach buses.
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School bus
This classic-looking vehicle is a prudent choice for shorter distances for larger groups. This bus can double up as a shuttle for the large groups of donors between the event site and their accommodation, and as a background for group pictures.
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Mini coach and minibus
These compact but reliable and comfortable vehicles serve smaller groups of staff, volunteers, and guests best. They can be be used as a shuttle for both long and short trips.
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Public charities vs. charitable foundations

Based on the way that funds are generated, all tax-exempt charitable organizations are categorized into either foundations or public charities. A foundation is a charitable non-profit entity created and funded by a business or an individual.


Charities exist to support the advancement of science, public health, disaster relief, environmental protection, community education, animal welfare, human rights advocacy, and more. Operating private foundations often distribute money to their charitable programs.


Non-profit types by mission and model

Voluntary Association

A Voluntary Association is any group or union of individuals that enter an agreement and form an entity for a specific purpose (for example helping a retirees’ community, a school, protecting local historical sites, or improving night safety).

Veterans Organization

A Veterans Organization (also ex-service organization) is an organization either composed of or dedicated to those who served in the country’s armed forces or participated in armed conflicts. Some examples are The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), and Veterans Affairs Canada.

Social Advocacy Organization

A Social Advocacy Organization (or an advocacy group) is a non-profit or volunteer association influencing public opinion and policies to promote social justice or solve community issues. Some well-known US advocacy groups include the American Civil Liberties Union, TASH, Human Rights Campaign, and Human Rights Watch.


What is fundraising?

For every non-profit that relies on the public to fund its activities, fundraising is the most critical operation of all. Universities and colleges are known for their significant fundraising efforts (fund appeals, advancement programs, and more). For public charities, fundraising events are the fastest way to accumulate much-needed money for their programs, raise community awareness about the cause, or to recruit volunteers.

Fundraising ideas

  • Fun run or walk
  • Marches
  • “Something”-a-thon (knit-a-thon, bake-a-thon, etc)
  • Competition
  • Auction
  • Direct collecting
  • Sale of a service 
  • Thematic picnic
  • Pledge drive 
  • Fundraising shuttle (driving a bus around town with your logo — something that can help you with)
  • Gala
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Non-profits FAQ

Does my bus rental come with a driver?

Yes, every bus chartered through comes with a vetted, professional driver.

When should I book my non-profit bus rental?

Ideally, we recommend that bus charters be rented six months in advance. However, we know that this is not always possible! Our booking system can also find you the perfect bus options for trips that are happening sooner. Our online booking system can accommodate last-minute bookings in certain markets — if you do not see any options listed for your list-minute trip, please contact us.

Do your buses have restrooms?

While all coach bus rentals come equipped with a restroom, it is not the norm among school buses.

Can your bus accommodate my group's luggage?

Yes! Our coach buses are quick spacious, with room for bags underneath the bus as well as occasionally in the overhead compartments. For school buses, storage space can be more limited, although in some cases there is luggage space under the bus as well.

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