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 As the seat of Miami-Dade County, Miami is considered to be the economic and financial center of South Florida. For many, the city’s diverse culture alone is reason enough to plan a field trip in Miami. Internationally, Miami is known as the “wreckreational capital of the world” due to the huge number of diveable shipwrecks lying just off the city’s white-sand beaches.

A field trip in Miami presents students with opportunities to learn about Art Deco architecture, to explore some of the state’s most diverse national and state parks and museums, and to discover how the city’s modern vibrancy has been richly impacted by Latin culture. 

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Bus types

While a school bus might be the most obvious choice for a Miami class field trip, the right choice for your group will depend upon a number of factors. These factors include group size, travel distance, and the desired amenities for your trip. To accommodate groups of all kinds, offers a versatile range of vehicles for rental, including sprinter van rentals, coach bus rentals, minibus rentals, and school bus rentals.

Coach bus

Renting a coach bus is the best choice for extra large student groups, particularly ones that are traveling long-distance to visit Miami. Because a longer trip usually means more luggage, you’ll need the extra underneath storage space that a coach bus can provide. While you’re traveling, you may also enjoy features like air conditioning and onboard audio-visual equipment for educational or entertainment purposes.

School bus

Choosing a school bus for your field trip rental is a great choice for student groups that are local to the greater Miami area. A school bus rental is an affordable option for trips over short distances. School buses also have the advantage of extra visibility, which can be helpful when loading and unloading students at specific Miami destinations.

Mini bus

The go-to field trip rental choice for smaller high school or college groups is a minibus. With a capacity of up to 21 passengers and enough room for minimal luggage storage, a minibus rental is the perfect choice for smaller groups on a day trip to one of Miami’s most popular educational attractions.

The benefits of field trips

Many of our clearest memories from early education are tied to those times when we actually got out of the classroom. Field trips are a great way to reinforce classroom learning with opportunities for students to apply what they’ve been learning in a safe, real-world environment.

Field trips also come with a great many intangible benefits that we often don’t consider when a trip is planned. Traveling to new destinations is always eye-opening, whether you’re in kindergarten or applying to colleges. Field trips can expose students to new cultures, new traditions, and new ways of living that they otherwise wouldn’t have experienced.

Some studies have even shown that early participation in field trips outside of the classroom can increase student’s chances at lifelong success. The results of this study showed that students who went on educational field trips achieved better grades, had a higher graduation rate (both from high school and college), and earned a greater income after graduation.

Field trip ideas in Miami

Founded by Julia Tuttle in 1896, Miami is the only major American city to be founded by a woman. Today, Miami is chock-full of great educational and entertainment-based field trip attractions. Once you have your Miami field trip bus rental secured with, here are a few great ideas for destinations to visit within the city.


The Miami Seaquarium sits on 38 acres of pristine beachfront and is one of the oldest oceanariums in the United States, dating back to its founding in 1955.

Group visits to the Seaquarium can be arranged with specific educational programs in mind. Among the Seaquarium’s most popular educational exhibits are the touch pools where students have a chance to safely feel bamboo sharks, cleaner fish, and various invertebrates. Another popular attraction within the Seaquarium is the conservation outpost, a section that features comprehensive history lessons of the Seaquarium’s many achievements in conservation over the last 62 years.

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is both the oldest and the largest in the state of Florida. The favorable climate in the region allows the Miami Zoo to safely house animals from a variety of international locations, including Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. The zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals and over 500 unique species.


Because of the variety of animals at the Miami Zoo, exhibits are organized by geographic territories. This organization gives students the opportunity to observe certain species that coexist peacefully in the wild interacting together at the zoo. It also creates opportunities for students to observe the natural habitat of these species, as the zoo has done a great job landscaping the exhibits using trees, foliage, and soil that are closely matched to the species’ natural habitats.

Frost Science Museum

The Frost Science Museum is a planetarium, aquarium, and science museum all rolled into one. It’s a great stop for student field trips focused on astronomy, marine studies, and many other branches of science. The museum has a total of four buildings to explore, and it sits in a convenient location in downtown Miami’s waterfront Museum Park.


The staff at the Frost Science Museum specializes in designing field trips that will help you bring the science lessons you’ve been covering in the classroom to life. Most field trips to the museum include a self-guided experience through the many onsite exhibits, along with a planned programming component.

Pereze Art Museum

Also located in downtown Miami’s waterfront Museum Park, the Perez Art Museum offers a beautiful collection of contemporary art. With a dedication to keeping things modern, the galleries in the museum only display pieces made in the 20th and 21st centuries.


The art exhibitions at the museum will provide teachers with great opportunities to highlight Miami’s diverse community and important geographical location. Through its cutting-edge Knight Schools Program, the museum offers free buses and free museum admission to all Miami-Dade County public schools. All museum tours are led by the museum’s Teaching Artists and include educational discussions on modern and contemporary art.

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