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Minibus rentals are a cost-effective and fuel-efficient way to take up to 21 passengers wherever they need to go in Miami. Book your minibus rental today with our online booking tool, or get in touch with our booking specialists.

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Miami Minibus Rentals FAQs

At, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to rent a minibus in Miami. Check out our FAQ section if you have any questions related to amenities, minibus rental prices, or how to book a minibus rental in the Magic City!

Why rent a minibus bus in Miami?

A minibus rental is the most convenient and cost-effective way for groups of up to 21 to travel on shorter trips in Miami. Minibus charters can easily pick up passengers from the airport or hotels and carry them to a single destination or on a multi-stop tour of the city. They can also be effectively used as shuttle buses for companies, agricultural businesses or conference organizers in Miami. Additionally, our experienced drivers and award-winning booking specialists make renting a minibus and traveling around Miami hassle-free, and cost-effective.

What are the benefits of renting a minibus in Miami?

Minibus rentals are the best option for smaller groups traveling in Miami on shorter journeys, where extra amenities are not a high priority. By cutting back on these amenities, the minibus rental keeps running costs low, while offering passengers a fast and reliable way to travel the city without the hassle of navigating public transport or arranging taxis. Minibus rentals are also ideal for employee shuttles, conference shuttles, or corporate groups trying to travel cost-effectively and without increasing their carbon footprint.

What amenities are available on a minibus rental in Miami?

Minibus rentals are purpose-built without many extra amenities as an economical, no-frills transport option. While bus types such as the coach bus are loaded with extra luxuries, minibus charters have been streamlined to reduce costs. However, many minibus rental models come with air conditioning, extra baggage room, and some even come with DVD players and AV equipment. For long term shuttles or day shuttles, as well as one off trips, you can also check with out team to customize the amenities in your minibus rental.

How much does a minibus rental in Miami cost?

Minibus rental prices in Miami range between $400 and $900 per day, depending on the model of minibus you choose, and the time, date, and length of your journey. Longer journeys naturally come with higher minibus rental prices, and you will also usually be charged more if some or all of your journey takes place at night. Get in touch with our booking specialists or just enter the details of your journey on our online booking tool, to get the best minibus rentals in Miami.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest minibus rental prices in Miami?

One significant factor affecting minibus rental prices in Miami is the time of year. If you book during low season, your minibus charter will usually cost less than a booking during a busier time of the year. Whenever your journey is, try to book as early as possible to keep minibus rental prices low. Get a quote for your journey using our online booking tool, and if you see a cheaper price elsewhere we will do our best to match it.

How do I book a minibus rental in Miami?

It is both quick and easy to book a minibus rental in Miami. You can simply get in touch with our booking specialists or use our online widget to generate a quote. Once you’ve generated a quote, you can confirm the details of your trip to book your minibus rentals. At any point in your booking process you can rely on our award-winning team to help you find the perfect rental for your budget.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Miami Minibus Rentals Use Cases

Corporation, conference organizers, sports teams, and a variety of other groups regularly turn to minibus rentals for their convenience, offering passengers complete comfort and safety on route to their destination.


Miami is not just a party capital, it’s also a thriving business hub, serving as headquarters for many corporations operating across America and the wider world. A minibus rental provides companies with comfortable and cost-effective transportation when they need to get around the city, and onboard amenities such as air conditioning ensure a pleasant ride. Whether it’s hosting customers, or arranging transportation for an event in Miami, businesses of all sizes can rely on convenient and cost-effective minibus rentals.

Shuttle services

Minibus rentals provide convenient and reliable shuttle services every day in Miami. A minibus charter can easily collect up to 21 passengers from the airport or their hotels, or pick up employees across various points of the city and help them reach offices in the downtown. Event organizers and not for profit organizations can also use minibus rentals to create shuttle services. Last but not least agricultural businesses such as landscaping companies can benefit from a minibus rental to launch a shuttle service to their remote locations from the city center to overcome labor shortages and attract workers.


As one of the main cultural and business hubs in the USA, Miami plays host to countless conferences, and a minibus rental allows attendees to reach their events comfortably and without breaking the bank. Each minibus charter is streamlined to cut costs and has space for up to 21 passengers, making them ideal for small and medium-sized groups traveling over shorter distances. A shuttle service for convention attendees is also a great idea to cut down the delays due to traffic and parking hassles. Last but not least an on-demand shuttle service can be highly effective in cutting down the carbon footprint of conference and reduce congestion around the venue.

Sports teams

Minibus rentals provide a safe and comfortable way for sports teams to reach away games, tournaments, and training sessions all over Miami without breaking the bank. With space for up to 21 passengers, a minibus charter is best suited to a smaller sports team without much equipment.

Event Planners

With so much going on every day in Miami, event planners regularly make use of minibus rentals as a quick and cost-effective way to get staff and guests to their events. With space for up to 21 passengers, a minibus rental makes a fantastic shuttle service to product launches, galas, and openings in the Magic City.


A peerless nightlife and stunning views make Miami a dream wedding location, with a booming wedding management industry. Professional wedding organizers can ensure a memorable and customizable experience for their clients with a  wedding shuttle service using a minibus rental. Each minibus rental carries up to 21 passengers, making them ideal for smaller receptions or for carrying multiple wedding parties and support staff to a dress rehearsal.


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Employee Shuttle Services

Construction Projects

Contractors regularly make use of minibus rentals when they need reliable and cost-effective transport to construction projects in Miami. Minibus rentals are a great way to carry up to 21 workers and engineers to a site in one vehicle, ensuring that work can begin on schedule and keeping traffic congestion around the site to a minimum.

Military Personnel

Minibus rentals offer secure, reliable, and cost-effective transportation for military personnel in Miami and Florida. The option for onboard air-conditioning ensures that soldiers will be comfortable while they redeploy, and officers can rest assured that’s vetted partners are fully certified and knowledgeable when it comes to military transportation.

Government groups

Government groups often make use of minibus rentals when they need to travel around Miami. It’s a great way to support efforts to reduce single passenger cars on the street and in turn carbon emission. Additionally, government groups are assured greater comfort and frugality when using a minibus rental in Miami.

Non-profit organizations

Miami hosts a range of charities and non-profit organizations, and whether they need to get around the city to continue their good work or to attend conferences and training, minibus rentals are an excellent option. The streamlined design of minibus charters helps keep costs down, while air conditioning and ample baggage room ensures up to 21 passengers travel in comfort.

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More Minibus Rental Uses

Student groups

Student groups love coming to Miami, where they can enjoy the city’s famous nightlife after a hard day’s studying, and a minibus rental allows them to experience the city to the fullest. Minibus rentals are designed as streamlined options without many amenities, making them an affordable option for students to hit the beaches, clubs, (and universities!) of Miami.

K-12 fields trips

There are many things for K-12 students to see around Miami, and a minibus rental is a safe and affordable trip for K-12 field trips around the city. Minibus charters have seats for up to 21 passengers, making them a good choice for smaller classes, or you can book a fleet and take the entire year on a day out!


As the Capital of Latin America, Miami is famous for its festivals, and a minibus rental will allow groups of up to 21 passengers to make the most of the city’s many buzzing events. Minibus charters are compact, streamlined, and fuel-efficient, making them a great low-cost option for festival-goers to get to the fun.

Tour groups

Millions of tourists flock to Miami each year, and with fantastic attractions both in the city and nearby, minibus rentals are a great way for them to get around. While minibus charters are designed without many amenities to cut costs, the option for onboard air conditioning allows tour groups to enjoy Miami’s heat without breaking a sweat.

Touring bands

From the Latin beats of Little Havana to the South Beach Jazz Festival, there’s a gig on for every taste in Miami, and minibus rentals are an affordable and reliable way to make sure musicians reach the stage on time. With seats for up to 21 passengers, a minibus rental is a good option for small and medium-sized touring bands.

Spiritual and church groups

When spiritual and church groups need to travel around Miami, a minibus rental provides a comfortable and affordable solution. Each minibus charter can carry up to 21 passengers, making this a fantastic option for a medium-sized group headed to a special event or as a regular shuttle service to carry worshippers to weekly meetings.


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