Charter a bus to Yankee Stadium

Charter a bus rental to the Yankee Stadium

Rent a bus in New York to transport your group to the Yankee Stadium for a corporate event, a bachelor party or a simple afternoon at the stadium. Bus rentals are reliable, comfortable, economical and allow everyone to stay together. Use to access a New York area bus company near you and receive a quote in under two minutes.

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Why charter a bus for the Yankee Stadium

Whether you’re heading to Yankee Stadium for a corporate event or a casual gathering, rent an NYC charter bus for your group trip. If you’ve sprung for a suite at the stadium, be sure to rent a coach bus for its extra luxuries. Coach buses can be equipped with wifi, air conditioning, and audio-visual equipment—everything you need for comfortable ride. Insider secret: there isn’t a huge price difference between a school bus and coach bus, so treat your guests like MVPs.

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

Although the stadium has changed locations, the Bronx has been home to the Yankees for over a century. The neighborhood is a big part of Yankee history, but it has also been instrumental to the development of American literature and hip hop. Most famous as the home of Edgar Allen Poe, the Bronx has inspired generations of poets and novelists. It is also widely recognized as the birthplace of hip hop, with the music genre’s creation tracing back to a historic block party where DJ Kool Herc introduced his signature style. Take a tour of the homes and haunts of famous literary giants or visit the Universal Hip Hop Museum for a fresh musical educati...

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About the Yankee Stadium

From 1923 to 2008, Yankee Stadium was across the street from their current ballpark. That first home was known as the “House that Ruth Built,” because Babe Ruth has been largely credited with drumming up the funding for the stadium’s construction. After Derek Jeter’s tear-jerking goodbye speech to the original stadium, the Yankees moved to a brand new fully-equipped facility across the street. Their new home is a mix of architecture inspired by the old stadium’s distinct look and fresh ideas that give Yankee fans a 21st century level of comfort. It now seats 52 000 people, offers unobstructed sight lines, and boasts several clubs and lounges for private events. Stylish conference rooms and luxury suites are available to rent for corporate outings, off-site meetings, and networking events. Yankee Stadium has become more than a ballpark. It’s now a place to see and be seen.

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